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Part-Time Lesbian escort

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Part-Time Lesbian escort
My new girlfriend Sandy was always gone on either Friday or Saturday. I asked about where she went and she explained she had a second job where she made a lot of money for a few hours work. As a teacher she needed to supplement her income and as a Nurse I was not much better. Sandy introduced me to Carla who offered me a job as a dinner companion for lonely wealthy widows and divorcees. Her service was for women only and she carefully screened all her clients. Usually you escorted them to dinners, plays and social functions. She said these women generally do not like men and prefer socializing with younger middle-age women.

I signed on for the job and my first “date” was with Melanie a 65 year old petite blond. We went to dinner and the ballet. I am great conversationalist and she was very interesting. I made $200.00 in just four hours just for having dinner. My next dates were with Angela and Marcie both widows in their early sixties. Both were striking beautiful for their age and I was glad to accompany such beautiful older women. I was really learning to like the job and the extra money. But I felt somewhat odd when Marcie kissed me good night on our second date.

Sandy also worked for Carla but she seemed to have more money, she dressed better than me, had a new Ford Mustang and went on some cruises with the women she met. One morning I had another date lined up with Marcie and told Sandy about her kissing me the last time we went out. Sandy laughed “you know you could make four times the money you are making now by sleeping with these older women. You’re a lesbian anyway; you might as well pleasure these women and make a fortune doing it.” I asked how much “Sandy said How about 300 dollars an hour with Carla getting seventy and you keeping the two-hundred and thirty that about a thousand a night. At two or two dates a week I make up to four-thousand a week plus tips. That’s just to eat pussy which you would do anyway. I’ll tell you what that kiss from Marcie was a signal that she would pay you to go to bed with her. Tonight why don’t you try it, if you don’t like it you’ve made some easy money.

Marcie and I went to dinner and a ballet. I wore an enticing low-cut designer dress with a slit up the side all the way up my thigh. With my short blond hair, thin body and full make up on, I looked like I was going to a Hollywood movie premier. Marcie was well dressed up as well. All night Marcie couldn’t keep her eye off me especially the cleavage showing on my low cut dress.

After the ballet we returned to her house except this time I went inside. We sat on the living room couch and had some wine. Marcie said “Carla mentioned that you were a lesbian and you might want to make love tonight”. I said yes, Sandy and I have been lovers for about four months, but I wouldn’t mind making love to someone as beautiful as you. Marcie replied “wait ten minutes; my bedroom is down the hall and on your right”. I waited and then entered Marcie’s bedroom. Marcie lay on the bed wearing very feminine black nylons and Victoria Secrets negligée. I was timid but slipped out of my dress, bra and panties. Soon I got into bed and embraced and kissed my new partner. My hands roamed all over her body as she began to moan in pleasure as I massaged her breasts and gently rubbed her vagina as I kissed her.

Marcie had a very demanding demeanor and was obviously a “butch” lesbian and I would be the subservient one servicing her. Soon I felt her hands on the top of my head as she guided me down to her breasts. I was excited to bask in the scent of this woman’s pussy. I knew to take it slow; I ran my tongue around Marcie’s small breasts. I licked each nipple until it was cherry red and fully erect. Marcie had very sensitive areolas and she moaned softly as I sucked and kissed each of her nipples. I always waited until my partner told me it was OK to eat her pussy and sure enough Marcie said, “OK baby it’s time to love me up good”.

She placed her hands on my head again and guided me lower so my head was between her legs. I stopped to work my way around Marcie’s pussy by kissing her inner thigh right up to her pussy. Then I was alternating by swirling my tongue around Marcie’s outer labial lips. Then blew hot deep breaths and kissed all around her pubic mound. I knew from making love to Sandy that Marcie would like it if I placed my palm on her pubic bone and rubbed her gently by massaging the top of her pussy. Then I teased this older woman by lightly running my tongue up and down her outer labial lips. I sensed that Marcie was ready, and I inserted my tongue into her eager vagina. I flicked the tip of my tongue over her clitoris as I licked her labial lips.

