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New in Town

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Laurie pulled her new red Saab into a too small space in front of her too small apartment. Struggling to open the driver’s side door against an offending elm tree, she stepped out of the car and right into a puddle.

“Oh, that was unexpected!” she huffed, sarcastically. She turned and grabbed her bag from the front seat and hurried into the apartment lobby. Once she was inside, she inspected her suede heel that was now covered in mud. Upon deciding that it was repairable, she deposited it inside the door.

Glancing about the sparsely furnished apartment, she felt a tug of longing. Laurie was missing the homey bacheloret pad she’d shared with her best friend Maxine through college in Pennsylvania. Now, her three month lease was almost up in the dingy, last minute apartment she’d been forced into when she moved to Michigan for graduate school.

Sighing loudly to no one but herself, she moved into the tiny bedroom. Rifling through the drawers, she pulled out a pair of short ratty shorts and a thin tank top. Removing her jeans and tee shirt ensemble, she inspected herself in the mirror.

Since her freshman year, Maxine had forced Laurie to go to the gym with her. Max’s decree was that they would get into shape, once and for all, and they’d do it together. All through high school, they’d been frumpy but cute. They were the kind of girls who had boy friends rather than boyfriends.

Now, the hard work showed. Laurie was a trim blond, standing at about 5’4” in her bare feet and weighing about 115 pounds. She was rounded in the right places, attested to by her firm 36 C bust and 39 inch hips. Laurie still went to the gym, however alone she felt without Max. She sighed again and tugged on her worn clothes and a pair of Nikes.

About twenty minutes later, Laurie pulled into the lot behind the Bash Brothers Gym. Laurie supposed it was rather sexist, but it had a great set of Nautilus machines and lighter weights, as well as a sauna and an Olympic sized pool. She parked and hopped out.

Once inside, she paid her monthly fee and headed towards the treadmills. The gym was always fairly empty by the time she arrived; it was devoid of any leering Bash Brothers, for which she was grateful. As she was stretching, she noticed two women on the bicycles chattering in hushed tones and looking in her direction. Sighing to herself, once again, she got on a treadmill and began her two mile jog.

After the jog, she decided to cut her evening short and headed for the sauna. Stripping to nothing but a fluffy white towel, she stepped into the foggy room. The deep tones of the cherry wood were slick with moisture and she was alone. Leaning her head back, she finally began to unwind from the stressful day of classes. She was certainly glad it was Friday. Suddenly, the door creaked open, and the two women from the bicycles snapped into her calm. Laurie held back yet another sigh.

The women settled themselves on the bench adjacent to Laurie’s. She noticed one was a redhead, with close cropped curls and a mischievous smattering of freckles across her upturned nose. The other had a long mass of deep brown hair tucked into a pony tail. Wisps fell about her porcelain face, and she was first to smile at Laurie.

“Hello,” she said. “I’m Renee. You must be Lauren.”

Laurie was taken aback. “Um, yes. How’d you know?”

The redhead laughed, “We’re stalking you,” she said. At the startled look on Laurie’s face, “Oh, hon, I’m sorry. I’m only teasing. We own the club. I’m Michelle.”

Laurie relaxed. “Oh, it’s nice to meet you. I guess I assumed some giant Bash Brothers owned this place,” she laughed. “If you’d like, please call me Laurie.”

Renee smiled another broad smile. “We noticed you stretching out there tonight. You’re very tone.”

Laurie blushed. “Oh, thank you. I used to workout where I came from.”

Michelle asked, “Where’s that?”


“Where do you live now?” asked Michelle.

“Um, do you know Melwood Avenue?”

The women nodded. Laurie just smiled back, a little unsettled by the interrogation.

As if sensing how Laurie felt, Renee said, “We don’t want to bother you. We just like to get to know our clients, especially the ones who come in all the time.”

Laurie nodded, “Well, it’s nice to meet you both. I think I’d better get out of here before my blood boils,” she said with a laugh. Laurie was surprised Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort at how much these women made her feel at ease.

