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All characters that participate in any sexual activity are over the age of 18.

Summary: Twins, JJ and Mike, make a new friend.

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JJ sat with her legs crossed as she perched herself on the top of the chest of drawers. She had her head tilted to one side, her finger twisting her blonde hair around her finger, and she was biting the corner of her lip as she took in the scene before her. Her twin brother, Mike, was grunting as he slammed his cock into the body of the girl beneath him. His hands were firmly holding the girl’s hips, tugging her back and forth, the motion making the girls tits bounce.

Mike had a thing for breasts; it was one of the reasons JJ had picked this girl out. The girl, Bethany — at least, JJ thought her name was Bethany — had approached Mike at the party. She had fluttered her eyes, pressed herself against him and then stuck her tongue down his throat. Mike had been all for the girl who had desperately thrown herself at him and took the first chance he could to pull down her dress and fondle her breasts.

That was when JJ had found them. She had just shooed away the guy that had eaten her out and had been headed back to the kitchen for something sweet when she found Mike with his mouth latched to this girl’s tits. Bethany had panicked when she noticed JJ watching and had tried to get Mike to stop, but he didn’t. He continued to bite, twist and pull at her nipples until they were red and raw.

JJ found herself dripping as she watched her twin violate the girl. And she wanted more. JJ had grasped her twin’s shoulders, making him smile. Mike turned, keeping Bethany pinned in the corner, and pulled JJ in between them. Mike slid his hand beneath JJ’s dress and into her panties, sliding his fingers through her folds.

“You enjoy the show?” he asked.

JJ smiled and nodded. “I want to watch you fuck her.”

Mike grinned and pressed two of her fingers into her folds, making JJ squeal and moan. He turned to Bethany and pressed JJ’s body against her using his own. “My sister likes you,” he said before kissing Bethany.

Mike pulled both JJ and Bethany into one of the bedrooms. He pushed Bethany onto the bed before grabbing JJ and capturing her in a deep kiss. He pressed her body against the door and reached behind her to unzip her dress. It pooled to the floor, leaving JJ in her lace panties and heals. Mike cupped her bare breasts, twisting her nipples.

“God, you’re beautiful,” said Mike.

JJ smiled widely. “Fuck her for me?”

He nodded. “Anything for you.” Mike licked his lips and took a moment to lick at JJ’s bare breast.

“Ruin her cunt.”

Mike’s eyes darkened with desire. “Can’t I fuck you first?”

JJ shook her head and pressed her finger to his lips. “Please me first, and then you get what you want.”

Mike licked his lips and turned to look at Bethany. She was sitting on the bed, her eyes wide with uncertainty. JJ dug into Mike’s back pocket and pulled out a condom; she handed it to him and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

JJ had stood against the door at first, watching her twin pounce on Bethany. The girl had tried to suggest something else, said she’d blow him, but she didn’t want him to fuck her. JJ had almost laughed when Mike let her believe that she could get away with just sucking him. And Bethany gave it her best shot. She licked and sucked at the tip of Mike’s cock before taking inch by inch into her mouth. She wrapped her fingers around the inches she couldn’t get down her throat and started to bob her head. Mike looked up at JJ as Bethany sucked him, his eyes glued to hers.

JJ shook her head, telling Mike she was bored after a minute. He looked down at Bethany and grasped her head with both hands. He used his grip to force his cock down Bethany’s throat, making her take him all the way into until her nose met his pubic hair. Mike repeated this motion three or four times, Bethany gasping and coughing when Mike would let her pull back. After the last time, he let Bethany pull away completely, and she slumped back.

Mike stood from the bed and took Bethany by her arm. He put her back onto the bed and pushed her skirt up to bunch around her waist before grabbing her panties and pulling them off. JJ pushed off the door and walked closer to them. She stopped behind Mike and slid her hands around his waist. She grasped his cock, making him groan, before licking the outside shell of his ear.

Bethany whined from where Mike had her pinned. “Please don’t.”

JJ stroked his length. “Ruin her.”

Mike nodded. “Anything for you.”

JJ stepped away and moved over to the dresser. She lifted herself up and crossed her legs, leaning back to watch as her twin pushed his cock inside Bethany.

The first few thrusts, Bethany was groaning. She was face down on the bed, grasping at the bedspread. Her words were broken and harsh as she tried to say something but couldn’t manage it. Mike adjusted his grip on Bethany’s hips and increased the Magosa Escort strength of his thrusts. The harder he went, the louder the smack of their skin, the louder the clap of his ball sack against Bethany’s mound, and the louder Bethany cried.

