Eylül 17, 2021


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True story that happened on one of our visits to our fave nudist resort.

My wife, Hazel, and I have been married for eight years, I’m just short of seventy and my wife eighteen months older. We’ve enjoyed a great and varied sex life, by varied, I mean we’ve been involved in the swing scene, meeting with couples and single guys on a regular basis. For the last year or so, we’d concentrated on the single guys though. However, about a year ago, just after Hazel turned seventy, she seemed to go off the idea and we haven’t met with anyone since then. Now to some people, liking to see your wife sucking or being fucked by another guy might sound strange but I’d always found it a real turn on. At some point, I always joined in and Hazel loved having two hard cocks pleasing her and we got some great photos to look back on but as I said, that side of our sex life has been lacking for the last twelve months. All that changed while we were in Florida on vacation a couple of years ago!!
We we’re spending a weekend at our favourite nudist resort, Cypress Cove, in Kissimmee, Florida and one afternoon, while I was in the pool, Hazel went to the hot tub. She was gone for about half an hour and when she came back, she had a wicked smile on her face. “What’s up?” I asked as she got into the pool with me. After looking round to make sure we couldn’t be overheard, she told me that when she got to the hot tub, there was a guy already in there. She said that at first, he sat in the tub normally, his tackle under the water so she couldn’t see anything. After a couple of minutes though, he got up and sat on the side of the tub and Hazel could see what he’d been hiding. She said his cock was a good eight inches long, soft, and he obviously wanted her to see it. Before either of them could do anything though, another guy came in and the first guy got back into the tub. I detected that old sparkle in my wife’s eyes, the sparkle I used to see when we had one of our ‘friends’ visit us.
I didn’t think anything else about it, till later that afternoon when we were topping up our tans on a couple of loungers. Suddenly Hazel nudged me. “That’s him,” she said. I gave her a quizzical look and she said it was the guy from the hot tub. I looked across the pool and there was no mistaking him, she was right. His cock was enormous around eight inches long and pretty thick and I began to imagine just how big he’d be with an erection. I hurriedly made the excuse that I had to get something from our room, needed to something about my own semi hard cock, that was threatening to turn into a full blown erection. It’s not the done thing to walk around a nudist resort with a hard-on and the thought of Hazel sucking or being fucked by that monster was certainly going to give me one.
After about ten minutes, I was about to make my way back to the pool when I saw that the guy was sitting on a lounger next to Hazel and they we’re laughing. As I turned to go back into the room, Hazel spotted me and waved. There was no way I could go back to her. The guy sitting there next to her and me imaging her with his cock inside her would have given me an instant hard-on. So instead, I waved her over and went back into the room.
After a couple of minutes she joined me and by then my cock was fully erect. I could tell she was excited and when she saw the state of my cock, she smiled. “Looks like you’ve been having the same thoughts as I have,” she laughed. “Lie on the bed, I’ll fix that for you,” she said, looking down at my hard cock. I did as she said and lay back on the bed, I was now fully erect and Hazel came and sat on the bed beside me and began slowly stroking my seven inches then gave me one of her amazing blow job. While she was sucking me off, I casually said, “I bet you’d love that guys cock in you right now wouldn’t you?” She giggled and looked up at me. “Don’t be silly,” she said, “Troy’s only thirty. He wouldn’t be interested in someone as old as me.” I could tell by the way that she began sucking my cock harder that the thought excited her though and it was confirmed when she slid her free hand between her legs and began fingering her pussy. “I bet he would,” I said just before I came and she swallowed my load. When she’d finished she looked up at me. “Yeah, right,” she said sarcastically. The thought of my wife taking Troy’s king-sized cock was preventing my erection from dying and I pulled her down onto the bed beside me and we had a fantastic afternoon of sex. That night I was half asleep when I became aware of Hazel groaning softly and rubbing her pussy. I grunted and rolled over so she wouldn’t notice that I was awake. It was obvious the thought of being fucked by Troy’s huge cock was still on her mind and was having a profound effect on her. Then she shuddered and I knew she’d had an orgasm and I knew it wasn’t the thought of my cock that had caused it.
The next afternoon we were at the Lakeside diner and who should walk in but the subject of Hazel furtive self pleasure session the night before, Troy. As soon as he saw us, he smiled and approached our table. “Mind if I join you?” he asked. I looked at Hazel and she just smiled so I told him he was more than welcome. Once he was settled Hazel introduced us and we were soon chatting as though we’d know each other for years. During our conversation, I casually let it slip that Hazel and I had been involved in the swing scene but we hadn’t been active for over a year. I could see that Troy was surprised and he looked across the table at Hazel but neither of us mentioned it again. We spent the rest of the afternoon sunning ourselves or in the pool and several times I saw Troy watching us. I was on my way to the men’s room, when he came up to me. “Do you and Hazel fancy joining me for dinner at the Lakeside?” he asked. I said I’d ask Hazel and let him know. At first Hazel wasn’t keen but I got the impression that she wanted to but she was afraid of the temptation but after I assured that if she didn’t want to do anything she didn’t have to, she smiled and agreed so that night we met Troy at the Lakeside. To cut a long story short, we enjoyed a pleasant meal with a bottle of wine to wash it down. Hazel had a bit more to drink than she normally did and began flirting with Troy so I wasn’t surprised when it came time to leave, Hazel asked Troy if he’d like to come back to our room for a night cap. The wine she’d drank seemed to had a relaxing effect on her and my hopes began to rise about seeing her taking his huge cock.
