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Counter Blackmail

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When Natasha Fraser went into the woods with Evan Evans she had four reasons: one was as an act of revenge for her husband Sam having an affair with her best friend Kylie, the second was to get what she was not getting at home, the third reason was to keep the meeting with Evan out of sight; a vain hope as it proved, and the fourth reason was to go along with Evan who was a Greenie who said it would be great to unite sexually in the midst of nature’s beauty.

Natasha, an attractive woman of some thirty nine years might have chosen from among a number of men to meet her sexual needs, but Evan was “safe” since he was married and had three children and like Natasha had no wish to break up his marriage; for him Natasha was to be his “bit on the side,” and he’d fancied Natasha for years.

What Natasha and Evan didn’t know was that they were not alone in the woods. A third party had followed them, an envious party armed with a dangerous weapon.

The delights of copulating in the woods did not live up to Natasha’s expectations, and neither did Evan Evans. On reaching a rather charming glade Evan said, “This’ll do.” He indicated that Natasha should lie down. Expecting some passionate foreplay Natasha promptly lay on mother earth which proved to be hard, damp, and distinctly uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

Evan undid his flies and took out his already erect penis and without even taking off Natasha’s panties he pulled her legs apart, lay over her and squeezed his penis past the gusset of her panties and penetrated her vagina. I few quick thrusts and he ejaculated into her.

Almost immediately after that he rose, took out a handkerchief, wiped his penis with it, and restoring that organ to its place of origin, and without even offering Natasha his handkerchief to clean up his sperm he said, “That was great Natasha we must do it again some time.”

Natasha, incensed by the cavalier way Evan had treated her and using many expletives about his manhood as she tried to brush off the ants that had invaded her person, she left Evan in no doubt about any future bonking in the woods or anywhere else.

Evan, deeply offended by Natasha’s insulting remarks about his sexual performance, stalked off, leaving Natasha to find her own way out of the woods.

Natasha, with Evan’s sperm stickily uncomfortable between her thighs and ants still biting, made her way home, resolved that in future she would be content with her dildo until Sam tired of Kylie and returned horny to the marriage bed.

As she made her way home Natasha was followed by that third party who had witnessed the events in the glade. He was well content with the evidence he had gathered and was prepared to await his time to strike.

* * * * * * * *

It might be wondered why Natasha, in the light of her husband’s infidelities, did not seek a divorce, especially as divorce is so fashionable these days. One reason was Sam’s profession as a wealthy real estate agent. Put simply, and mercenary as it sounds, Natasha was prepared to put up with some Sam philandering for the sake of an affluent life style.

I suppose the question might also be asked why Sam did not simply divorce Natasha and wed his inamorata Kylie. Much the same applied, Natasha provided a comfortable home environment, she had been mainly instrumental in the upbringing of their son Gerald, thus rescuing Sam from the responsibility. In addition Sam had experienced Kylie’s cooking which left much to be desired.

And so it could be said that there was a trade-off going on between husband and wife, even though in Natasha’s case the trade-off led to some bedtime frustration, hence the Evan Evans experiment that had sadly failed.

As far as Natasha was concerned, and probably Evan Evans as well, the incident in the woods was over and could be forgotten, but as someone once said, “Be sure your sins will find you out.” In this case however, it was not some god who struck with a bolt of lightening, but someone much closer; Gaziantep Anal Escort someone who had lusted for Natasha for quite some time who had something as potent, if not more potent, than a bolt of lightening.

It can also be said that the solution to some of Natasha’s problems was closer at hand than she had imagined, which only goes to show how unobservant she was.

* * * * * * * *

The critical time arrived when Sam was away for a weekend at what he claimed was a “Real Estate Agents’ Seminar.” Natasha had already checked up and discovered there was no such seminar, but if not a seminar then at least Sam’s activity would involve semen.

Saturday morning and Natasha was busy about the kitchen preparing ingredients for a pie to be eaten at the evening meal. Gerald, her son, was sitting at the kitchen table apparently engrossed in a physics textbook — he was studying physics at university. All seemed to be at peace until Gerald asked his question.

“Mum, are you in love with Evan Evans?”

Natasha felt a chill run up her spine and her stomach seemed to turn over. She tried to paste on a smile, not very successfully, and said, “Why do you ask that?”

“I just wondered. He always seems to be trying to chat you up, even after church, and you appear to enjoy it.”

With an attempt at a jovial dismissive laugh Natasha said, “Oh, that’s just the silly flirtatious games men and women play, it doesn’t mean anything, besides, Evan Evans is married.”

“Your married too mum,” Gerald said nonchalantly.