Mike was grunting; he liked the way a woman’s cunt clenched around his cock; even when she said she didn’t want it, their body would say otherwise. Bethany had thrown herself at Mike when she had first introduced herself, the way she had acted would make anyone think that Mike was giving her exactly what she wanted. But he didn’t really care about what Bethany wanted; all Mike wanted to do was please JJ. And with every thrust, he imagined his sister’s tight cunt and the way she would clench around him, how she would tremble in his arms.

Bethany’s cunt was throbbing around Mike’s cock as he changed angles. He felt her cunt swell and clamp down before the flood crashed through and coated his length. She cried out, her back arching.

Mike turned to look at JJ. Seeing her perched on the drawers made him want to throw Bethany to the side and go over to her, but he didn’t.

JJ said, “Flip her over.”

Mike did as instructed. He pulled himself out, his cock shining with her fluids, and rolled Bethany onto her back.

“Fuck her.”

Bethany moaned. “Please, I can’t—” Her words cut off as Mike slammed himself back inside her. His pace was hard and quick, his fingers grasping her thighs and pulling Bethany’s legs wider.

JJ smiled and uncrossed her legs. Her panties were soaked with her excitement, and her body was craving some sort of touch. She lifted her hips and pushed her panties down her legs, and kicked them off. Mike caught sight of JJ’s actions and turned to watch her, his hips not stopping. JJ opened her legs wide and moved her fingers to her folds. She ran the tip of her pointer along the folds of her pussy up to her clit; she played with the small bump, making her body jump with pleasure. Mike kept his eyes firmly on JJ’s fingers as she played with herself, and he felt his cock throb violently as she sunk two fingers into her centre.

“Mike!” cried JJ. She kept her eyes locked on him, the smirk on her face telling him he was doing everything she wanted. “Fuck her!” she groaned, “fuck her harder!”

Mike lifted Bethany’s legs up and grasped her body at a different angle. He forced himself to her cunt harder, making Bethany cry out even more. Her words were slurred and her head thrown back, but Mike didn’t even notice her. He kept thrusting his cock into her hot centre and watched as JJ’s hips started moving with her fingers.

“Mike,” moaned JJ, “Mike, your such a good brother.”

Mike grunted. “Fuck, JJ.”

“Fuck her with your cock,” she groaned.

Mike felt his cock swell as Bethany’s pussy clamped around him. His hips stuttered, and he cried out to JJ as he filled Bethany with his cum. His eyes closed for only a second, and he caught himself from slumping forward.

Bethany sagged on the bed, her body weak.

But JJ was still pleasuring herself. She was pushing a third finger into her cunt, her orgasm getting very close, but she wanted Mike inside her.

“Mike,” she moaned.

Mike pulled himself from Bethany and turned to her. He ripped off the condom, letting it fall to the ground as he crossed the room and took his place in between JJ’s legs, capturing her lips in a heated kiss; he grasped her hand and pulled her fingers from her cunt before wrapping his tongue around them. Mike licked JJ’s fingers clean on her own juices before falling onto his knees and pulling JJ’s thighs over his shoulders. Mike pressed his tongue into JJ’s folds, making JJ moan loudly. He licked and sucked at her opening, pushing his tongue as deep as he could go before sliding up to find her clit. He plays with the little nub, licking it with his tongue, twisting it with his teeth.

JJ’s legs clenched around Mike’s head, her fingers digging into his scalp as she pressed his head further against her centre. Mike brought one of his hands up to her centre and thrusts two fingers inside. JJ squealed; her body pulsed as she sat on the edge. Mike’s third finger, stretching her, is what knocked JJ over.

“MIKE!” Her nails bit into his skin, her heels dug into her back, and her juices flooded into Mike’s mouth. JJ’s whole body trembled as her orgasm washed over her, leaving her panting and smiling as Mike stood up.

JJ smiled as his mouth glistened with her fluids. “God, you spoil me.”

Mike smiled widely. “I aim to please.”

JJ pulled him in for a firm kiss, tasting herself on his tongue, she wanted more, but for now, they were temporarily sated. “I need a drink.”

Mike nodded and helped her step off the drawers. He collected her panties from the floor and tucked them into his pocket before grabbing her dress and helping her put it back on. He fondled her body as she did, which made JJ giggle.

JJ gave herself a once over in the mirror; she Kıbrıs Escort straightened her dress and applied a fresh layer of lip gloss as Mike stood behind her, his lips nipping at her neck.

