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No Condom No Fuck Male Multiple Orgasms

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No Condom No Fuck Male Multiple Orgasms
James was, in many ways surprised how many women needed his services. In fact, all of his clients came from referrals. He had never left a woman unsatisfied, either by his fucking or by not becoming pregnant. And, being financially frugal, the money he made he invested…wisely. He had become very professional at his business. He began when he was only 19. He had a college professor who taught chemistry. She was in her late 30’s. Every day that he sat in her class, he couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to fuck her cunt. On one particular day he had been called up to the chalk board to complete a chemistry formula she had placed there. She sat in her seat at her desk facing him as he walked up to the board. When he grabbed the chalk he turned toward her, and to his surprise she had allowed her skirt to rise up exposing a totally bare pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her cunt lips were swollen and slightly parted. Instantly he felt his cock begin to harden. His professor, Miss Kelsy, immediately saw the desired affect she wanted to produce in him. But what her eyes beheld almost sent her cunt into an orgasmic spasm. The juices in her snatch were oozing out onto her chair. She was thankful that none of the other students could see what was going on. James hardening cock wasn’t forming a bulge in his pants by the zipper, right in front as most cocks do. Instead what Asia Kelsy beheld was a hardening cock protruding out from the side of his left leg, over half-way down his thigh. She was thinking to herself, “Shit, how long is that fucking stick”.

As if James could read her mind, he said, “Nine. At least nine. That’s the minimum number of elements that can be discovered by completing this formula in this manner.” Once the elements harden, that number could go higher by one or two points.

At that moment the bell rang. “Ok class. Make sure you’re here by eight in the morning for the seminar on combining elements to form pliable chemistry associated with acts of physics.”

As is the case in most colleges, the students were up and out the door; all accept James who was still standing by the chalkboard. His penis was hard, but now there was a wet spot forming on his pant leg. Asia’s eyes were glued on it. She watched it become more moist and enlarged.

“It’s sperm Miss Kelsy.”

“I beg our pardon”, Asia attempted to sound shocked.

“It’s precum, semen, cum, ejaculate.” James went on. “Call it whatever you will, but you know and I know you want me to fuck it into you. I mean that’s why you’ve went through all of this, calling me up to the chalkboard, putting this particular equation on it for me to solve, knowing what the answer would be; and most importantly…so I could see your cunt.”

James moved his hand down to his cock and rubbed it up and down the length turning on Asia that much more. “Shall we go into your office” James suggested.

Without saying a word the teacher got up from her chair which was now wet with pussy juice and opened the door to her office located to the left of the chalkboard. When she walked in, James walked in behind her, closing and locking the door. He looked around the room looking for the perfect place to fuck his professor. Over in the corner was a large couch….perfect he thought. Asia also knew that this would be where she would be ravished, she hoped, by her young student.

James walked over to Asia next to the couch. “Okay Miss Kelsy. Undress for me. Start from the top down. Remove your skirt last.” He leaned down and kissed her neck passionately slightly licking her neck with his tongue and then he backed away and stood watching what was next.

Asia, in every sense of the word was beautiful. She had long brown hair down to the middle of her back. Her legs were long and tanned. As she unbuttoned her blouse, James could begin to see her cleavage. When it fell off her shoulders revealing her bra, he was very pleased by how large her tits were. He watched her reach back and undo the clasp allowing the bra to fall to the ground exposing her breasts to the open air. 

“Fuck ME!” James u*********sly spoke aloud. His cock jerked hard in his pants at the sight. Asia’s tits were huge, and pert. Her nipples stood erect and forward in the air. Large nipples they were. Her areolas were large, brown and perfectly round.

“I can tell you like what you see James”, Asia said seductively

“Like….Shit, they’re awesome.” James licked his lips, “You realize I’m going to tit fuck you until I coat those babies with my sperm. Then I’m going to fuck your mouth and face and dump loads there too.”

The thought of this young man unloading on her face was almost more than she could take. She had been tit fucked before, but never had anyone sprayed her on her face, and she had never blown a man to ejaculation.

Lastly Asia pulled down on the elastic of her skirt sliding it over her hips. Her full grown bush appeared as the garment fell to the floor. Asia stepped out of it. She was now standing totally naked in front of James. Her legs spread slightly; cunt juice running down her thighs.

“My turn” James said. He effortlessly pulled his shirt over his head throwing it on the ground, revealing his finely chiseled chest and muscular arms. His hands then went down to his belt buckle which he unbuckled. He stopped and looked at Asia. “Why don’t you take it from here? I want you to get down on your knees and remove my pants and shorts. That way you’ll get a nice close up of the cock that’s going to fuck you everywhere today.”