“Yes, I know I’m married,” Natasha said somewhat acidly.

There was a pause as Gerald seemed to return to his book. Silence prevailed until Gerald suddenly said, “I saw you go in to the woods with Evan Evans.”

Another cold shiver ran up Natasha’s spine and her stomach did another summersault. Yer-you ser-saw,” she stammered.

“Yes, and I wondered why you went there with him.”

“Oh…er…well, you know Evan Evans, he’s a Greenie and he said he’d found the nest of a rare bird and wanted to show it to me,” Natasha said hastily.

“Ah, so that’s what it’s called,” Gerald grinned, “a funny sort of bird nesting.”

“What do you mean?” Natasha asked tremulously.

Gerald chuckled briefly and said, “I wonder what dad would think of you going bird nesting with Evan Evans, especially if there was some bird fertilising going on.”

Natasha almost made a blunder a she about to say that Evan Evans had a vasectomy and so there was no question of fertilising, but she stopped herself just in time.

Natasha knew that like a lot of husbands who womanised, Sam would create hell if he knew she was having it off with Evan Evans, so she tried one more manoeuvre. “He wouldn’t believe it.”

“Not even if I told him what I saw?”

Natasha could now be sure that Gerald had been spying on her, but in desperation she said, “It was only once and it’ll never happen again, and your father wouldn’t take your word for it, he’d think you were just trying to cause trouble.”

That was a strong possibility because Gerald and his dad hadn’t got on since Gerald had become a teenager, but Gerald had an ace up his sleeve.

“You’re right mum,” he said quietly, “but he wouldn’t have to take my word for it.” With that he took out from the inside cover of his book half a dozen photos and spread them on the table. “Take a look at these,” he said.

Even before she looked Natasha knew what she would see. “That bloody camera I bought him for his birthday,” she thought.

She approached the table and the photographs like a soldier picking his way through a mine field. The photos were as bad as or even worse than she anticipated. They began with her and Evan entering the glade and ended with Evan wiping his penis, and all points in between. No denial on her part could get around these pictures.

She made an attempt to grab the photos with the intention of destroying them, Gerald made no attempt to stop her but said, “It’s no use mum, I’ve got other copies.” The photos fell from her limp hand on to the table.

“You wouldn’t…you wouldn’t show them to your father,” she said.

“Not necessarily,” Gerald said nonchalantly as he lolled back in his chair.

“It would destroy everything, and I thought you loved me and…”

“Oh, I do love you,” Gerald protested, suddenly sitting up straight in his chair. “That’s just the point, we can come to terms.”

“Terms, what sort of terms?”

“You know,” Gerald said, “an exchange. I get something I want and you get the photos.”

“Blackmail!” Natasha exclaimed.

“Let’s call it an exchange, a transaction,” Gerald replied, “a win-win situation as they say.”

“So what do you want?” Natasha said, close to tears, “An increase in your allowance, a new computer, or what?”

Gerald, feeling that he was on the verge of winning, replied, “Nothing so materialistic. Some would say it had a…a…spiritual aspect to it. Take the Kama Sutra for instance…”

“What are you talking about?” Natasha sobbed — she’d never heard of the Kama Sutra — “what do you mean by ‘spiritual’?”

“Well, I mean…er…” For a moment Gerald was confounded, not sure how to explain his meaning, but rallying he said,”It’s an expression of love.”

“Love…an expression of love,” Natasha wailed, “you call what you’re doing to me an expression of love?”

“Er, yes, it could be,” Gerald replied uncertainly, feeling that somehow things were slipping out of his control.

Natasha made an effort to control her emotions and said, “Just tell me what you want.”

Gerald took a deep breath and said, “I want what you gave to Evan Evans.”

This baffled Natasha. What had she given to Evan Evans that Gerald could possibly want? Enlightenment came.

“My God, you want to…to fuck me.”

“Yes, if you must put it like that,” Gerald replied.

“How else can I put it?” Natasha said tartly.

“Well you could say…er…you could say we… you and me…I don’t know,” he ended lamely.

Natasha felt as if the situation was swinging her way a little. Gerald’s suggestion came as no great surprise. She had known for a long time that their relationship had a sexual aspect to it ever since Gerald had started to experience that time of crazy hormones, and it was not unusual for sons to have sexual feelings for their mothers.

There was something of a debate going on inside Natasha. Would it be so difficult to let Allan have sex with her? After all, she had in the past wondered what it would be like with her son, and had experienced pangs of envy when she suspected he was enjoying other female flesh. That, she realised, was a common feature of motherhood when their boys reached the age of sexual maturity; obviously there was no other female good enough for their son.