Renee and Michelle stood, too. “It was great to meet you, too, Laurie,” Michelle said warmly.

The three women left the sauna and headed for the locker room. After showering, the three met again in the lobby.

“Hey, Laurie. If you’re not afraid of us yet, you’re welcome to dinner with us tonight.”

Renee said, fluffing her damp pony tail. Laurie almost backed out, but again got that welcome rush of familiarity that these girls seemed to bring to her. “Well, if you don’t mind having me, I’m free and I’d love it.”

Michelle and Renee both nodded. “C’mon, follow us back our house. We’re having Chinese stir fry and wonton soup. All home made!”

Laurie again agreed and got into her car and followed the girls a beautiful Victorian house, fronted by a wide porch and a sloping, green lawn. She noted a sign stuck unceremoniously into the lawn, reading “Room For Rent” in large, neat hand.

Once inside, she was surprised at the high ceilings of the foyer, and the grand staircase that curved in two directions.

“This is lovely!” Laurie breathed. “You rent this place?”

“No, actually my great grandparents built it. They owned a lot of stock in a car manufacturer in Detroit. It’s been in my family since then.” Renee said, sweeping her arm about, grandly paying homage to the magnificent house, “My parent’s left the house in my control. It’s simply too big for me to live alone, so I rent out the spare bedrooms. My first renter was Michelle. And, as you already know, we bought Bash Brothers, and she lives here permanently. My most recent renter just moved out to get married.”

Laurie nodded. “This is a really beautiful place. My lease is just about up on my apartment, and I was actually going to start searching for a new one.”

“Well, would you like me to show you around while Renee starts supper?” Michelle offered brightly.

Laurie nodded, hardly believing her luck. She found two new friends and perhaps a new place to live, all in one day. If the price wasn’t too steep, that is.

A few minutes later, Michelle and Laurie returned to the large, homey kitchen. “Your house is beautiful! I can’t imagine how it must be to have grown up here!”

Renee smiled her thank you and they moved to the richly decorated dining room to eat. “You know, we do need another house mate,” Renee said.

Laurie thought a moment, “I’d love to. But, I am on a sort of limited budget. I don’t have a job here yet, so I’m living on my savings.”

“Well, what’s your rent now?” Michelle asked.

“It’s about six hundred dollars a month, plus utilities.”

Renee made a choking noise, “Lord, girl! All utilities! You’re getting totally ripped off for living on Melwood! I only charge a third of the utilities!”

Laurie was shocked. Even if she was paying all the utilities on this house, it’d be less than her current rent. “Okay, I’m sold,” Laurie laughed, “if you’re sure you wouldn’t mind me living here.”

Michelle and Renee exchanged a smile. “Not at all. You’re already a blast. Plus, now we have a new friend for the gym.”

“This is too good to be true!” Laurie exclaimed, forking in the last bit of chow mien that Renee had prepared.

“Well, let’s have some wine to celebrate,” Michelle said, going to the kitchen and returning with a bottle of white wine and three glasses.

The women left the dishes and adjourned to the back patio where the first chills of the fall where creeping in. After two glasses, Laurie made a move to stand. “Well, I’d better get home before I can’t see straight to drive.”

“Awww, c’mon, Laurie, don’t break up our first party as housemates. You can spend the night… I mean, you live here and all,” Renee coaxed, pouring more wine into Laurie’s empty glass.

Laurie made to argue, and Michelle jumped in, “C’mon… no classes, tomorrow’s Saturday! No work, right? Tell us all about yourselves. We’re dying to know!”

Laurie acquiesced and took another sip of the sweet wine. “Alright, I’ll stay. You girls are too persuasive,” Laurie said, smiling. “What do you want to know? Fire away.”

“How about boyfriends?” Michelle asked. Laurie missed the dark look that Renee gave the redhead because her eyes downcast, sadly. “Oh. That question. Well, I had a boyfriend. We’d been going out since I was seventeen. We broke up just before I moved here…” she trailed off.

