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Love and Lust

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Tim Adkins and Kelly Morris worked for Slocums Tool and Die firm, she as a book-keeper and he in the shipping department. Both had been hired by the company during a job fair, soon after each graduated from High School. Neither, qualified for a scholarship to college, nor, did they have the funds to pay their own way. Like millions of other teenagers, if they weren’t going to school, their parents wanted them working and in their own apartment.

During school, Tim and Kelly were friends, but had never dated. They became even better friends at work, since the other employees were older and mostly ignored the young couple. The company paid less than ten dollars an hour for new employees. Tim had his own place, but Kelly was still living at home.

While drinking cokes at McDonald’s and searching the ‘apartments for rent’ section, Kelly said, “look at this! Here’s a two bedroom furnished on the first floor, within walking distance of our job.”

“Sure, and do you see what they’re asking?” Tim answered. “You can’t afford that.”

“No, but if we lived together, we could! Besides, that old car your Father gave you isn’t going to last forever.”

Tim gasped with surprise. “Are you suggesting we live together?”

“Why not? It has two bedrooms.” She explained.

Tim couldn’t believe his good fortune! They had dated a few times after work, and he was crazy about Kelly. In his wildest fantasy, he never imagined sharing the same apartment with the girl of his dreams! Tim was always shy and embarrassed around the opposite sex. Being tall and thin, he thought women were only attracted to muscular, athletic men. Having no self-confidence was the big reason he had few close friends.

They had been living together a month, when Kelly casually suggested Tim sleep with her. Tim couldn’t believe what he was hearing! He thought of all the times he had masturbated while thinking of this very thing!

“Well! Say something!” Kelly demanded.

“I…I’d love to! You don’t know how often I’ve dreamed about doing that!.” He stammered.

That very night, getting undressed after turning off the lights, the two young lovers finally explored each others body. Kelly wasn’t a virgin, but, she wasn’t very experienced either. She knew what made her feel good and that’s what mattered. Tim wasn’t the only one that masturbated!

Seeing that Tim didn’t know the first thing about making love to a woman, Kelly took charge of the situation. Pushing his head to her breasts, she told him, “suck my big titties. Lick and nibble on the hard nipples! Feel how firm and swollen they are? That’s because they’re excited. Put one of your hands between my legs and touch my pussy. There! See how wet I’m getting? That means I’m horny and want to fuck. Keep sucking my breasts.” Taking his hand, she placed his fingers on her blood filled clitoris. “Feel That? Gently massage that area. Yeah, like that! Oh, that feels so good.”

Tim was so excited, he was close to cumming. Knowing he was going to have his skinny, six inch dick inside her hot passage, drove him crazy with lust!

“I’m ready for you to fuck me! Do it! Do it now!”

More than willing to comply, Tim was on her body and easily slid his length into her slick passage. After only a few thrusts, he began climaxing, filling her with his thick sperm.

“No! No! Not yet! You can’t cum that soon!” Kelly cried. You’re supposed to satisfy me before yourself. Don’t you know that?”

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Maybe I’ll get hard again in a few minutes.”

“A few minutes is too late. Slide down and lick my pussy. I’ll tell you when it feels good. Suck your cum from my body. Use your tongue on my clitoris.” She instructed.

“I can’t do that! That’s dirty and nasty!”

“My cunt’s not dirty! That cum you squirted into me is from your balls, and it’s not nasty, either. It’s just protein. Protein is healthy and good for you.” Kelly explained.

Ashamed and wanting to please his first love, Tim did as instructed. Long streamers of thick cum was already flowing from her hole. Reluctantly, he stuck his tongue into her slit and began licking the strong tasting fluid, cleaning the outside, before sucking the liquid from deep inside. After swallowing the first mouthful, he actually enjoyed the taste of his sperm and her juices mixed together. Instinctively, he tongued her hard love bud until she was squirming and moaning.

Kelly, thrusting her mound against Tim’s mouth, had her own delicious orgasm. It wasn’t the best climax in the world, but it would do until the next time. This was their first time and she knew each night would be better than the last.

