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Swing-ers Experiences

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Swing-ers ExperiencesBeing cooped up all week in an apartment wasn’t Rachel’s idea of the perfect life. She and Andrew just moved in from a small suburb in the Toronto area, to the big T.O. itself. Andrew was a computer analyst for a big firm, as for Rachel, she was still looking for a job.During their short stay, the couple met Jean and Stewart through Andrew’s company Christmas party. They developed a good friendship and were almost unseperable from the get go. All 4 of them were in their late 20’s and as expected basically loved the same things as friends should do…Lately however, Rachel was getting a little suspicious about Andrew’s (little more then noticeable) attention to Jean. Rachel is not the jealous type, with her good looking figure and sometimes wild streak in bed, she fely comfortable that she was sexually fulfiling Andrew’s needs..many times over, however….During the last few outings the couples had together, she noticed that Andrew was more “adventurous” around Jean. At night clubs, she observed Jean and Andrew, while dancing together, touching each other in ways that made Rachel wonder if Andrew would actually cheat on her if he had the chance. As for Stew, he seemed to be totally oblivious to this. Rachel didn’t want to make a scene, so she let it slide… but today it bothered her more than usual.That Friday, Andrew came home after work with a great big grin and an unusual bounce in his step.. “Guess what Rachel…Stew and Jean invited us to a resort in the mountains , seems that Jean’s dad is rather loaded and agreed to lend her his private cottage for the week end”.That was excellent news for Rachel, finally, she thought, a break for me. “When are we leaving?” she asked. “In about an hour, Stew and Jean will come by and pick us up. Pack your bags lightly, apparently that cottage has all the ameneties needed to relax fully..hot tub..pool..all that shit !”” I dont plan to be in clothes all week end..but mostly in my swim trunks !”That..did not comfort Rachel at all….The drive was nice, when they arrived at the cottage, all of them slipped into their bathing suits and headed straight to the pool. After a short swim, Rachel came out and sat at a table set up beside the hot tub. She felt relaxed and “popped opened” a bottle of wine which was brought by Jean. As she sipped on the wine, she noticed Andrew and Jean frolicking in the pool and playing games..Stew was with them.As Jean was being carried on Andrew’s shoulders, Stew swam between his legs to re-emerge on the other side. Rachel never really noticed how Stew was built, but today she took a closer look..wine starting to help, she started concentrating on Stew’s swim trunk and could see the outline of a rather nice cock. Nothing for Andrew to be jealous about, but nice anyways.Finally after a few moments, all 3 came out of the pool and sat at the same table Rachel was at. Rachel really had a good look at Stew’s dick and started to feel a little horny, hoping that Andrew and her would have a chance to be in private soon, she couldn’t wait to kuşadası escort get her slit plowed by him.For the next few hours, between the pool and the drinking all 4 were getting fairly tipsy, but still not quite drunk. Andrew approached Rachel and asked her if she would like to go for a dip in the hot tub. Rachel at that point was ready to “get it on” with a priest just to get her horniness satisfied. Andrew took her by the hand and they both went into the secluded part of the cottage where the hot tub was. As they approached, Andrew took off his swim trunk and slid in the tub..Rachel was dumfounded, but looking at the area, she felt it was right to do, she undressed and noticed Andrew lingering his sights on her body. Rachel wasn’t a model by all means, but she had nice round tits and a neatly trimmed pussy, she was rather normal and she knew Andrew liked her that way. She slid in the tub, cozying up to Andrew. As they sat there, Rachel couldn’t stand it anymore and began getting braver, she slowly brought her hand to Andrew’s dick..to her surprise, he had a raging hard on, all 6″ of it. This delighted Rachel as she started massaging Andrew’s shaft up and down, Andrew responded with a sigh..and a low grunt. This turned on Rachel, the moistness between her legs started to flow. She started pumping Andrew more vigorously as he thrusted his hip in an upward motion. She loved giving Andrew hand jobs..Andrew enjoyed Rachel’s touch on his dick and he did not mind her doing this, especially when she was “indisposed” to lovemaking.”Rachel..honey..slow down, I’m going to cum soon… I want to make sure, your getting a good time too.” Rachel stopped her motion and lifted her self on the rim of the tub. “Then, big boy, you better quell the fire in my pussy now…” Andrew stood up and positioned his head between Rachel’s legs and stated to lick her snatch…his toungue explored her pussy as if it was an uncharted island and he licked her slit with delight. He started to taste her juices and at the same time stroked his shaft. Rachel tilted her head back and moaned in delight..she knew she would cum almost immediately..and she did, bucking her hips in unison with Andrew’s licking…she exploded silently, not to alarm the other two still sipping their wine at the table…or were they???She opened her eyes and was stunned by the sight she saw. There was Stew and Jean, standing on the rim of the tub, looking at her and Andrew. Both were naked..and there was no doubt that Stew literally enjoyed what he saw. His dick was at least 7″ long and in it’s full glory. As for Jean she had big breast with darkened nipples and her snatch was shaved, showing some of her pussy lips when she started moving towards her and Andrew.Rachel wasn’t sure if she should be embarrased or what, however, it was clear that this is not going to finish privately as she expected. Jean moved over to where Rachel was and sat beside her, she whispered in her ear..” You know, since we met you guys, I’ll be frank, I’ve nazilli escort wanted to fuck Andrew, but you know what? I