Haziran 9, 2023

Sonny Jim – Where does this phrase come from?

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Sonny Jim – Where does this phrase come from?I do not know where the term comes from but locals sometimes use it to designate a uppity European who has issue with the locals. A good while back, long before we were married, heck, even before we got intimate……I’m going out with Ken after work and meeting up with his pal Roger. Ken mentions these Euro folks might be meeting us. Roger’s words were “Just a couple Sonny Jim’s”. I asked “What is a Sonny Jim?” and was told “A white person of little consequence”. Then it was added “They just don’t like us very much”. So these fellows show up. I could not differentiate them from any other euro businessman type but it was evident by my friends demeanor they were not friends. Then I started to pickup the hidden meaning within Ankara bayan escort their phrases. A lot of it was derogatory over local things. I recall customs, food, plumbing and such being spoken down to. The only thing I could agree with is on plumbing. Trust me on this, there is nowhere on the planet which can compare to the North American bathroom. And if you are a Brit, you have no place complaining about anyone other plumbing. OK, getting off track….As time passed it was likely the alcohol loosened me up so I whisper to my friends “Do you mind if I have some fun with them?”. Which got me a “What do you mean?”. My answer was simple “You’ll see.”. Shortly after that I said “Roger, lets dance.”. And I go to the floor pulling Escort bayan Ankara him along. It was slow dancing. At this time in my life I had not had any sex or anything close to it in months. So slow dancing was about the only way I would feel a man. My friends knew instantly what I was up to. I could hug, clutch and grind them. Big man, little girl always works for me. Just swaying to the music with my head nestled against his chest and delivering a spontaneous kiss or two in his cheek/neck area. Then I did the same kind of dancing with Ken. Later on the beat picked up and club music started. Then I had both of them, sandwiching me, shaking my boobs for one while I ground my ass into the others crotch. Actually worked Bayan escort Ankara up a bit of a sweat. My best move was back at the table, I sat on Rogers lap and sort of stretched out placing my bare feet on Ken’s lap. I was actually using my toes to rub Ken’s cock and it was quite evident to the all. My best line was “I only do these guys.” when one told me he was ready for a dance. I wonder how he took that? Not too long after I delivered that oral dagger they left. Once the door hit them in the ass uncontrollable laughing erupted with quite a few high fives followed by flavored Vodka shots!The God’s honest truth is I would have taken both of them home with me eagerly for my first 2 on 1. Those words “I only do these guys” were ringing in my ears. A little alcohol, well maybe not a little, coupled with big sexy guy groping and being celibate had me ready. Back in those times this did not happen. Even then, Roger knew I was Ken’s girl and he respected that. If only Ken would have been good enough to have let me in on the big secret. Anyway, that’s how you treat a ‘Sonny Jim”.