Ekim 7, 2021

Sissy Lunch Break

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Sissy Lunch Break
I have a top that Ive been hooking up with since 2016 every now and then when he can host me I go over his house and I let him totally dominate my sissy ass… he is a stocky muscular daddy type with a nice thick 8 inch cock and he and I are very discreet and are only available to play when his wife isn’t there…. I can only fuck on my lunch break from work and we have to be quick …luckily he doesn’t live too far from my job and we both are able to cum quickly once we start….. Sure enough I text him asking him if he is free …anxiously waiting checking my phone every little while hoping he replies back and to my favor he was ….once I am grantex my break I joyously drive over anticipating his fat cock in my boi pussy…..A quick ten minute drive and I’m there I walk in and no time is wasted I strip out of my work uniform and slip on my silky sheer black fishnet crotchless pantyhose and my tight black lacey thong holding my clitty in place and firmly between my thick cheeks……. As he is waiting for me sitting on the couch I drop to my knees pull his pants down and grab his already throbbing cock dripping in pre cum which he put a rubber band on to make swell up ….
I start stroking him and wrap my lips around his monster dick…..Up and down my head is bobbing and I lick his balls a good 5 minute blowjob and he is hard and ready to pound away…..I grab a condom and put it on him also squirting a nice amount of lube to wet it up so it slides right in my pussy……He orders me to get on the couch so I lay down and he stands up and forcully pulls my by my panyhosed legs and shoves them back holding my legs putting me in a submissive missionary position….. He shoves it in hard and rough I let out a sissy girly moan and scream “oh fuck daddy!!!” He replies back “mmm yeah you like that dick?” ….I reply “mmm I fucking love it” ….He starts thrusting harder and faster fucking me just like a girl…. He orders me to play with my sissy clit which I gladly do nothing is hotter than jacking off while getting fucked…. Im stroking as fast as I can hoping he doesn’t shoot inside me before I bust a nut ….because once he cums he is done fucking…. I moan and ask him if he is close and if he likes my tight pussy he replies back he is gonna cum soon so I start beating like mad he tells me to shoot my load all over…. Like a good obident sissy I cum all over my chest and I let out a loud orgasm “OH FUCK IM CUMMING DADDY!!!” ….He is still pounding after I shoot but a couple more thrusts and he can’t contain any longer…. he tells me “I’m gonna cum right in your ass” “all up inside you” “ready you nasty bitch?”…. I reply “yes daddy shoot that load” he pumps a good hard 3 times and than pulls his dick out of me….Im laying on the couch covered in my own jizz he hands me some papwr towels and i wipe my load off myslef…. I frantically get up take off my sissy lingerie put back on my work clothes and storm back to work. I try to do this at least once a week but he isn’t available as often as I want him. I want a daddy that can host me often. If anyone out there is intersted please hmu.