Months went by, Deneme Bonus but Tim still had problems with premature ejaculation. All wasn’t totally lost, he became a first rate cunt licker. By now, she knew his hot-dog sized dick could never satisfy her. At least, she never had to leave the bed and clean herself. Tim had developed a taste for his own spunk and loved eating Kelly out, almost as much as fucking her. They never quarreled about it, but Kelly became more and more frustrated. She was young and healthy, having sexual urges that remained unsatisfied.

At the urging of their parents, they were married three months later. Dinner at a steak house, and dancing at a local nightclub were their only celebration. Since neither of them were drinkers, they ordered 7-up to sip on while watching the band. Tim and Kelly danced two slow waltz tunes together, but, Tim had no idea how to dance anything faster.

Kelly was wishing her new husband had learned more of the social graces. With her eyes closed, her body seemed to at one with the music. Since she was wishing, Kelly wished her new husband was more of a man. He didn’t make love any better than he danced.

Startled from her reverie, she heard someone say,”may I ask your beautiful companion to dance?” Kelly opened her eyes and looked into the smiling face of a handsome black man.

Tim answered. “You have my permission, but, ask her, not me.”

Readily accepting, Kelly found herself on the crowded floor, with an expert, confident dancer. The dance ended much too soon, but another began before they could get off the floor. The third dance was a slow one, and he held her tightly against his muscular body. Both arms were around her, sliding from her shoulders to her ass, and back up again. Each time he clasped her buns, he pulled her against a huge bulge between his legs. Kelly didn’t know if he was doing it on purpose, but she did know, her pussy was getting wet . Having a strong man taking control left her weak in the knees.

Walking her back to the booth, Kelly introduced Darren to her husband. Darren observed, “Tim, do you mind if I sit with you guys for a few? The place has filled up and someone has gotten my seat.”

Sliding over to make room, Tim was surprised when Darren slid in next to Kelly. Darren ordered a round of drinks, but couldn’t believe the other two were drinking straight 7-up. He talked them into having a shot added to celebrate this special night.

The dark bar had a candle on each table and booth, giving off a dim, flickering light. While making small talk and sipping her drink, Kelly felt Darren place his hand on her knee. Slowly, so Tim wouldn’t notice, she put her own hand under the table and tried moving his fingers. He only squeezed tighter. Seeing Tim give her a suspicious look, Kelly placed her hand back around her drink, smiling at something being said. Kelly was still wearing the short, pale pink, wedding dress, giving easy access to her wet mound. Darren’s hand slowly worked itself up her thigh, closer and closer to her pussy.

At that moment, Tim said. “I’ve got to go to the men’s room. Excuse me.”

This gave Kelly the chance to try and squirm away from Darren’s fingers. It, also, made Darren more aggressive and suddenly his palm was covering her moist panties. Turning to face him, she started to tell him off, but he leaned forward and pressed his thick lips against hers. His other hand was behind her neck, preventing any escape. Feeling his tongue trying to gain entry into her mouth, she attempted to turn her head, but to no avail. She was trapped!

Without thinking, Kelly opened her mouth to protest, giving his tongue instant entry into her oral cavity. His tongue was searching her mouth, waiting for a response, an acceptance of his dominance. Kelly felt his fingers under the edge of her thin panties, just before he found her sensitive and swollen clit. With a low moan, she accepted his tongue, sucking on it, wanting more. One of his big fingers had entered her love canal, while his thumb rubbed round and round her love bud. Just as suddenly, she realized what she was letting this stranger do on her wedding night. With all the strength she possessed, she broke his grip, and moved away from the dangerous position she had gotten herself into. Tim picked that instant to slide into his seat. Thank God! She thought.

“Honey, when the band goes on their next break, let’s head home. Okay?” Tim asked.

“That’s fine with me. We can go now, if you like.”

“How about we all get together sometime?” Darren suggested. “My wife and I live in the neighborhood and she would be delighted to have some new friends.”

Kelly was amazed to hear Darren talking about having a wife. She was even more surprised to see Tim and Darren exchanging phone numbers.

Undressing as soon as they arrived home, Kelly was all over Tim. She needed to be fucked, and at the moment, she didn’t care what size the prick was! As soon as Bedava bonusu Tim’s skinny dick was hard, she pulled him over on top and popped it inside. Her pussy was so wet and slick, she was only dimly aware of his thrusting movements. In only a few moments, Tim groaned out his orgasm, and immediately lowered himself to her sloppy cunt. While he licked and swallowed their thick juices, Kelly thrust her overly sensitive pussy toward his face. Within minutes, she stiffened her legs and arched her back, in the throes of the largest climax since they had been together.

