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Twelve Inches of Black Man Power

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The name is Charles Hanover and I am a man with a story to tell. I’m the president of Black Superstar Studios. It’s a hundred-million-dollar business empire. The studio’s signature movie series has become a hit in just a couple of years. And I’m the tall, good-looking, virile black gentleman who is both the series creator, its main star and the driving force behind it. Stick around and be entertained, folks. It’s about to get hot in here!

In this life, I’ve received the best of everything. My parents, James and Crystal Hanover are a working-class African-American couple living in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. My father James is a Morehouse College alumnus and a veteran policeman in my hometown. My mother, Crystal Hanover holds a doctorate in engineering from Georgia Tech and she is a professor of philosophy at Spellman College. My education mattered a great deal to them. I attended Morehouse College, where I earned myself a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Afterwards, I moved to the city of Boston and attended Suffolk Law School. After passing the bar exam, I had a hard time finding work. None of the big law firms would hire me.

As you can imagine, I had a dilemma. What’s a brother to do? I answered an online ad and next thing I knew, I was working in the adult film industry. As a six-foot-six, 240-pound black stud with the build of an NBA Player and the face of a Male Model, I was in demand. Especially after the porn movie casting directors got a look at my twelve-inch, uncircumcised black cock. I began working for Black Superstar Studios, a fast-rising amateur porn company that was making waves in the industry. What can I say? I had bills to pay, know what I mean?

In the porn industry, men don’t make as much as women do. That’s really not fair, you know? I mean, male porn stars work harder than their female counterparts, often for less pay. That really didn’t sit well with me. I negotiated with Julio Samson, the CEO of Black Superstar Studios. Hey, I didn’t go to law school for nothing. I knew how to negotiate. The average male porn actor made around six hundred to eight hundred bucks per scene in a movie while the average female porn star made twelve hundred bucks per scene, to start. I negotiated my way into making two thousand dollars per scene. Holler! Am I good or what?

My first interracial scene was opposite this has-been porn starlet named Melinda Joan Doakes. You may have heard of her. She used to be a big-shot in the early 1990s. A six-foot-one, lean and athletic, blonde-haired and green-eyed British gal with the looks of a Hollywood superstar. Yeah, she was the Queen of the Porn Industry back in the day. She did several hundred movies and left the industry in 2001 at the age of forty three. She had over a million dollars when she left the adult film industry. Over the next few years, through drugs and bad marriages, she blew it all away. By the time I met her, she was living in a studio apartment with a pile of bills on her nightstand. How the mighty white bitch had fallen. How about that? And now, she was eyeing a comeback. Somebody forgot to tell the ex-porn queen that time doesn’t stand still. Here she is, at the age of fifty one and trying to make it back in the industry. Women really live in an alternate reality. They just don’t face the facts and exist in their own universe. Oh, well. I guess that’s why nature made men. To jerk women back to reality. And that’s exactly what I did to Melinda Joan Doakes. Hurrah!

Melinda Joan Doakes came off as one of those women who think they’re better than everyone else. Especially men. We all know at least one woman like that. Isn’t it fun when you see such a woman brought down like you know the bitch deserves? Well, that’s what I did. She approached the casting directors of various porn movie companies and offered her services. Time and again, the arrogant has-been of a hag was told that they weren’t interested in her services. Finally, she came akkent escort to us. The men of Black Superstar Studios. What a lot of people won’t tell you is that there is a lot of racism in the adult film industry. Lots of those pretty, sexy Caucasian women you see in the porn movies won’t do interracial scenes. Yeah, they will allow a random white guy to shoot his cum all over their assholes but they won’t even touch a black dick on camera. If that isn’t racism, I don’t know what is!

Melinda Joan Doakes was running out of time and options. She came to Black Superstar Studios because she thought, since we were the black porn company, we’d be thrilled that a white female porn star agreed to join our roster of hunks and starlets. See what I mean about white female porn stars thinking they’re all that? They’re so used to having the porn industry kissing their flat asses, they think they can get away with anything. She thought we ought to feel honored that she graced us poor ignorant black pornographers with her esteemed presence. So, imagine her surprise when our casting directors told her majesty, the great white female hope, that we were not interested in her services or anything else she had to offer. Man, you should have the look on her wrinkled face!