Asia took a couple of steps and then dropped to her knees in front of James. The cum stain on his pant leg was growing right before her eyes. She reached up and unbuttoned his pants and pulled down on the zipper. She tugged slowly downward causing the pants to drop. They reached his ass where they hesitated for only a second and then freely fell to the ground. An audible gasp came from her mouth as she got the first look at his cock. He was wearing dark tight fitting boxer shorts. Protruding 2 inches beyond the leg hem was a massive penis. It was thick. It was huge and veiny, gorged with blood. The head was purple from being constricted by the briefs, and the tip was dripping white thick sperm. How in the world could she possibly fuck something that big? It would never fit in her. She reached out and grabbed hold of the elastic of his shorts and pulled down steadily until with a quick upward thrust the giant cock jumped free. James stepped out of his underwear.

Asia couldn’t believe the size. It had to be nearly 10 inches long, and yet it was able to stand out erect, pointing slightly upward. Then, she saw them. His balls. These were not just balls. They were enormous. Not in an ugly way. They actually fit the size of his cock, but how much sperm did they produce and hold. How long could James cum for.

“You can touch it Asia. Go ahead and get a feel of it.”

Asia reached out with her right hand and wrapped it around the penis unable to totally encircle it’s thickness. As soon as her hand grabbed hold she saw the massive balls move and heard James moan. The next second a small spurt of sperm came out from the slit of his penis.

“Let’s not fuck around here teach” James commanded. Asia realized by his voice that this “student” of hers had changed his demeanor. He sounded more a****listic; more demanding. He was breathing hard, almost panting. “You wanted my cock. You fucking have it now….MASTURBATE IT BITCH! Make me want to fuck you. Stroke me and put our mouth to good use!!” 

James began to push his hips back and forth as if he were fucking her hand. Asia’s hand was dry. “Rub your hand over your cunt…get it wet with your pussy cum so my cock will slide back and forth easier!”

She let go of his rod. When she did, it jerked in the air with sexual excitement. Her cunt was drenched. Her juices were running down her thighs. She rubbed her had up firmly against her vaginal lips, causing friction against her swollen hard clit. This caused her cunt to spasm and a gush of pussy cum shot all over her hand. “Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!!…..AAAHHHHHH….DAMN!!!”

James looked down at her, “Are you cuming? He could see that her hand was no longer rubbing her pussy. Instead she had thrust two of her fingers deep inside her hole and was finger fucking herself.

“I’m…..ahhhhhh….sorry…..ohhhhh shit…..It just started…..SHITTTTT!” Asia moved her knees spreading her legs wide open. Her pussy was sucking hard on her fingers. So hard in fact you could hear it. This only excited James that much more. He grabbed his long thick prick and began jerking it off as if he were milking a cow. Long fast strokes from the base up all 10 inches to the very tip, oozing semen out at each stroke. Asia was in her own little world, lost in her massive orgasm. Her fingers were moving with speed and force, fucking her cunt deeply and rubbing her hard clit. Her cunt continued cuming. She was crying out in lustful passion….”OH FUCK!!! I’m CUMING!!!….FUCK YES!!!!…AHHHHHHHH!!!”

James could feel his balls beginning to tighten. He was getting close to ejaculating….”No fucking way I’m cuming like this you cunt.” He let go of his prick and pushed Asia backward. She fell onto the rug forcing her legs out from under her and causing her fingers to slip out of her cunt with an audible pop. Pussy cum was spraying everywhere, clear up onto James’ churning balls. He moved over her body, dropped to his knees. Grabbing her hard nipples he spread her big tits apart. He laid his hard cock between their channel and then pressed them up against him and began to slide his penis up and down the crevice.

“Oh YES…..YES JAMES FUCK MY TITS!!! FUCKING CUM ON MY TITS….PLEASE UNLOAD ON MY TITS!!!” Asia could feel James’ heavy balls rubbing below her breasts as he fucked her tits with force. His hand pressed her mounds tight up against his pistoning rod, his oozing sperm lubricating the fuck canyon he had created. Meanwhile Asia was moving her legs in orgasmic bliss as another wave of cum hit her cunt. She was turning her head from side to side as she felt the head of the giant cock ramming up against her chin.

“OHHHHHH….I’m squirting again….AHHHHHHH…..FUCK….SHIT….FUCK!!!!! Her hips were bucking in the air now in a natural fucking action. Meanwhile James could feel his balls begin to tighten. The muscles in his shaft were beginning to spasm. He picked up his pace racing to that point of no return. Contraction after contraction occurred along his rod. He could feel his orgasm starting deep within his testicles until he reached that point of no return.

“Here it comes you fucking cunt!!! I’m CUMMMMINGGGG!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” James pulled back releasing his cock from Asia’s tits. He grabbed hold of his long hard pole and began stroking its entire length with lengthy strokes, pumping the sperm from his balls.

“Grab my nuts you bitch!!! Fucking squeeze the jizz out of them.”