With this Marcie’s body began to respond, her hips began to slowly gyrate up and down as my tongue explored her pussy, always stopping at her clitoris to provide her with an extra sensation. Soon I only focused on kissing Marcie’s swollen clitoris and slowly sucked it into my mouth as my tongue flicked across the top of her sensitive nub. Marcie hips gyrated more rapidly now and it took some effort on my part to keep sucking and licking her. Finally, I placed my arm across Marcie’s stomach and held her down as I sucked her entire clitoris into my mouth as my tongue flicked over it. I knew I was pleasuring my older partner.

Then it hit, Marcie let out a loud scream as her first orgasm of the evening wracked her body. I sucked Marcie’s entire upper pussy into my mouth. Marcie’s exploded in a torrent of love juices as she came all over my face. Marcie moaned loudly and said “don’t stop, don’t stop”, as an intense full vaginal orgasm wracked her body. Finally, my tongue was exhausted. For ten minutes now I had been making love to Marcie’s and I loved it, but I had to stop.

I knew Marcie would want more for her money. Marcie turned to me “I know you’re new but tonight I want to fuck you”. She reached for the strap on dildo that she had left on the nightstand. She put it on, adjusted the straps and rubbed a coat of lube over the phallus. I knew what was coming next, as she moved to the edge of the bed as I got on all fours as she approached her from behind. She ran the purple faux cock up and down my eager pussy. Then she grabbed my hips and slid the phallus deep into me. Marcie held it there so I could get used to the entry and then she slowly began to run the cock in and out of my excited pussy. As expected I had a small orgasm as she worked the cock in and out, increasing the pace of her thrusts. Then Marcie really began to fuck me hard. I really enjoyed getting fucked it was Sandy and mine favorite thing to do. I yelled to Marcie “fuck me, fuck me, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming” as she held me firmly in place and began a series of rapid fire thrusts into my pussy. Marcie let go of my hips and I began to ride the cock at my own pace. I rocked back and forth thrusting my hips back and forth over the will lubed cock. I was in ecstasy, all the time. For an older woman she really had the stamina to fuck younger women.

She slowed down as she renewed her slower thrusts into my pussy. Then she collapsed in the bed. I lay next to my lover and French kissed her deeply. I got out of bed and was getting dressed when Marcie said “there’s $1,000.00 in an envelope on the living room table. You were sure well worth it”. For some reason I drove home and felt cheap and degraded, I had fucked solely for money for the first time in my life. Was I now a whore?
Well after I became well-known I got several more clients from Carla. Carla was happy with my work and by going on two or four dates a week. The money rolled in sometimes $3000.00 a week. I really didn’t mind making love with older women. I actually enjoyed pleasing them and bringing sexual pleasure into their lives. Usually, they didn’t have sex with me, sometimes they returned the favor and sometimes not.

A few weeks ago I met Carla to get paid for the week. She said she had a very attractive and wealthy “special” client who would pay me two-thousand dollars to do something really interesting to her. Immediately I said “no bondage or BDSM I won’t do that, I rather just have more “regular dates”. Carla replied “think about it” and handed me a CD. I went home and put the CD in my computer and it was a film depicting both men and women in a “sex swing. A sex sling is a four pole device with a leather seat that was held up by four chains. It was designed like a Roman couch but it was about four feet off the ground so you lover could choose to put either is cock in your pussy or your ass. It had cuffs that went around your wrist and ankles that were attached to the chains with a clip so your legs were raised high and your upper body was held steady as your lover fucked you. Now, I knew why I was going to get paid so much. You have to trust your partner completely to not hurt you because you are chained to the sling and are very vulnerable. I called Carla back and asked “is this woman OK, or is she some kind of BDSM freak. Carla said “no her late husband and her used the swing and she just misses the feeling of getting fucked on it. I said “sure I’ll do it, what is the clients name and address”. Carla said, her name is June and here is the address.

Saturday came and I drove to June’s house in an upscale part of town. A woman with a very athletic body and large breasts answered the door. She was dressed in a long white silk dress with a large sash like Roman women would wear. She invited me in the living room and we talked and had some very expensive wine. After awhile June eventually said “Carol why don’t we head to my playroom.