Kelly felt guilty, knowing another man had brought her so close to orgasm. She also knew that’s why she had climaxed so fast and hard. Trying not to think of Darren, only made her think of him more. She tried to imagine the true size of his black dick. From the feel through his pants, it must be enormous. Could her inexperienced pussy take something that huge? He was married, so his wife did. If she could, I could! My God! What am I thinking? These thoughts, and some worse, went through her mind again and again during the next few days.

Kelly couldn’t get enough sex each night. There was something missing and she knew what it was. She craved to have Darren’s black meat stuffed up her pussy. Never having been satisfied by a man’s penis, she knew it was because of the small size. Her little love canal needed to be filled and stretched by a real man’s cock. In the meantime, she had to be satisfied with the lapping tongue of her husband.

Thursday evening, the phone rang. Tim talked for a few minutes before he said, “let me ask her. Honey, do you want to have a barbecue with Darren and his wife Saturday?”

“Sure, I guess so.”

“Okay. It’s a date. What? Okay, we will, too. Bye.” Tim said

“What was that last part about?”

“Oh. He said to just wear shorts. That’s what they wear.” Tim answered.

Arriving at the address given, Kelly saw a neat little house with a privacy fence around the back yard. Darren was just coming out of the garage, carrying a propane tank. “Hey, you two! Follow me around back and help me hook up this tank.”

Entering the quiet yard, there was no evidence of Darren’s wife. “Where’s your wife?” Kelly asked.

“Oh, something came up with her sister’s daughter and she had to go help out. She’ll be back soon.” Darren answered. “Try that punch on the table. It’s delicious!”

“While you and Tim are hooking up that tank, can I use the bathroom?”

“Sure! Go through the kitchen and down the hall. It’s on the right.” Darren explained.

Kelly might me naive, but she wasn’t stupid! One look inside the house and she knew there was no woman living there. They should leave right this minute, but was that what she wanted? Hadn’t she been thinking of this day all week? If they left, she would never know the feel of his huge pole. Did she want that? Maybe, they could stay awhile and see what Darren had planned. Deep within her heart, she knew she didn’t love Tim. They had married because of their parents bitching, and the convenience of combining their wages. Still, marriage vows were sacred and not to be broken.

Joining the men and accepting a glass of punch, she knew it was spiked. That was it! Darren wanted them drunk, especially Tim. An hour later, Darren had to help Tim walk to the toilet.

“Hey, old man, maybe you should lay down for awhile. You’re not walking too good.” Darren laughed.

“I think you’re right. Wake me when the steaks are cooked.” Tim slurred.

Returning outside, Darren told Kelly what had happened. Kelly was tipsy, but certainly aware of the position she had put herself. Darren, effortlessly lifted Kelly and carried her in his arms, as if she was a baby. Taking her to the empty bedroom, he dropped her in the middle of the queen size bed. Kelly lay as if in a trance. She stared at Darren, amazed and speechless. Never having met a forceful, dominate man before, she could only wait for what was coming next. She raised her arms when he removed her tee shirt, then he unsnapped her bra, removing it. She lifted her hips, as he pulled her shorts and panties down her shapely thighs, and off. Kelly was able to put one hand over her pubic mound and the other arm across her breasts.

Darren only smiled at her subservient attitude. Kelly watched as Darren discarded his shirt. Taking hold of his shorts, he slowly pulled them down over his ass, revealing the thickest, longest dick she could ever imagine. He heard her gasp, and looking down, saw an expression of fear and horror on her beautiful face. Darren smiled again, as he kicked his shorts out of the way.

Kelly thought of screaming for help, but who would help her? She had dreamed about having extra-marital sex, but not with a monster that size! The coal black pole was hanging between his thighs like a third leg. Kelly had gotten herself into this position with her eyes wide open. There was no one to blame, but herself. She had Deneme bonusu veren siteler fantasized of being where she was now, not realizing how big his dick really was. God! What was she going to do? Maybe, he would let her masturbate him. Or, if it was possible, give him a blow-job. Anything, except letting him stretch and ruin her pussy.