“Why, honey?” Michelle asked, ignoring Renee’s look.

Laurie sighed, “Well, he was sleeping with my sister… and his Film Art professor… and who knows who else.”

“Oh.” Michelle said, also looking down to the parquet tiles on the patio. “My husband cheated on me, too. That’s why I moved in with Renee. She was like my best friend, my mom, and a stern teacher all at once.”

“You were married,” Laurie asked, incredulously.

Michelle nodded, “Yup, right out of high school. It was kind of a sad trailer-trash girl meets trailer-trash boy love story. ‘Til I found out he was the epitome of that sort of romance. He beat me and slept around.” Then Michelle brightened, “But, then, I met Renee at the gym where I was a desk girl, and the rest is history. She even made me enroll in college. I’ll graduate in three semesters! Plus, we took over the gym together… and the rest is history.”

Renee smiled again at Laurie, pouring her more wine. She stretched and looked up at the big, round moon. “Man, this wine goes to my head too fast. I keep thinking the moon is going to fall in on us.”

Laurie started to laugh… and suddenly found herself unable to stop. She doubled over and knocked heads with Michelle, causing them both to laugh even more. Soon, the three girls were joining hands and dancing in a circle, singing about the moon falling. They collapses in a heap on the old tiles and finally grew tired from laughing.

Filling their glasses all one last time, they moved back into the house. Renee took Laurie upstairs and gave her a fresh pair of pajamas, some towels, and a new toothbrush. Laurie drew herself a bath and slipped in, feeling very relaxed after her horrid week.

After the bath, she wrapped herself in the Egyptian cotton towel and moved towards her new room. Just then, she heard her name being called from the master bedroom. There, Michelle and Renee were sitting on a huge four poster bed, painting their toenails.

“C’mon. It’s like tradition. We’ve got to do your toes,” Renee said.

Michelle smiled, wiggling her red toes in Laurie’s direction. “See, Renee painted my toes when I moved in. She said it would give me self-esteem. Same for poor Tammie.”

As Laurie positioned herself on the bed, and busied herself choosing a color, she asked, “What happened to Tammy?”

Renee answered, as she began applying a maroon color to Laurie’s little toe. “She was really rich, but she got pregnant by a kid she met in college. When she came home to tell her parents, her father threw her out. Her mother, who was friends with my mom, called me and asked if she could pay for her to live with me until the baby was born. I, of course, said yes. Well, after six months, the poor girl miscarried. But, her college boy was faithful to her, and still they got married.”

Laurie nodded, sadly. “I guess we’re all a bundle of hard-luck stories. We sound like a country ballad. How about you, Renee, what’s you life been like?”

Renee’s face clouded. “Well, like I said, my parent’s left it to me. They died when I was seven. My mom’s sister moved in and took care of me, but she had a string of boyfriends, and none of them where too fond of me. They usually ended up beating her, or me, or both. A few of them even sexually molested me. My poor aunt, I didn’t have the heart to tell her. She died of breast cancer when I was nineteen. I’ve never really trusted men, though, and I’ve never kept a boyfriend for longer than a few months.” Michelle nodded, “But, we’re all happy now, right?”

Laurie and Renee both nodded, beaming. Renee gave one last swipe of clear polish over the red, and nodded. “Done. Welcome to the house. Whatever we have is now yours.”

Laurie smiled, feeling like she actually belonged with these girls she’d only met this afternoon. Finally, Michigan was feeling like home. She lay back on the cushiony comforter and smiled up at the deep maroon of the ceiling, thinking of how it matched her toes.

Renee stood and undid the sash on her silky robe. She slipped out of it, revealing a taut nude body. Laurie blushed, feeling like a voyeur, and looked away.

“Oh, I’m sorry Laurie. I’ll put it back on if it makes you uncomfortable.” Renee said, and she started to pull up the robe. When Laurie glanced back, she saw the graceful slope of Renee’s back and suddenly felt a very warm sensation in the lower part of her belly.