The usually overconfident and decidedly arrogant middle-aged white woman began to blink rapidly, and those blinks were followed by an almost unintelligible babble. I swear, no one could make out a single word of what she was saying, for a few moments. Finally, she regained her coherence. And began to beg the casting directors for a simple chance. The directors relented. They offered her a role in an all-anal video. Melinda Joan Doakes blanched. What? She told the directors that she didn’t do anal videos. And she didn’t want to do an anal feature. They flat out told her that it was their way or the highway. Melinda Joan Doakes swallowed her pride and agreed to their terms. A couple of days later, she was swallowing my twelve-inch black cock.

Shooting began for Black College Anal Affair Number Four. The video’s script followed the sexual adventures of three collegiate black men on a cross-country road trip. I played one of the black college men. My co-stars in the video were Mr. Dixon, a tall and lean, light-skinned brother with long hair and green eyes along with Captain Ebony, a big and muscular, bald-headed, jet-black stud. The first scene was an orgy. I was featured there, as were the guys. The female stars were Janet Jock, a petite, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned black woman, a lean and muscular, light-skinned black woman with bright red hair named Estella Wood and a chubby, fat-bottomed gal of African-American and Asian descent named Sholonda Lee.

I did my scene with Sholonda Lee. She was a lot of fun to work with. I’ve always had a thing for chubby women and this five-foot-three, 230-pound biracial beauty with the big ass was definitely my type. We were quite comfortable with each other. First, Sholonda went down on me. This chick really knew how to suck cock. Lots of women in the porn industry are lousy cock suckers. Sholonda was the exception. She sucked my cock and licked my balls like the professional I knew her to be. Man, I was in heaven.

As Sholonda sucked my cock, I took a look around the room. The cast was getting busy and the crew was recording it. Everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. The camera people were right on, as were the light people and the rest of the crew. I noticed my co-stars were doing their thing. Mr. Dixon was having some fun. I could tell from the look on his face. He had Janet Jock on all fours. Her plump butt cheeks were spread wide open as he drilled his cock into her asshole. Hot damn! Janet Jock was screaming her lungs off as Dixon hammered his cock into her backdoor. Dixon was a newbie to the industry. He’d only been around since 2006 yet he had already made sixty movies. akkent escort bayan Mostly interracial videos featuring him and various other black studs sodomizing women of all races. Dixon had an eleven-inch dick and I knew that, experienced porn queen or not, Janet Jock was having some trouble taking all of it into her asshole. Her pretty face was contorted and her teeth gritted. Yeah, she was going through an ordeal. Oh, well. Comes with the job.

My man Captain Ebony was doing his thing with Estella Wood, the light-skinned and red-haired starlet. Estella lay on her back, legs spread. Captain Ebony held her legs in the air as he shoved his cock deep into her asshole. In sharp contrast with Janet Jock, who was squealing, Estella Wood simply lay there and took it. Straight-faced, the light-skinned black woman took a massive cock up her tight asshole without so much a grunt. I couldn’t believe it. Captain Ebony is one of the industry’s most highly paid black male porn stars. He made one hundred and forty grand last year, for doing only twenty five videos for the company. He’s also hugely popular, partly because of his bodybuilder mystique and his legions of fans of both sexes. Oh, and he also has a thirteen-inch-long, uncircumcised black super cock. I imagine that has a lot to do with his popularity. Looking at the beatific look on his face as he slammed his cock into Estella Wood’s asshole, I could tell the man loved his job.

I felt Sholonda Lee’s tongue flick over my balls and remembered to focus on the task at hand. I shoved my cock down Sholonda’s throat and she kind of gagged on it. I slowly pulled out, then put it back inside. Sholonda continued to work over my member until I came, flooding her mouth with my manly cum. Yeah! That’s what’s up! Holler! I came all over Sholonda’s face. Lots of females don’t like it when a man shoots his cum all over their face. As a result, lots of men dream of doing that. That’s why cum facials are such a big feature in porn videos. I watched as Sholonda drank up every last drop of my cum.

Afterwards, I had a go with her ass. I put Sholonda on all fours. Face down and fat ass up. I loved watching women in this position. So frigging vulnerable. I don’t know about you but it makes me feel powerful. I spread Sholonda’s plump black butt cheeks. Hot damn. This was hot. I rubbed my cock against her asshole, then pushed it inside. With a smack on her plump rump, I caught Sholonda’s attention. She yelped. Grinning, I shoved my cock into her asshole. I began pumping my cock into Sholonda’s asshole. The big black woman’s booty hole was warm and tight, though not too tight. Just the way I liked them. I fucked her nice and hard. She kept the screaming to a minimum at first, but when I slammed my cock into the forbidden depths of her tight asshole, she screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I smiled. That’s such a lovely sound, you know. The sound of a big black woman screaming because she’s got twelve inches of long and thick black cock deep into her ass. That’s what’s up!