She took me down a long hallway and opened the door to a room that looked like it was a place from a Roman orgy. This woman was definitely not into BDSM. The room was especially decorated with big columns, curtains all over the place, and two very comfortable couches and in the corner was a box like frame that held up the sex sling. June sat back on a large throne like couch and spread her legs. Of course I got immediately on my knees in front of her. I gently kissed June’s inner thigh and went up to her vagina. I have learned to take a good look at a pussy before I begin performing cunnalingus. I have learned in my new “line of work” that each woman’s pussy is a little different. I usually took the time to examine it to see what is the best way to pleasure a particular woman with a certain kind of pussy. With June her clitoris protruded a little so I found it and kissed her all around her clitoris before I began gently began kissing and lightly sucking it. After a few minutes June moaned “God Carla was right, you are good honey”.

I was still fully dressed and June said “let me watch you take your clothes off”. I slowly removed my clothes in front of her as she sat in the Roman couch and rubbed her pussy. June laid back and I returned to kissing and lightly sucking her pussy. I knew for two-thousand dollars I’d better do a good job and I made sure I was really pleasuring her. Apparently, I was, because soon June was writhing in the Roman couch as my skilled tongue did its magic on this older women’s vagina. Then I did my specialty I gently sucked her clitoris into my mouth as I flicked my tongue over her sensitive nub. No women could take this for long. Her whole body tensed as she moaned and softly whispered”Carol I’m cumming, God that feels good, don’t stop, don’t stop”. She arched her back and her whole body tensed as she climaxed. I continued gently making love to her until she fell backwards on the couch. She lay next to me breathing heavily and then slowly calmed down.

We lay together in a warm embrace when June said “are you ready, I am”. I sat up and we both walked up to the sling. I said where do you want me to go. June said “Oh No I want you to fuck me with a strap-on like my late husband did”. I really miss my husband fucking me on this sling, we really enjoyed the sling and so did a lot of our friends.

Just like the old times June smiled as she guided her body slowly into position on the sling so her pussy was exposed at just the right height, June laid back with her head resting perfectly in the sling. I took her hands and gently wrapped two silk cuffs around each of her wrists and ankles and attached them to the sling so her legs and arms were raised up to steady her for when I fucked her. June said the strap-on and lube are on the small table behind you. My girlfriend Sandy and I used a strap-on all the time so I was familiar with how they worked. This one had about a nine inch thick cock and a good expensive harness that attached snugly against your body. There was a small nub at the end of the dildo that would stimulate my clitoris as I fucked her.

I walked up to the end of the sling and asked June, you ready? June said “yes, but go slow at first”. I lined up the head of the faux cock with the entrance to her vagina. I used the head to part her pussy lips as I pushed about two inches of it inside her, she jerked at first but then relaxed. I slowing moved the first few inches back and forth so her pussy would get used to it. She moaned softly as the phallus rubbed against her clitoris. I was surprised when June blurted out “slide it all in me at once, but nice and slow”. I grabbed the chains to hold her still and slowly slid all nine inches inside her aging cunt. I held it there for a minute or two and then slowly fucked June as she moaned underneath me.

I grabbed the chains on the sling and pushed her body back and forth over the dildo. Then I held her still as I increased my thrusts in a nice steady rhythm. I really liked looking at the expressions on her face as I pleasured my client. She had her eyes closed as she smiled and moaned softly as if she was remembering all those times her husband had fucked her on this sling. Her body soon shuddered as her first orgasm hit. Her face was contorted in pleasure. Then she began fantasizing and shouted her late husband’s name “Harry, Harry fuck me, fuck me, go faster”. I increased the speed of my thrusts and started thrusting upward so that nine inches of the whole dildo hit her clitoris each time it went in. She screamed again as a second more intense orgasm overtook her. I went even faster and her whole body tensed up as I slammed the dildo into her pussy. I fucked June like this for several minutes but she could not hold back anymore. Her full orgasm hit as her body spasmed underneath me. I looked down and her swollen clitoris was rubbing directly on the whole length of the phallus. She remained frozen the whole time as her body grew more rigid and rigid. I knew she was cumming again but I continued making love to her.

The sensations of this kind of sex must have been incredible for her as she climaxed for the fourth time that evening. I looked down and saw that her whole pussy was throbbing, as I slowly withdrew the phallus from her satisfied pussy. Then I undid her wrist and ankle cuffs and helped her to one of the couches. We both sat together in a warm embrace. I knew I had rekindled a fond memory by re-living the experience she had with her late husband. I felt good about the whole episode. June said “your money is on the living room table. Can I call you again? I said certainly, you’re lovely women.