She had sought to dismiss her sexual feelings for Allan, knowing it would not only be adultery, but incest as well. Of course she had already committed adultery with Evan Evans and as a result of that she had resolved never to commit it again with anyone; but with Gerald?

It would still be adultery and incest, but if it was only once she could tell herself she did it to save her marriage, but would Gerald be satisfied with once, and suppose their union was successful would she be satisfied with once?

She looked at him and said, “It would only be once, wouldn’t it?”

Sensing victory was close Gerald said reassuringly, “Yes, only once.”

“And afterwards you’d give me the photos?”


“And the copies?”

“The lot.”

“And you’d never tell anyone, not ever?”

“I promise, no one will ever know.”

“Where do you want me?” Natasha asked, moving towards Allan.

He rose as she approached and the large swelling in his groin left no doubt in Natasha’s mind that he was ready for her. “This,” she thought, “is going to be quick and easy.”

“You…you agree then?” he asked as if surprised it had been so effortless.

“Yes, I agree, and I’ll trust you to keep your word.”

“I’ll keep it mum, you don’t know what this means to me.”

Natasha thought she did know what it meant to him, and was starting to experience an uncomfortable wetness at the top of her thighs.

“Where do you want me, sitting on the table or standing up or…yes, you get your trousers off and sit down again.”

“Mum I…”

“Just do as you’re told,” Natasha snapped. “You want to fuck mummy and so mummy tells you how, okay?”

“Okay,” Gerald said submissively, and promptly removed his trousers and sat.”

When Natasha saw Gerald’s penis she hesitated for a moment, it was bigger than she had anticipated and her vagina was very small, but she knew that she had to go through with the deal if she wanted those photos and Gerald’s silence. As if to give value for money she stripped off, and Gerald gasped, “You’re so beautiful mum.”

She made no response to this, but calculated it wasn’t going to take very long before Gerald would be ejaculating into her. Very carefully she let his penis slide slowly in to her vagina. It didn’t hurt; in fact it fitted very snugly. With his penis all the way in her she stopped for a few moments looking into Gerald’s eyes.

“It feels beautiful mum,” he murmured.

Yes it did feel beautiful. There was something different — different from sexual intercourse with Sam or Evan Evans. “Another dimension” she thought, a sweeter dimension, something she could not define that was already arousing her to heights she had never experienced before.

She began to regret there had been no foreplay and as if to make up for this she kissed Gerald, her mouth wide open and darting her tongue into his mouth. She felt one of his hands touch and hen caress her breast.

She broke from the kiss and said, “You poor boy, you really did want to fuck mummy badly did not you?”

Gerald groaned and said something like, “Oh God yes.”

Natasha started to ride him and quickly she felt the first stirring of his orgasm.

“No darling, not yet, try to hold back, mummy wants to come with you, not yet…not yet.”

She slowed her movements to try and keep his orgasm in check, but it became hopeless because she was staring to succumb.

“Let it go darling, let it go, mummy wants it,” she whimpered, “come in mummy, come darling.”

With cry of, “I love you mum,” sperm shot out of Gerald’s urethra.

Natasha received this first spurt by thrusting down hard and crying out, “Fuck mummy, fuck mummy, fuck me hard, don’t stop…oh God, oh God…”

Gerald finished ejaculating but Natasha continue to rock her self on him gasping, “Ah…ah…ah…ah…oh…”

Then they were still, the only sound their heavy breathing, until Natasha said, “Did you like fucking mummy?”

“Oh God yes, mum.”

“And do you want to fuck her again?”

“We agreed…”

“I know what we agreed darling, but things change, and you need to remember, now mummy has got something she can tell daddy that daddy won’t like to hear, hasn’t she?”


“That you’ve blackmailed mummy and fucked her.”

“You wouldn’t tell, we agreed,” Gerald yelped.

“No, no darling, you agreed that you wouldn’t tell if I let you fuck me, I didn’t agree not to tell.”

“But you wouldn’t, would you?”

“Natasha smiled sweetly and said, “Of course not darling, just so long as you fuck me whenever I want you to, like everyday; agreed?”

“Agreed,” Gerald said, hardly able to believe his luck.

“Good, then we start tonight my darling in my bed, and we’ll begin with cunnilingus and perhaps fellatio after that, you’ll like that, won’t you?”

“Yes, but mum…”

“But what darling?”

“Can I fuck you again now?”

“Yes darling, the deal works both ways.”


“What darling?”

“I wouldn’t have told dad about you and Evan Evans or shown him the photos.”

“Darling, I don’t think I ever thought you would. Now shall we get on with the fucking?”