Around the set, the men were roaring passionately as they drilled their cocks into the women’s booty holes. My fellow black male porn stars did me proud. We fucked them good. For the grand finale, we came, sending our floods of manly cum deep inside our respective partners assholes. This was so much fun. To top things off, I made Sholonda lick my cock after it had been inside her asshole. She did it, though not happily. I smiled from ear to ear. Am I good or what? The next day, I reported bright and early for the shooting of my next scene. Guess who my partner was? Melinda Joan Doakes. Is life funny or what?

Well, well. Guess who’s decided to do interracial after all? Before shooting a scene, I like to talk to the female porn stars first. Get to know them a little bit, you know? I’ve got a sadistic streak, I guess. I let to get to know a woman’s fears, then exploit them. For escort akkent example, if a chick tells me she dreads anal, I will calmly and sensitively talk her into it. And because I’m so handsome, so cool and easy to talk to, chicks fall for my charm almost every time. By the time I’m done with her, the anal-phobic chick is ready to get down. She assumes I will go easy on her and requests me specifically. We go at it in front of the cameras. I fuck her nice and slow at first. Then, I slam my cock into her asshole like anal sex is going out of style. I fuck up their booties. Man, when a chick has had her ass penetrated by me, she’s never the same afterwards. And you know what? They always come back for more! No lie!

With that in mind, I took on former porn queen and current has-been and starlet wannabe Melinda Joan Doakes. First, I made her suck my cock. She was quite shy about it. But I stretched her jaws with that dick of mine. I enjoyed ramming my dick down that white bitch’s throat. Bow down to black male power, you white bitch! Watching her head bobbing up and down as she sucked me off made me smile. When I came all over her face, she seemed surprised. I ordered her to drink it up. She hesitated, then complied. When she was done, I put her on all fours. Face down and ass up. She looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes and asked me to be gentle. I told her I wasn’t making any promises. This was a porn shoot, not a date. With that, I got ready to tap that ass.

Watching this arrogant, middle-aged white woman with her face down and ass up thrilled me like you would not believe. It got my cock harder than ever before. I pressed my dick against Melinda Joan Doakes asshole and pushed it inside. Oh, shit! Man, I’ve never penetrated an asshole that was so tight or heard a woman scream so loudly. That’s when I realized that Melinda Joan Doakes was an anal virgin. I couldn’t believe this! Thrilled beyond measure, I grabbed Melinda’s hips and slammed my cock into her asshole. She screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I didn’t care. I fucked that ass of hers like my life depended on it. I shoved my dick so far up her asshole, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of her mouth. For real!

Melinda Joan Doakes squealed as my cock stretched her tight asshole to previously unimaginable levels. I couldn’t believe that this fifty-one-year-old white woman and former porn star was a anal virgin. Oh, well. Time to correct that mistake toot sweet. With a raging boner and a song in my heart, I plundered Melinda’s asshole and took her anal virginity. She screamed. She squealed. She begged and pleaded. I gave no quarter and showed no mercy. I fucked her tight ass like anal sex was about to be outlawed. I fucked her until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly cum. I roared victoriously. Hurrah! Afterwards, I squeezed my cock out of Melinda’s bum. She lay there, shell-shocked, a silly expression on her vapid face as my cum leaked out of her now gaping asshole. What a pretty sight!

And thus began my career in the porn industry. I made a career out of going after good-looking and popular women, especially white women, who were in the industry. I persuaded them to have anal sex with me on video. Soon, I was the king of both black and interracial porn movies. I had young women of all races lining up to get sodomized by my twelve-inch black super cock. I made tons of money. My first year in the industry, I made two hundred and sixty grand. That’s more than most female porn stars. I became the icon of Black Superstar Studios. I also worked for a few other studios. I became popular with the blue-eyed and blonde-haired starlets of established rival studios. They sought me out for steamy scenes. My popularity increased. Within three years, I was a multi-millionaire. I soon moved to directing as well as performing. Five years later, I became the CEO of Black Superstar Studios. We’re currently branching out in genres from Bisexual to BBW, Transsexual and all that. And I’m making big bucks for doing something most men would do for free. Life is good! Oh, and as for Melinda Joan Doakes, Miss Holier Than Thou developed a real craving for black cock. She now stars in Mature Interracial videos and insists on doing most of the anal scenes. Isn’t that a hoot? I guess I turned her out!