Asia reached up and took hold of his enormous balls. They barely could be held by her one hand. She gently began to squeeze them. As she did, she felt them move spasmodically to her touch. “OHHHH YOU FUCKING SLUT!!!! I’M EJACULATING!!!!….AHHHHHHH!!!” 

Asia was no where prepared for the first hot steam of sperm that sprayed from James’ cock. It wasn’t like most male ejaculations, which usually consisted of quick squirts of semen. No, this was a long continuous stream of cum; almost as if he was peeing sperm. He moved his cock from tit to tit coating them with his hot white goo. James head was tilting backward as his hand stopped its stroking at the tip allowing the semen to spray on its intended target. Asia felt the balls in her hand relax, as they did the jizz stopped flowing from the masturbated cock head. Then James started stroking again, causing the nuts in Asia’s grasp to tighten up again. The second blast of ejaculate was just as strong as the first, only this time James pointed the tip at her face. The continuous stream of semen painted her face with its thick white seed. It flowed into her eyes and nose. It coated her hair. James hips were jerking in the air as if he was fucking a cunt. 


Asia felt his balls relax again. With her other hand she tried to quickly wipe as much cum from her face as she could. When she had decided she wanted to fuck James, she had no clue what she was in for. This nice kind 19 year old boy was a fucking dominant a****l when aroused. And the cock, balls and sperm was far more than she could have ever reasoned in her mind. Yet everything that was happening in this moment was way too erotic for her to describe. The moment he began covering her body with jizz, her cunt had been cuming nonstop. The rug beneath her vagina was soaked in cunt cream. She hadn’t even been fucked yet. How would she be able to handle that? His balls relaxed; the stream of his load ceased again. Could he be done? She felt a hand reach under her head and pull it forward.

“Time to suck it you fucking cunt!” James demanded “Ugh….Ahhhhh..here it fucking comes again” With that he forced Asia’s lips up against his massive swollen head pushing it between her teeth and into her mouth. Harder and harder he pushed until he managed to get 6 inches of his throbbing meat down her throat. Asia was fighting back her gagging reflexes as her stretched mouth became accustomed to the object forced into it. Once again she felt his testicles clinch. She knew what that meant.


James took both his hands and impaled Asia’s head on his pole and he began to jerk as his hot seed shot with force into her mouth, down her throat and into her stomach. It was all Asia could do not to feel suffocated. But somehow she was managing. She was taking it all in. Fuck, he tasted good. So there they were, both cuming. James crying out and Asia moaning over his cock. 

Asia felt his balls relax again. James began to ease his jerking and his grunts began to cease. She could feel the massive cock in her mouth begin to soften. James leaned back pulling his penis out from her sucking lips. He allowed the sperm still draining from his long shaft to form a pool between her breasts. At the same time Asia’s hips settled back down on the rug. Her cunt began to close pussy juice was still draining from her hole from its orgasmic dilation. As fucking wild as that experience had just been, Asia was feeling disappointment. She had wanted to feel that giant cock fucking her hungry pussy. Thinking that after Jame’s had cum twice her night was over.

“Fuck…Ohhhh Fuck James. That was fucking great. I had no clue.”

“That’s just the beginning professor.”

“What do you mean? You just came.”

“So what” James responded. I’m not like other guys.

No sooner had he spoken than his cock began to move. Asia, now sitting up couldn’t believe her eyes. The semi-erect penis was now firm and hard once again. It’s head all nice and swollen and purple with its white seed dripping out of the pee hole.

“Now I’m going to fuck your cunt Miss Kelsy. You’re going to really know what it means to fucking cum from your pussy. I mean, this is what you’ve wanted from the start correct.”

Asia nodded her head in an affirmative motion.

“Turn around and get on all fours. I’m going to fuck you bitch style.” James cock was jerking in anticipation of an actual fuck session. His breath was beginning to become sporadic. 

“Wait!” Asia cried out. She reached up, opened a drawer of her desk and pulled out a condom. “Put this on. Fuck, I don’t want to get pregnant with all the cum you shoot , you’d make any girl pregnant.”

“You actually want me to wear a rubber?” James asked sarcastically.

“Yes. No condom….no cunt to fuck.”

“No problem.” James took the package, opened it. He took out the condom and rolled it over the head of his throbbing cock. It was only able to cover six inches of his dick, leaving 4 inches bare. Asia had no idea how rubbers worked on a cock like his…. he already knew no condom made can handle a cock like his after a few minute’s of deep pounding into her tight pussy they always break open. But he wasn’t going to tell her that and miss out on the chance of fucking her pussy, and giving her his seed. For you see, there was one thing that was a part of James. The one thing that he refused to give up. The one thing that he had been planning for years, ever since he was a k** in high school. Any women he fucked was a women he intended to knock up. His goal in life….fucking dump a ton of semen deep into every cunthole he fucked.

Asia would be the first and every woman from this day forward that he fucked would find their wombs coated with his thick hot seed.