Hazel had her mobility scooter with her and said she’d go back to the room and meet us there in about fifteen minutes. I gave her the key and Troy and I had a final drink in the bar. It was then that Troy began to pump me about our time on the swing scene. I explained to him that since she’d turned seventy Hazel seemed to have lost confidence in herself, doubting that she still had the same sex appeal. Troy laughed, “You have to be joking Mike,” he said, “Hazel is one of the sexiest looking women here.” Then he paused for a moment, before adding. “I’d love to be the one to show her just how sexy she still is.” “Well,” I said, “it’s up to Hazel but if she says no it means no. Right?” Troy nodded. “That’s like it should be Mike,” he said as he downed the last of his drink. “Shall we go and find out?”
Five minutes later we were walking up the path to our room and I reminded him. “Remember Troy, no means no.” He looked serious and nodded. “Right Mike no means no.” As soon as we got into the room, I knew there was no fear of a no. When she’d left us, Hazel had been nude but now she was wearing her purple lace shorty nightdress, the one she brought with her for our own sexy sessions and her scent of her perfume was everywhere. As turned to face us I could see that she was also wearing the matching panties and I knew we were all in for a good time. I said I was going to take a quick shower and headed for the bathroom, I didn’t need a shower, I’d been in the pool most of the day, I just wanted to give the time to get the ball rolling, and get the ball rolling, they certainly did. I was only away a couple of minutes but when I returned, they were lying on the bed kissing. Troy had his hand between Hazel’s legs, stroking her pussy through her panties and Hazel had her fingers wrapped around Troy’s cock. Our first impression had been right, erect he was big, really big and I began to worry if he was too big. Hazel had taken some big cocks in our swinging days but Troy was bigger than anything I’d seen her take. His cock must have been close to twelve inches long and almost as thick as Hazel’s wrist, way bigger than anything she was used to as far as I knew.
If this was going to happen, I wanted a record of it and I retrieved my camera from our case. This called for a full scene shot and I stood back against the wall, framing the whole bed in the viewfinder. When she heard the shutter button, Hazel looked up and smiled then returned to kissing our new friend. Troy didn’t seem to notice me and I watched as he slid his hand down the front of Hazel’s panties. I knew from her groans that he’d slid his finger between her pussy lips and was working on her clit. Hazel lifted her hips up off the bed to allow him better access and I saw Troy’s hand move again. Hazel gasped as he slipped a finger into her pussy and began working it in and out of her. I couldn’t really see what he was doing but whatever it was Hazel seemed to be enjoying it and she began to work her hand up an down his shaft. Another good photo opportunity not to be wasted. I put the camera down for a moment and crossed to the bed, taking hold of the top of Hazel’s panties. She looked at me, smiled and raised her hips again, allowing me to pull them down over her legs. Now I could see exactly what Troy was doing. It wasn’t just one finger he had inside her but two and, from their position I could tell he was working on her G-spot. Hazel’s hips were thrusting back up at him, pulling his fingers deeper inside her. “She tastes great Troy,” I said and Troy looked up at me and smiled, before spinning round and burying his face between Hazel’s legs with his cock positioned above her face.
When it comes to sucking a cock, Hazel is second to none and soon Troy was enjoying her oral expertise as she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. “Gently Troy,” I said, “your cock is huge is the biggest she’s had.” Troy just looked up from between her legs and winked then returned to eating my wife’s pussy. From the way Hazel was sucking on his cock, his oral skills were equal to hers and soon she was moaning loudly. Now if you’ve never felt the vibrations a woman’s moans cause on your cock, you don’t now what you’re missing. I have and it’s a mind blowing experience.
Troy must have felt the same because seconds later, he looked up at me again. “I’m coming Mike,” he gasped, “I can’t hold back any-more.” He was asking if he should pull his cock out of Hazel’s mouth, he didn’t know that she loved the feeling of a guy coming in her mouth but when I just smiled and nodded and he went back to pleasuring Hazel’s pussy as his cock erupted in her mouth. The feeling of his cumm spurting into her tipped Hazel over the edge too and she came, filling his mouth with her juices as he filled hers with his. I was getting some great pictures, but I knew that wasn’t going to last. Hazel loves the feeling of two hard cocks pumping into her and my turn was imminent.
Putting the camera down I climbed onto the bed beside them, as I did, Troy rolled to the other side of her and lay there for a moment. I was surprised to see that his cock had lost none of its hardness as he got to his knees and moved between Hazel’s thighs, stroking his cock as he did. I watched for a couple of minutes as he ran his knob up and down through her pussy lips before slipping it into the soft folds. I could tell that just his knob was inside her but Hazel seemed comfortable with it so I pressed my own against her other lips, which opened obligingly, allowing me to slide my cock into her mouth. As Troy slowly eased his length into her I watched Hazel’s reactions checking she was comfortable with it but she seemed quite happy so I began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Troy smiled at me and began matching my movements fucking his cock in and out of her pussy in time with the mouth fucking I was giving her.
This time I knew that Hazel wasn’t going to last long, she loves sucking a nice hard cock while she has another one in her pussy and I was right. After only a few strokes of Troy’s monster cock, I felt her shudder and Troy groaned loudly. She’d come and Troy was treated to the feeling of her hot juices bathing his cock. Amazingly it didn’t stop him and he continued to thrust his length into her, bringing her to at least two more orgasms before he finally came himself, causing Hazel to come yet again. As he came, so did I and Hazel was treated to the sensation of her mouth and pussy being filled simultaneously, another thing she loves. That night Troy and I gave Hazel a night to remember, each of us fucking her several times, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, while she sucked the other off. By the time Troy left, the only one with any life left in us was Hazel and I’m sure she could have gone on for much longer. Hopefully it’s convinced her that even at seventy she’s still one of the sexiest women on the planet.