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Our Honeymoon Vacation

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Note: This is an absolutely true story. It is as accurate as a fallible human memory can be regarding something that happened 20 years ago. Consequently, there will most likely not be the amount of explicit, sexual detail that Literotica readers have come to expect. Oh well. But there is an important moral at the end of the story that I think everyone here at Literotica can agree with.


My wife and I were married in ’92. At that time Kat & I had known each other for 20 years, knew in fact everything there was to know about each other. I doubt a man and a woman have rarely, if ever, known as much about each other sexually without actually having had sex as Kat & I knew about each other. When I asked her to marry me, Kat had been living in Fairbanks, Alaska for ten years. She had an 8 year old son and had finally gotten a good handle on her manic/depression. Initially, the reason we decided to get married was so she could move to Las Vegas and continue her education and use my health insurance, something that she badly needed. But the first psychiatrist she saw (the only one available under my health plan) took her off all of the medication she had been on in Alaska. She plunged into a full-fledged depression. And being in Vegas it was natural for her to resort to self-medicating herself as she had in the past. And all of this was achieved at the price of a $125 a week. That was our co-pay for the psychiatrist. I’m really not sure how we survived the first few years. She was constantly struggling with substance abuse issues — including alcohol — and money was always tight.

But after 3 years of marriage we were finally able to afford our honeymoon — a wonderful two week vacation. The first week the three of us went to Orlando, Florida and did the Disney World and Universal Studio theme park experience. We had a great time. Then we put her son on a plane to her parents and spent the next week just the two of us.

We went to the Antietam civil war battlefield and memorial (we were both serious civil war buffs) and stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast where we enjoyed one of the most pleasurable and intimate periods of our marriage to that point.

Then we went to New York City. The only reason we could afford this trip was by taking a package deal from Holiday Inns. Unfortunately, that meant we couldn’t actually stay in NYC — the closest we could get was White Plains, New York, which meant having to take the train in to NYC. It never occurred to me there might be a problem with that (and I don’t think it occurred to my wife either) but the first morning we took the train into NYC my wife hated it. HATED it!! Did I mention my wife was maniac/depressive? That one train trip turned her mood around 180 degrees. And it stayed that way the entire time we took in the sights of the city. Nothing perked her up. I suspect the whole time we were sightseeing she was dreading the return train trip. The one sight she kind of responded to was Central Park. But then we couldn’t pass up seeing Strawberry Fields — the Tribute area to John Lennon in Central Park right across from where he lived and was assassinated and that darkened her mood again. Her mood was so sour that we headed back to the hotel much earlier than I would have liked.

We had planned for us to go back to NYC that evening to see a Broadway musical I already had tickets for. But she flatly refused to get on the train again. She insisted I go see the musical alone and, being a dumb man, I went. I really shouldn’t have gone — I really didn’t enjoy the show anyway! When I got back she was in bed asleep.

The next day there was no thought of going back to NYC. I had been in NYC once, years before we were married, and had loved every second of it. And I had really been looking forward to sharing it with her. But if I couldn’t share it with her there was no point going ümraniye escort alone — I wouldn’t have enjoyed it one bit.

Then two more problems surfaced. We were running low on money and had to be careful. And we were stuck. To change our plane tickets and go home earlier would have cost a lot of money. We simply had to sit tight in White Plains, NY and wait a couple of days for our scheduled return flight. All this made Kat’s mood even worse.

And so, early in the afternoon of a Saturday — the day before we were due to fly back to Vegas — while sitting in our hotel room, reading books, not speaking to one another, my wife announced, somewhat defiantly, that she was going down to the hotel lounge for a drink. Alcohol was a major red flag for her and she knew it would alarm me. But she also made it crystal clear that she was going regardless.

By this time I was very concerned. I felt like our marriage was hanging by a thread and that we were at that stage where saying the wrong thing could easily escalate into a true catastrophe and I couldn’t think of any right thing to say. The question was how much was my wife going to drink and how bad were things going to get. And what would I do then.

But much to my surprise she came back to the room fairly quickly. And she wasn’t alone.

She was with a man and two women, all about our age, maybe 5 years younger.

