Haziran 7, 2023

College Sories 1

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College Sories 1Freshman year of college I met Annie. I was walking back to my room from the shower in the dorms. Walking in front of me with a guy who lived across the hall was this blonde with the hottest ass I had ever seen. She was wearing these skin tight shorts, if she had bent over I would have seen it all! They were short and tight. I just had a towel wrapped around my waste and could feel myself getting hard as I stared at that ass!She turned and caught me looking, she looked right down to my growing cock. I was instantly turned on then. The guy she was with unlocked his door and went into his room, she stopped and waited for me to walk up. She smiled and looked right at me and asked very quietly if I was looking at her ass. I grinned and said yes. She smiled and said good, cause she was looking at the bulge under my towel. As she turned she let her hand slide across my hard on. She and her friend across the hall were on their way to a party. I went into my room and exploded in seconds flat! Later that night, I went out to a party with some of the other guys, I never looked for girls, I mostly let them find me. Not that I was the hottest guy but I was “cool”. I didn’t act like I was looking for anything. Someone came up behind me, and literally slid their hand right between my legs. I probably jumped three feet. It was her, the long haired blonde with the perfect ass. I tried to act all cool then, but she knew I wanted to fuck her, she knew she had me right where she wanted me. We sat and chatted for a while as we had a few drinks, we got onto the topic of sex and that got both of us really heated up. She asked me if I went down muğla zenci escort on girls and I said of course, its fun to watch a woman squirm to orgasm. Especially if I can get her to squirt a bit. I asked her if she was shaved or unshaven… she grabbed my hand and shoved it down her shorts to a bare, shaven wet pussy.She was warm and soaking wet, I am surprised I couldn’t see how wet she was through her shorts.Figured I would cool her off and took an ice cube from my drink and started running it back and forth over her little clit. She was sitting now with her shorts unzipped. She was rubbing my hard on through my jeans. Fuck I wanted to do her right there!We kept teasing each other. I wanted to taste her so bad. I wanted to be inside her so bad. She stood up, undid my jeans and pulled my hard on out. She stood there stroking me, precum covering her hand and the head of my cock. She whispered what a waste it was not to taste… With that she sat back down and started sucking, licking and blowing me. All the while people were walking past, a few noticed what was going on, most paid no attention. Just as I thought I would explode someone ran by and yelled cops! Crap, as I yanked my pants up she disappeared. I still didn’t even know her name, where she lived, nothing… I kept looking around for her but she was gone.Oh, I was crazed, I needed to get laid. I couldn’t find my blondie anywhere. She had disappeared. I met back up with the guys and moved on to another party. I was watching and looking for her everywhere hoping she would show. Just then a girl from one of my classes that I talked muğla escort sex hikaye to a few times came up and started chatting with me. As we chatted it became quite apparent she was interested in a little somethin’ somethin’. I was already horny as hell and ready to go. We started kissing and making out. She started sucking on my fingers, I always wondered if she could taste the hot blondes pussy juices. Mary was a cute little number, all of 5′ great rack, kind of a flat ass, brunette but all was good. We kept grinding and drinking for a while, she had my attention for sure. She said lets get out of here and she dragged me back to her dorm. We were naked in seconds. Once her cloths were off I was even more pleasantly surprised. She had a simple triangle of pubic hair above a tiny little pink pussy. She was on her knees before I could even take in the beauty of her pale skin and perfect breasts. We were going, I laid down on the bed and pulled he over me so I could work that pussy. We were in a 69 and she was coming hard. Her orgasms were sweet and quiet but her whole body would shake. She finally pulled away and pretty much jumped onto my throbbing cock. She was so tight, I could believe how good she felt. We went through every position, finally I had her doggy and she moaned cum inside me, I’m on the pill. Fuck I want you to cum inside me! All the sheets were pulled off her bed at this point, I figure every girl in her dorm could hear her. I watched her ass shake, her big tits swinging back and forth, fuck I had to cum. I let loose, and could feel her orgasm at the same time, she let out a deep moan and fell forward cum still dripping from my cock all over her ass. I was shocked at how good she was, but I still couldn’t get the hot blonde out of my mind. Mary and I fell asleep for a while and then started at it again and again. As the sun came up I started to get ready to head back to my dorm. She was sucking my dick again as I noticed that somewhere in the night her roommate must have come home. She was all of 5 feet from us. I was even more turned on now. I kept an eye on the roommate as Mary kept blowing me one last time. The roommate turned her head and watch as I came into Mary’s mouth. What a turn on, another chick watching. I got dressed and said goodbye to Mary and her roommate… Mary just smiled and said, see ya in class on Monday.Cool I thought, no ties, we’re all good. As I walked across campus I wondered how long the roommate had been home. We were basically fucking, napping fucking and napping all night. I still have no idea when she came in.As I was getting back up to the floor the other guys were getting ready to go to breakfast, I though on a pair of sweats and a hat and headed down with them. As I was getting my breakfast, still stinking of a night of raw sex I noticed someone familiar behind the counter in the kitchen area. She gave me a smile and wink, but didn’t say anything, it was the fucking hot blonde! there she was in a kitchen uniform working behind the counter. Fuck, fuck, how hadn’t I ever noticed her before! As I got my breakfast she came around and put a napkin on my tray as we passed each other. I made my way to the table with the other guys. picked up the napkin and realized she wrote her name and number on it. Apparently she already knew my name… she wrote it on the napkin and said call me tonight we’ll get together. Her name was Annie. Wow, how lucky was I, got drained the night before and was hoping on doing the same tonight.More later.