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Tropical Joys

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Charlotte was a very attractive young woman with a penchant for mature men. Some unsatisfactory early sexual adventures with boys her own age had made her turn to a friend of her father’s. She had been in a state of sexual despair only to discover how much she had been missing as her mature lover took care of every need she could imagine and some she had never dreamt of.

She was an intelligent young woman of 19 when she first attended university. Her biggest problem turned out to be finance. Her parents were not wealthy and so along with her room-mate she began to work as a prostitute in a downtown massage parlour. It was horrible and in a week she had quit in tears. She was quite prepared to sell her body for sex but she had no control over who or what she did and was treated like dirt by her employer.

All that was six months ago and with her 20th birthday looming she was now a well paid companion for men who could afford what she considered herself worth and knew how to treat her. She picked and chose her clients and mostly regarded her few regulars as friends with whom she had sex rather than customers to be fucked and billed.

Charlotte had a lot going for her. She was tall blonde and unblemished. Her eyes were a violet blue and her lips sweet and inviting. Most people wondered if she’d had her breasts ‘done’ but in fact they were a masterpiece of nature. They were a firm ‘C’ cup with no hint of sag and capped by pink nipples that just begged to be sucked.

Her stomach was flat and her waist narrow. Between her legs until she was 19 there had been a nest of blonde curls which completely covered a girlish slit and, within, a pair of pink inner lips that only showed when she opened her legs wide.

Right at this moment that was the position she was in. It was 7pm and she had called upon her hairdresser, Julie. As was usual when she was seeing Julie at her after hours salon her legs were in comfortable stirrups and her bi-sexual hairdresser was tending to her pussy hair by hair and she knelt naked before her customer in a lather of her own excitement.

Julie was disappointed the first time she pulled down Charlotte’s panties and examined her most intimate parts. It was undoubtedly a beautiful little pussy but completely untended. Now some months later it was a real pleasure to behold. Charlotte’s skin was an unblemished white and at the junction of her legs was a slightly pigmented symmetrical pair of hairless sexlips. At the top of the small curved cleft that defined her sex was a small opalescent bump peeking from beneath a hood.

Tonight adıyaman escort as Julie finished work on Charlotte her customer lowered her legs and applied gentle pressure to the back of Julie’s head. Julie began to masturbate as she leant and kissed her customer’s freshly trimmed pussy. Tonight would be a great night she would be able to satisfy her saphic urges along with masturbating in front of someone. Then later with just a coat on she could return to her boyfriend, her face unwashed to add to his excitement and cap her evening with a drink of his semen as he emptied himself into her mouth. The story of Julie will fill other pages so to return to Charlotte as she sat in the post orgasmic glow of her ‘pussicure’ her cellphone gave a gentle ring.

David her favourite client was on the phone. He asked her if she would be free for a week to go on holiday with him. She told him she’s love to and asked where they were going. David told her that he’d bought a house in a remote spot on the tropical peninsula that had become so sought after as a retreat in recent years.

Charlotte kissed the naked and equally satisfied Julie on the lips, paid her and wished her good night before strolling home to her little apartment. She still shared accommodations with her friend and one time brothel workmate Samantha or Sam as she preferred.

She had a question for Sam. David had asked if she could find another girl to accompany them and share their bed from time to time as well as ‘accommodate a guest who would drop by for a couple of days.

Sam also had a private clientele but not as well to do as Charlotte’s. Charlotte and Sam had seen each other naked obviously and had even been together with customers at the brothel but they had been faking what they did for a John who could only afford a few hundred dollars for a rushed two-girl.

What David had in mind was of an altogether different quality. There would be no holds barred. The girls would be expected to make love to each other. They would have to submit to any of the requests made of them either by David, his guests or all of them. They would be very handsomely paid and could say ‘no’. Charlotte wouldn’t say ‘no’ however, she felt a great deal of affection for David. It wasn’t love but she liked him a lot and who knew given time what might develop.

Charlotte put her proposition to Sam. They discussed the dynamics of being ‘lovers’ for a period of time and then returning to live as they did. Sam had always thought of herself as a straight girl who would on occasion adıyaman escort bayan ‘do what was required of her’. Charlotte was a bit more flexible – witness her hairdresser. She thought that Sam was attractive being small and dark but was able to live with her platonically without any difficulty. Sam had small pert breasts and slender limbs. She tended her own intimate hairstyle and favoured a neatly trimmed little patch of hair.