Things happened very quickly. One woman came over to where I was sitting and quickly, determinedly, proceeded to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. And my wife and the other two people with her started taking off their clothes just as rapidly. Two thoughts went through my mind very quickly. One, that this was my wife’s way of saying the marriage was over. We were done. And, two, it would do no good to get upset, raise a fuss, and call a halt to what was happening. Clearly that wasn’t going to save my marriage. That ship had sailed. So, I might as well enjoy what was happening. No reason to spoil the experience for myself and my wife’s new found friends. As I said those thoughts went through my head very quickly. By the time the woman working on my pants got my cock free I was ready to enjoy the experience that, almost literally, was falling into my lap. Isn’t it amazing how quickly and under what circumstances a man can reach full erection.

Although nobody was drop dead gorgeous or handsome, everybody was in decent shape and attractive in a nice, average, everyday sort of way, if you know what I mean. My wife was 5′ 2″. She had a very impressive pair of breasts and even though she had just turned 40 it was clear that at one time she had been fairly athletic and was still in enviably good shape. As for me, I’m 6′ 4″ and at the time just under 200 lbs. I probably should also add that the woman who pulled my cock out of my pants, smiled and said, “Your wife did say you were…rather large”. Apparently I lived up to my wife’s hype much to the woman’s evident delight.

That was all the time she allowed herself to speak. She engulfed me and further conversation was impossible.

I thought it would never end.

I was constantly afraid it would end.

It ended way too quickly.

That kind of sums up sex doesn’t it?

I was concerned whether or not I should cum in her mouth. I had no idea what her preferences were along those lines. The best I could do was give her as much advanced warning as I could and let her decide for herself. I was worried about nothing. She was obviously very experienced — and very enthusiastic! I should add that oral sex with my wife was kind of a problem area. She enjoyed having an erect cock in her mouth and had no problem taking a man’s cum. But my erect cock was a bit too much of a good thing for her. It would quickly make her jaw ache and she really couldn’t take much more than the head. My new pendik escort found friend had NO problem and seemed to relish the challenge which for her really wasn’t much of a challenge.

I had no hope of lasting a respectable amount of time. I erupted in her mouth. And she didn’t waste a drop. We enjoyed a bit of a cuddle and a few cum-tasting kisses while we caught our breath (particularly in her case) and I savored the after-glow of one of the best orgasms of my life. And my cock recovered in record time, at least for me.

Suddenly there was another woman taking charge of my body. She pulled me out of the chair I had been in and moved us to the bed, where she pushed me on to my back and then straddled me. She took care of everything. When you’re in the hands of an expert (or at least a talented amateur) you just relax and enjoy the ride. And ride me she did. And although, again, it was over way too fast it did last considerably longer than the first one. I was able to view her body & appreciate her breasts, smaller than my wife’s but still very nice, the way they dangled and jiggled as she pumped her hips on my cock. It was nice to reach up and feel them in my hands, to watch her expression of bliss, and to savor my own pleasure. To be buried deep within her, feeling the heat and moisture wrapped around my cock, the way she milked my cock. And almost as gratifying was seeing how much she seemed to be enjoying it as well.

The biggest regret I have is that because I was so focused on the two unknown but very nice women that I was having sex with, I paid way too little attention to what my wife was doing. Every once in a while I would glance over and check out what she was doing and what her mood seemed to be. I remember once seeing her sucking the other man’s cock and at the same time the woman who wasn’t pleasuring me was playing with my wife. Another time I vaguely remember seeing my wife’s face buried between the woman’s thighs. My wife had told me about her bisexual experiences so it wasn’t a shock or surprise. But it was very erotic seeing her that way even if it was only a quick glance. That was probably when I shot my cum deep into the body of the woman riding me.

You probably want more sexual details. I wish I could deliver them but if I did I’d be making them up. From the moment my wife walked into our hotel room with her three new friends until the sex finally came to a wonderful conclusion for everyone involved the whole thing is pretty much a blur. And that’s not because it happened 20 years ago. It was a blur that same night. I have no idea how long it lasted. I’m sure it was a lot shorter than it seemed. I’m afraid the male readers on Literotica are going to be disappointed.