would rather enjoy licking your slit too as we’ve been watching you for a while.” ” Don’t be scared Rachel, I enjoy women as much as men and I think since we are in such a remote area..I’d like to have you. Andrew knows about this as he and Stew discussed this somewhile ago. Anyhow, it looks like Andrew doesn’t mind the possible fun we may have…why dont you turn around and look…”Rachel, turned around and was floored. Andrew and Stew moved to the side of them while she was looking at Jean, and Andrew was sucking Stew’s shaft !Andrew, was enjoying this experience, he was still with a hard on and was sucking his best friends dick. He knew this would be a one shot deal of a week end, but he felt that he was ready for something different. He grabbed Stew’s nuts with his mouth and sucked slowly has his hands started to “pump” Stew’s dick. His rythm increased as Stew started to writhe and felt the heat mounting in his balls.Rachel was so stunned by this, that she didn’t notice Jeans finger massaging her clit until she felt her first “pang” of orgasm stating. Jean slowly spread her legs and directed Rachel’s hand to her own pussy. Rachel was overcome by the surprising erotic charge she was getting at this moment and reciprocated Jean’s attention.Both were massaging the other one’s pussy while observing Andrew and Stew go to town.Stew asked Andrew to stop for a second and proceeded to lie down on the tub’s deck. Andrew figured out Stew’s thoughts as he approached Stew and got into a 69 position with him. All of the sudden, both guys had their cocks in each others mouth and both mutually started to give themselves blow jobs…As for Rachel she was really stating to get feverishly close to getting an orgasm, Jean was getting more and more turned on by the scene, she layed Rachel on her back and as,like the boys, positioned herself on top of Rachel, her snatch within Rachels’ mouth. Rachel was surprised to how easy she started to lick Jean’s wet pussy and was pleased at Jean’s attention to hers. She wanted Jean’s cum in her mouth bad, as Jean was doing her best to bring Rachel to orgasm, licking Rachel’s swelled pussy lips like no tommorow and licking everything Rachel had to offer as her pussy was starting to synchronize with her toungue motion. Rachel slowly started to dart her toungue in Jean’s love hole as she felt the first wave of orgasm beginning in her pussy. Jean motioned back and forth as she also began to feel a tingling in her pussy. “Ooooo Rachel, keep doing what your doing, I’m gonna cum…” Rachel, was caught in the moment and concentrated on Jean’s clit by suckling on it , first lightly, but now as she felt her orgasm approaching, feverously working on it..As for the boys…they both stopped immediately, at this point, Andrew hadn’t cummed yet all afternoon and was getting more irritated to that fact.. As for Stew, as much as he enjoyed getting a blow söke escort job, he enjoyed feeling his swollen member in his wife’s pussy..well maybe today, he would try another pussy. Ha made a sign to Andrew and both approached the women as they were licking themselves to an orgasm.The girls felt the guys presence near them, but did not want to leave what they were doing..Jean made a motion to Andrew to approach her from the back..Andrew understood, he started using his saliva and lubricated his dick. Stew, also knowing what his wife had in mind, took Jean’s head up and took over from her, licking Rachel cunt with vigor. Rachel didn’t care what happened as long as she got some satisfaction out of it. Jean changed position slightly to let Andrew stick his shaft in her ass and let Rachel finish the job.Andrew couldn’t help it anymore, he started pumping Jean’s ass hole as hard as he could..” Oh yeah..Jean, that ass of yours is so fucking delightful, I want to fuck you sooo hard”” Go ahead my love, I love to get it up there, you can come anytime you want” Rachel could see Andrew’s balls swinging in front of her eyes and managed to get a hand there and massage him as he bucked Jean’s ass. As for Jean, she couldn’t hold it any longer, she shuddered and started to convulse in pleasure ” Oooh, my. Fuck me harder lover…Rach..rach…don’t stop, I’m cumming all over your face..Oooo…come on guys I wanna cum now !” Jean fell into a huge orgasm that made her tremble with delight. Andrew also couldn’t hold it any longer and spurted what seemed to be gallons of spunk in Jean’s ass while bucking her harder and harder, in and out he went, his shaft sliding in Jean’s luscious ass.” Oooo fuck Jean, here I cum !!!”Stew was still grinding his mouth in Rachel’s cunt as both Andrew and Jean moved aside to let Rachel enjoy the fruits of her labors !!Stew lifted up his head and slowly approached his dick towards Rachel’s twat. Rachel was dizzy with excitement, she didn’t care about Andrew’s possible longings for Jean..that was already answered. All she wanted now was Stew’s shaft in her ” Come on Stew, fuck me..hard and slow, I want’ to feel your thick dick up my slit..” Stew, obliged and plunged his rod in Rachel. He lowered his head and started to suck on her nipples..Rachel knew it would be a big “O”…no doubt about that. Stew plunged in her again and again as he was doing this, Andrew took over the nipple duites and stated to suckle on them, as for Jean, she went behind Stew and put a finger in his ass, rotating it. That was it for Rachel! She had an earth shattering orgasm , the best one she ever had. She bucked harder and harder to meet with Stew’s motion..she could feel his engorged shaft rubbing against her sugarwalls and she let loose. Stew finally let go of his love cream in Rachel, he thouroughly enjoyed Jean’s intervention and as quiet as he was all through this little experience, let go hard…Rachel was in seventh heaven as Stew plowed her good..”Oooo God…here I cum !!!!”. Rachel exploded again… Finally Stew after thrusting feverishly for a few moments took his dick out of Rachel’s cum dripped hole.All were spent…and after a few minutes of rest, everyone slid back into the tub. Rachel was still glowing, she realized that indeed these were good friends and din’t mind having them back for supper sometimes..who knows !