Ekim 7, 2021

Sirs plaything

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Sirs plaything
I freely admit to having a people pleasing personality and with the right kind of person it can be submissive magic!

I met my Sir through a bdsm website
The kind where you type in what you like and what you are seeking
I’d had a few sessions with paid doms and it was okay but sometimes it did seem a little cold and mechanical or perhaps it was that I just didn’t click with the dom and there was no spark!

However when I had my first meeting with Sir I could feel a tangible electric frisson between us
We met initially for coffee and chatted about our lives… both married with older c***dren
Our wife’s busy with their work and Friends the c***dren either married off or living away from home.
Sir was a little older than me him nearing his sixties and me just fifty
He had the look of a business man a nice well fitting suit well groomed and steel grey hair. ..I’d turned up a little more casual in smart jeans unironed shirt and my wear it to everything jacket!
When the topic got onto our sexual preferences He explained he’d been to a very strict boarding school as a lad and as time progressed he had made prefect this entitled him to use corporal punishment on the other pupils and he realised not only did he have a flair for it he actually enjoyed beating the bottoms of the other pupils.
This got me squirming with excitement as he told me of how the lads would have to remove their clothing and take position over a vaulting horse while to unnerve them he’d swish the rod out of the lads eyeline then after a short run up deliver an almighty swipe to their bare buttocks with the cane…
I think he could see her had me hooked as I hadn’t touched my now tepid coffee…

I told him about my strict upbringing and the beatings I endured at the hands of my uncle and how I’d developed a way of coping by almost distancing myself from the situation yes it hurt but I found a way of rising above the pain…I would usually feign howls and struggle as to see that uncles punishment was working on me and generally if my acting was convincing he wouldn’t carry on the beating too long! …with this mindset I began to find that I’d developed a taste for CP and how it found a way into my life.

Neither of us could accommodate each other at home but Sir had the keys to a detached property that was used as storage for his company so we agreed to meet there for our sessions.

Sir was in good shape I however had gained a few pounds over the years and my bottom was a bit flabby
Sir wasn’t the least bit concerned about my weight and was whistling happily as he unlocked the door for me to enter.

The house had packing cases and boxes of paperwork stacked neatly from floor to ceiling
We’ve got a room we can use upstairs he said still merrily whistling…

He had yet another key to unlock the upstairs room there was a small kitchenette up here and another room to the back of the property
Do you fancy a tea or anything before we start?…there’s a bathroom through there if you need to go before we get started?
I nodded and made a quick journey to the toilet…
Sir was getting into character he had put on a teachers gown and old Mortar board
And now I was being called “boy”
Through here boy he called I meekly followed my Sir like a good little lamb!
In the back room there was a vaulting horse a desk and chairs and a ominous cupboard
He called me again..Now Boy (I loved that and soon regressed into my naughty pupil mode!!)
I believe you have been putting about the rumour that we don’t beat you hard enough here
…I could feel something stirring between my legs!!….Well I’m here to tell you that if that is the case we will try and remedy that we don’t want the good name of the school being tarnished by a lack of discipline!!
“DO WE?” he thundered
No Sir I answered sounding a bit squeaky
Now clothes on the chair and then over that horse you do go
I was a bit slow trying to get my socks off
I waddled over to the horse with the beginnings of an erection ..it was a little high so leapt over so my feet were off the floor and my bum prominently raised…
“EXCELLENT! I Heard Sir exclaim
He’d positioned the vaulting horse away from the cupboard and also with enough space for his little run up
He was whistling again while he chose whatever he was getting from the cupboard to use on my bum!!
I wriggled a bit to alleviate pressure on my genitals
While Sir was looking at my wobbling bottom he sliced the cane he’d removed from the cupboard through the air…thinking to himself Just like old times!!

I could feel a little breeze on my bottom which in truth was quite pleasant
When all of a sudden I heard rapid footsteps followed by the sound of a cane smacking squarely across both of my cheeks
The cane made a deep impact and my bottom trembled and bounced
Shortly after the shock the thin burning line of pain worked it’s way across as a welt began to form around the damaged flesh…

One Sir I howled.. thank you

My bottom was still twitching from the first blow
As I heard Sir galloping to deliver another stroke

Another loud Smack
Set my buttocks twitching a frenzy and my legs coming up as I tried to ride out the furious stinging bite of the cane

Two Sir thank you

Sirs accuracy was deadly as he placed neatly throbbing lines across my dancing bottom
I cried I pleaded but Sir was unmoving as the cane swished and swiped and swatted at my raw and glowing bottom

I was doing a little jig on the spot trying to dissipate the tormenting kiss of that blasted rod
But Sir was adamant I would be an example as the rod thrashed down
I wept copiously a thousand soldier ants were eating into my bum cheeks a million hornets had made a nest on.my behind!!
The last stroke was the hardest as Sir drew back his arm and shouted Tally-ho!
The crack of the rod echoed around the walls as did my screaming protests!

Well that was my first encounter with Sir
Shall I add some more? 🙂