Haziran 20, 2023

Older Lesbian with Four Inch Tongue

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Older Lesbian with Four Inch TongueThe much younger Alma looked down as Gretchen’s head bobbed up and down between her legs as her older lesbian lover explored her pussy with her magnificent four inch tongue. The tongue that had conquered her like so many women in the past. Gretchen had skillfully worked her way up from her ankle, up her calves and finally to her inner thigh leading to her now sopping wet pussy. Gretchen’s long tongue started at the base of her pussy as she ran it up to her clitoris, the flicking it gently over her “button” until she began to writhe in pleasure. Then it hit!! Gretchen lowered her head and inserted her serpent like tongue into her lover’s pussy and ran her tongue into and around the inner walls of Alma’s now excited pussy. Then with smooth rhythmic motions Gretchen’s head, tongue and Alma’s pussy became one throbbing organ each acting in unison to please the other. Alma had the first of what would be three orgasms that night. Gretchen’s tongue swelled up in her vagina and the sensations passed from her vagina to her brain signaling the rest of her body to give in and release herself to the joy of lesbian love that her partner was giving her. Alma grabbed the top of Gretchen’s head and forced her to keep that four inch tongue inside her as she screamed in ecstasy, her hips writhing, as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. The older mannish Gretchen looked up into the younger feminine Alma’s eyes as she stared at Alma’s naked body, her flat stomach, her wonderful firm breasts, her long reddish brown hair and the way her make up accentuated her beautiful movie star face. She momentarily stopped eating her lover’s pussy and whispered, “I am going Escort bayan to fuck you tonight” then she resumed dipping her long tongue into Alma’s highly sensitized pussy. Alma’s earlier orgasm had never really ceased as Gretchen’s new machinations drove her again to the height of pleasure. He orgasm rose from deep within her soul as she screamed at the top of her voice “Gretchen, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, don’t you dare stop no don’t stop” and Gretchen did not as she continued for several minutes to pleasure her younger lover who eventually fell back exhausted on the bed with Gretchen’s head still between her legs. Earlier that Friday evening had begun like many before. Alma came to Gretchen’s door dressed in a very sexy and feminine outfit. Tight black slacks accented by a blue low cut silk top which reveled just enough cleavage to keep one guessing about how much more of those wonderful tits lay covered under the silk. A sideward glance revealed the outline of a black bra that pushed up her breasts, the breasts that Gretchen had fondled and kissed many times before. For years Gretchen’s tongue had pleasured dozens of women; some for a one night stands and others like Alma, for a more solid and longer lasting relationship. Few were as beautiful as the young 26 year old school teacher named Alma. On Friday evening Alma always got a call from Gretchen usually after ten o’clock after Gretchen had hit the local lesbian bars. Gretchen might have a woman that night, but she never let them stay over on Friday nights; Friday night and Saturday morning was their time together. As soon as Gretchen answered the door and let her in, Alma began passionately Bayan escort kissing her lover, and then it would happen, like a snake entering a hole Gretchen’s tongue entered her mouth and began exploring the insides of Alma’s mouth all the way to the beginning of her throat. Alma reciprocated with deep kisses into her lover’s mouth, but nothing could compare to Gretchen’s skillful manipulation of her oral senses. Soon Gretchen’s hand found its way down to her pussy as her other hand reached behind her to unzip her custom tailored slacks. They fell to the ground as Gretchen unbuttoned her blouse and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Her bra came off as Gretchen pulled of her slacks and panties. Gretchen then began removing her own Jeans and sweatshirt revealing her forty year old firm and masculine physique to her younger “femme” partner. That’s how the lovemaking described earlier had begun. Now after their first lovemaking of the evening was complete they both walked naked down the hall to the back bedroom where Alma knew she might be sodomized in both her ass and her pussy. Gretchen said softly “Alma baby, get on all fours on the edge of the bed so I can fu*& you”!!! As Gretchen proceed to take the dildo harness out of the nightstand and raised up a purple 12” double dildo and asked “how much do you want, six or eight inches? Alma responded “eight” and you take the other four. Gretchen proceeded to slide the double headed dildo through the harness hole and adjusted it so she was getting about four inches and Alma would be getting the rest. Alma then heard the cap of the lube bottle snapping off as Gretchen applied a liberal Escort amount of astro-glide to the purple phallus.Alma got ready as she sensed Gretchen coming up behind her; Gretchen grabbed her hips and adjusted her body so she would be in just the right position to accept her lover’s phallus. Then Gretchen applied a liberal amount of lube to Alma’s already well lubed pussy as she inserted the large phallus into her. Alma moaned as her body adjusted to the filling sensation that the phallus had on her body. As it filled her highly sensitized vagina she let out a loud moan and turned to Gretchen and said “take me slow and easy I want to really enjoy this”. With that Gretchen slid the full eight inches inside her and slowly withdrew it resulting in a loud moan of pleasure mixed with pain from Alma and the cock found it’s way inside her. Then Gretchen began to f(*k her in a rhytmic motion as Gretchen thrust forward Alma thrust back as they writhed in each other’s pleasure. Then Gretchen sensed that Alma was ready to cum again, she grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place as she slowly ran the dildo in and out of her enflamed cunt. Gretchen worked on her until Alma screamed from the full vaginal orgasm she was experiencing. Alma yelled Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Don’t stop!!! As she arched her back as her body spasm under Gretchen’s power. Finally, Alma collapsed on the bed exhausted. Gretchen fell on top of Alma and rolled over holding her lover in her arms admiring her young beautiful highly sensitized body. Wherever Gretchen touched her Alma’s body reacted as one highly sensitized organ. Gretchen nibbled on Alma’s breasts, kissed her neck and held her face in her hands as she kissed her passionately. Then like the dyke she was she put her hands on top of Alma’s head and pushed down guiding her head to her pussy. It was Gretchen’s turn to enjoy the pleasures of a tongue in her pussy. Alma’s head bounced up and down between Gretchen’s legs, the night was not over by any means.