She thought long and hard about how she would cope with having sex with Charlotte. She had been within a centimetre of Charlotte’s sex but had faked kissing it for the few overexcited punters she had shared with Charlotte in their massage parlour days. Charlotte had outlined a menu of sex that David was partial to and it gave Sam pause for thought. Finally with the prospect of a $25,000 paycheque in prospect she said that she would be as willing a partner as Charlotte and more especially David might wish for.

Charlotte let David know the next day when she visited his office that his ‘special’ request had been taken care of. As was usual his cock was on her tongue spurting his seed into her mouth within a short time of the news.

Four days later Sam and Charlotte were in the First class departure lounge waiting for their flight. David had gone on ahead to set things up. While he would be getting plenty of sex this was still a business trip for him. He hoped to cement a big deal for his company with, amongst other things, the sexual favours of his two nubile guests.

The girls were in a merry mood as they boarded their flight and the drinks they had liberally consumed had only a part to play in this. They looked forward to their holiday even if it were a working one. Charlotte knew and liked David and did in fact look forward to extending her relationship with Sam. Sam was happy with the money and was quite reconciled to what she might have to do to earn it.

They shimmied off the aircraft and to their waiting car. The drive to the house was pleasant and the scenery beautiful. David was waiting for them and kissed Charlotte full on the lips, as would a boyfriend, and greeted Sam with a kiss on the hand. His guest James would be arriving the following day. He suggested the girls settle in and join him on the small semi-private beach at the bottom of the property.

The girls were shown to their room. They were not to have separate rooms or even a separate bed. They were ‘lovers’ for their time with David and his guest. In the centre of their large well appointed bedroom was escort adıyaman a large comfortable bed. The girls stripped off their clothes and wandered down to the beach. David was already down on the sand catching up on his well developed tan.

Sam noticed that his tan was not the only well developed part of him. David was a man in his forties but with the body of a man ten years his junior and as Sam had noticed a handsome penile displacement. Sam was a girl who really loved cocks. The owner of a handsome cock could expect that his appendage would be all but worshiped if Sam ever got her hands or lips on it.

The beach was only semi-private as mentioned but all the neighbours of whom there were 5 respected their neighbours’ privacy. The girls had been told that the costume of the beach was whatever suited them from evening dress to simply wearing a smile.

Charlotte slid down beside David and whispered something in his ear. Sam who was still standing staring at David’s cock saw it give a little twitch. David was circumcised and his cock lay along his right thigh with its head now clearly distending before her. Charlotte had been telling David just how much Sam wanted to suck his cock. At a discrete signal from her Sam dropped to her knees and ran her tongue over the vein that was now clearly showing along the shaft of David’s cock. Soon it had expanded to its engorged glory. Its flaccid state had been a good indication of its full size. It stood up and pointed towards its owner’s stomach as Sam took the first three of his seven thick inches into her talented mouth.

Charlotte’s breasts were pressed to David’s chest as she kissed him deeply. She could feel the results of Sam’s sucking as David’s breath became slightly ragged and moans of his pleasure escaped him.

As blowjobs went it was skilled and very pleasurable but what set it apart from the ordinary was the extra frisson of knowledge that this was still not a completely private beach and that the girl drinking down his sperm as it spurted into her mouth had asked to do this to him. With all thoughts concentrated upon David’s cock nobody noticed the girl who had rounded the point a few hundred metres away.

Caroline the neighbour’s teenage daughter had seen what was going on and ducked for cover. Heading up into the foliage that came almost to the high watermark she had carefully made her way along a secluded path to just above the threesome on the sand. Caroline had never seen a hard penis and was awestruck. As Sam having swallowed David’s seed crept up his body to share a kiss. Caroline didn’t quite know what was happening inside her but went with her feelings. Squatting down she reached under her beach skirt and moving her panties aside she touched her young developing core. Her fingers were moist and her insides convulsed. Some time ago she had her first orgasm and resolved that this summer she would have David make a woman of her.