“No, it’s alright, of course. I guess I’m just not used to it. My old roommate and I didn’t use to change together.”

Renee nodded, seeming concerned, “If you’re sure…”

Laurie nodded, and she guessed it was the wine that made her want to rub those taut nipples and tug on them with her teeth… suddenly she felt Michelle’s hand on her thigh. It felt red hot.

“Are you alright, Laurie? You’re cheeks are pink,” she asked, concerned.

Blushing even more, she nodded. She was shocked when Michelle, too, shrugged out of her beaten up terry cloth robe. “Go ahead,” she said, “you’ll feel better when you do.”

Laurie, again feeling really warm, and not sure why, shrugged and then slipped out of the plush towel.

Laurie could hear Michelle’s soft sigh and feel what she hoped was an admiring gaze. “Wow, Laurie, you’re really hot.”

Laurie blushed deeply, but felt extremely turned on by these two women. She’d never felt this way before. She suddenly wanted them to touch her and make her forget… make her forget what? She wasn’t sure anymore.

Renee moved to the bed. Smiling like a cat on the prowl, with one perfect brow arched above an almond shaped brown eye. She reached out and delicately fingered one of Laurie’s pink nipples. Laurie felt her whole breast tighten at the feathery soft touch, and sank rigidly back into the cushions lying against the velvet tufted headboard. Michelle, a redheaded mirror of Renee’s face, moved up the bed with Laurie and began to caress the creamy skin on the side of Laurie’s breast, causing the nipple to harden and point up. Michelle carefully dropped her mouth to Laurie’s hard peak and licked with a velvet warm tongue. Renee did the same. Between the lack of sexual contact for a few months, the new soft sensations these women were giving her, and the wine, she arched her back to them, and her anxious fingers found a breast of their own.

On her left, she fondled the hefty weight on large nipple of the buxom Renee and on her right, the smaller and tighter breast of the lithe Michelle. Soon, she felt her tender, pink lips become enflamed with passion and dripping with the wetness of ecstasy.

As if sensing her need, Renee kissed her way down Laurie’s taught torso, paying special attention the jutting hip bones and the soft area just south of her belly button. Finally, her talented mouth found the warm mound of close cropped curls and the treasure below them. Her tongue feinted and flicked over the most sensitive areas of Laurie’s moist flesh talent and accuracy that she’d never encountered. Renee was encouraged by the soft, mewling moans that were coming from the willing mouth of Laurie.

Meanwhile, Michelle was paying close attention to Laurie’s full breasts and hardened crests. The more attention the women lavished on Laurie the stronger her need became. Finally, when she felt she could take no more, Michelle turned, pressing her wet, vulnerable lips near Laurie’s face, and joined her tongue with Renee’s at Laurie’s slick spot.

Near the edge, she moved her unsure tongue to Michelle’s neatly shaven hot spot. Licking carefully, she began to appreciate the musky taste and scent, and soon, began to lick and nibble with fervor.

As Michelle took over massaging Laurie’s clit with her able mouth, Renee boldly placed her pointer and middle fingers inside her willing entrance. All the sensations finally culminated in Renee’s probing of the inside of her pussy, and as Laurie felt Michelle’s orgasmic fluids run down her chin, her body took over and she climaxed again and again against Renee’s fingers and Michelle’s still working tongue.

Spent, Michelle climbed off of her, and Renee climbed on, “Do you think you have any more for me, darling?”

Laurie smiled; she licked Michelle’s juices off of her lips, and nodded. Renee mounted Laurie’s mouth and she began to work on Renee’s pussy. There was just a light bit of dark fur around her slick lips, and Laurie really enjoyed the soft feel of it rubbing against her face as Renee moaned and struggled to stay in place. Michelle hands and mouth worked Renee’s large tits, and very soon, Renee was almost bucking against Laurie’s mouth with her hard earned completion.

Finally, the trio was spent. They nestled into the bed, with Laurie in the middle. She was the last to fall asleep, thinking back on the day’s events. When she finally drifted off, she had a smile on her face.