Afterwards, introductions were made. It turned out that the man was married to one of the women. The other was his ex. The way the two women got along you would never guess that one was a wife and the other an ex. My wife and I were invited to join our new found friends and their families for dinner and we gladly agreed. It was a very large gathering. There had to have been at least 10 to 15 people at that table. We had a seafood dinner that turned out to be the best of the whole trip. And we got along great. It really was a wonderful experience.

And then we went back to our hotel room alone. We never saw or heard from those people again. I said the biggest regret I had was in not watching my wife have wild, uninhibited sex with another man and two women. The only other regret I have is that we didn’t stay in touch with these people. I’m sure they would have enjoyed a Vegas vacation and my wife and I would certainly have enjoyed seeing them again. Although I actually feel guilty about not exchanging contact information with them it’s also true that nobody else suggested it either. I really wish we had stayed in touch. They were bostancı escort nice people. And a LOT of fun.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about these people. So do I. I wish I knew the answers.

The next morning everything was fine between my wife and me. We had the best, most wonderful, and loving sex we ever had in our marriage. Okay, one last sexy detail. We did one of my wife’s very favorite things — me straddling her chest and wrapping her large, wonderful breasts around my cock and moving back and forth, savoring the feel of her soft breasts on the length of my shaft, the head bumping her chin, she occasionally licking the head with her tongue as it got close, and finally cumming all over her neck, and then her making me lick her clean which I was only too happy to do. In retrospect, I kind of wish I could have seen her pussy after he had cum inside her. I think I would have liked to lick her clean.

After that we had to scramble to get packed, pay the hotel charges and get to the airport which was in NYC. It wasn’t until we finally got on the plane that we really had a chance to relax and talk. We were in complete agreement that what had happen had been a completely positive event. And we also both agreed that we wanted to do it again. That, in fact, it might have been something we needed to do again. Fortunately, we have here in Las Vegas one of the very best on-premise swing clubs in the world, the Red Rooster. My wife was quite enthusiastic about checking it out. But, she said, there were two things she needed to do first. One was to, as she put it, “get down to her fighting weight”. She said she wanted to get back to her pre-40’s condition so that she wouldn’t be self-conscious. She said that she only needed to lose about 10 pounds and it wouldn’t take long. The other thing was that she had started to experience some abdominal discomfort and wanted a doctor to check it out before we jumped into the swinging world.

The abdominal discomfort turned out to be an advanced case of endometriosis. She needed a complete hysterectomy. Her sex drive went to zero. We then entered a period where we thought if we could just hang in there, follow the doctor’s instructions (try hormone-replacement therapy for example) everything would be fine and we could proceed to having a wild, and exciting swinger’s life. What we didn’t know at the time was that this period would never really end. At least not end well. From that point on there was one health issue after another. My wife’s medical history and her years of substance abuse and cigarettes all started catching up to her. Asthma, arthritis, allergies, lung infections, etc. As a teenager she had broken her back in a car accident. Now the point of the fracture started causing her serious discomfort. Eventually she had back surgery. Extensive back surgery. On 9/11. How’s that for a bad omen. She never fully recovered from the back surgery. Two years later she died of an accidental overdose of painkillers.

I’ve often thought that if, immediately following the hysterectomy, we had been told that that was going to be the best she was ever going to feel, that it was all downhill from there, and that we had 5, maybe 6, good years left we would have gone to the Rooster anyway, she would not have let her low sex drive stop her, she would have had a good time, maybe not as good a time as she would have before but certainly a better time than sitting at home feeling her body deteriorating. And it might even have been beneficial for her health.

And this is why I feel so strongly that the 11th Commandment should be Enjoy Life.

You never know how long you’ve got. You may find yourself in a position where although you’re in no danger of dying anytime soon you are no longer able to enjoy the life you have left. Enjoy it while you can so long as you don’t interfere or prevent someone else’s happiness.


Postscript: It occurs to me that some people might be tempted to claim to be the participants in our fivesome. I have deliberately held back one telling detail about them. If the real people contact me I’ll know.