Darren knew it was only seven inches long in this state, but grew another three inches when erect. He was gazing at her stomach, estimating how deep he would be, within the next hour. Reveling in the knowledge of her helplessness, Darren still knew, honey caught more flies than vinegar. With a little tender loving care, she would be his from this day forward.

Laying there, with her head in the crook of his powerful arm, Kelly was staring at his throbbing manhood. Almost hypnotized by the black cobra, she let her hand wander down his stomach. She was startled by the heat and velvety texture, as her small fingers tried to encircle the thick shaft.

Idly stroking his cock, Kelly began talking, telling of the boy in school taking her virginity. Relating how she and Tim happened to live together and then marry. She left out no details about her love life. The size of Tim’s dick, his desire of eating her and cleaning her pussy. Her fantasy, of having an orgasm from a man’s thrusting penis. As she talked, Darren’s rod was growing, filling with blood, standing erect, resembling a black flag pole. Kelly didn’t really know why she was telling everything. Maybe, it was to make him understand this was a first time for her. Or, maybe, by telling, he would realize her fears and be gentle. Kelly knew she wasn’t going to leave this room without him fucking her with this throbbing, pulsing cock.

Darren lifted Kelly until she was on top, her face only inches from his own. She could feel his dick pressed down between their bodies. Taking her face in his hands, Darren gently kissed her dry lips. Looking into her eyes, Darren said, “You’re beautiful. Did you know that? Your green eyes, those freckles on your nose, your even white teeth, all are beautiful. Thank you for telling about yourself. You’re going to love this afternoon and what happens. For the rest of your life, you’ll never be satisfied with anything less. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I think so, but I’m scared to death. Scared of what we’re going to do, and scared of what will happen later. I don’t want to lose Tim, or have my family not speaking to me. How will I feel tomorrow, knowing what happened today?”

Darren kissed her again, with her tongue being the aggressor this time. Kelly relaxed and enjoyed the moment of this wonderful feeling. When Kelly felt his hands pushing her shoulders, she offered no resistance, as her head moved closer and closer to her destroyer. The thick shaft slid between her firm breasts and came to rest against her chin. Raising her head, Kelly stared at the huge, one-eyed, purple-black mushroom . She tentatively kissed the head, sticking out her tongue as if she was kissing Darren’s mouth. With her mouth opened wide, her lips engulfing the blunt end, she licked the smooth surface. Hearing Darren groaning, gave her the courage to vigorously suck and lick more forcefully. Accepting another inch, she was still able to swirl her wet tongue around the sensitive under-side area. When she began, his cock was turgid, but not erect. Now, it had become a piece of granite, throbbing with a life of its own. Darren was trying to force more into her mouth and throat, but she was holding tightly to his shaft with both hands. Kelly enjoyed sucking this massive fuck stick, even the copious amount of pre-cum was delicious. She was almost disappointed when Darren pulled her up his body.

Laying Kelly on her back, Darren covered her diminutive form with his muscular black body. She could feel his tightly curled chest hairs rub against her grape sized nipples, standing erectly from dark brown areolas. His monster cock, pressed between their bodies, was throbbing against her lower belly. As Darren clamped his hungry mouth over her willing lips, Kelly groaned out her surrender. Within moments, their tongues were entwined in a seemingly dance of love and desire.

Short minutes later, Darren couldn’t wait any longer to taste her delicious seeming body. Kissing her throat, sliding his thick tongue along her neck and directly to the erect nipples. Darren sucked and softly nibbled on each sensitive bud, kneading and massaging each huge globe, causing more moans of pleasure. Continuing his journey down her stomach, his tongue leaving a slimy trail in its’ wake, he arrived at his ultimate destination, and inhaled the heady aroma of her sex.

Everything had happened so fast and furious, Kelly had neither the time, nor, desire to protest. Her body was twitching and squirming in the throes of lust. The need to quench the fire raging in her pussy was almost driving her crazy. When she felt Darren’s rough tongue touch her burning clitoris, she jumped as if shot from a cannon. Fucking his tongue into her velvet love canal, and then nibbling on her engorged female phallus caused her first orgasm. Continuing the ravishment of Kelly’s love fountain, Darren brought her to one convulsion of bliss after another.