The two of them left the bedroom; a still barely coherent Bethany slumped on the bed and made their way downstairs. The party was still thriving; there were drunk college and high school students everywhere and some very naked girls. They reached the kitchen where the drinks were set up, and JJ spotted a few friends. She walked over to them and smiled, and Mike went to get them both a drink.

Matilda, a skinny redhead, said, “JJ, you missed it. Brandi Jones gave Rams a blowjob in front of everyone.”

JJ said, “Well, we all know she’ll be doing it to pay the bills one day.”

Matilda and Lianne laughed.

Mike stepped up beside JJ and handed her a drink. “Just the way you like it.”

JJ smiled. “Thanks, Mikey.” She wanted to press herself into him, but not now. They had let themselves get a little carried away, playing outside of their safe space, but it had been worth it.

“You’re welcome,” said Mike.

Lianne asked, “Mike, how do you not have a girlfriend? You’re too sweet.”

Mike smirked. “Why tie myself down? I like endless amounts of girls throwing themselves at me.”

Lianne asked, “So what would you do if I threw myself at you?”

Mike quirked an eyebrow as JJ’s face darkened. Mike said, “Probably have to run for my life because JJ would murder us both.” He smiled sweetly at his twin and nudged her arm.

JJ shook her head. They both were faithful to one another, but they had rules. Partners were always approved by the other, and they were always truthful. It had kept them together this long. One of their rules was that friends were off the table; they had learnt that lesson the hard way when JJ had fucked one of Mike’s friends, and then he had tried to date her. The result was Mike’s now ex-friend ended up in hospital struggling to breathe.

Lianne said, “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t put you in that position.” She placed her hand on Mike’s arm and squeezed.

JJ reached out and smacked Lianne’s hand. “Seriously, Li, I will hurt you.”

Lianne laughed and stepped away. “Chill, seriously. Have another drink.”

Matilda glanced between JJ and Lianne with concern, but Lianne’s distraction was pulled by another guy, one she frequently hooked up with, allowing them all to calm down.

JJ found herself bored at the party around 1am; she found Mike talking to a few friends and got him to take her home. They said their goodbyes and made their way down to Mike’s car. Once they were far enough away, Mike wrapped his arms around JJ and kissed her neck. He said, “Watching you get jealous of Lianne made me want to bend you over and fuck you in front of all of them.”

JJ smiled. “I bet it did.”

He sucked on her earlobe. “Do I have to wait until we get home?”

They reached Mike’s car, and JJ turned around and let Mike trap her against the door. She said, “No, I’ll fuck her right here if you want.”

Mike’s eyes darkened, but a few laughing drunk high school students meant they could be found. “I have an idea.” He unlocked the car and helped JJ climb up into the truck.

They pulled away from the house and drove down the road and around the corner. Mike pulled into a back street, a one-way road that people would use to cut between houses. He parked just down the street enough that his car would blend before turning to look at JJ. She was already unbuckling her seatbelt and climbing across the gearbox to reach him.

Mike smirked. “Well, hello.”

JJ straddled his waist and cupped his cheeks. “Hi.”

She reached down between them and quickly undid his pants. Mike lifted his hips so they could shuffle down his pants and free his cock. He was already hard, precum dripping from the tip. JJ wrapped her hand around his length and pumped him a few times, pulling a low groan out of Mike as he rested his head back on the seat.

“Fuck, baby,” he said. Mike’s hands slid up JJ’s bare thighs and bunched her dress around her waist. He squeezed her bare ass cheeks and kneaded her flesh. “Such a firm ass.”

JJ shifted and lined the lips of her pussy with the head of Mike’s cock. She teased him by shifting him against her wet folds before lowering herself down. Mike’s cock always felt good as it pressed into JJ’s cunt; her walls would stretch around his thick girth and clench as he rubbed every good nerve inside of her. JJ lets out a hearty moan and smiled down at Mike when he’s all the way in.

“There is no comparison to how good your pussy feels, baby.” Mike reached up, kissing her softly, teasing her lips.

JJ stroked his cheek. “Fuck my pussy, big brother. Make me yours.”

“With pleasure.”

Mike’s hands gripped JJ’s hips and moved her up, his cock sliding most of the way out before yanking her body down. The thrusts were hard, impaling. JJ cried out with every Lefkoşa Escort movement, her nails biting his skin, her centre clenching firmly. Mike grunted as he filled her, never wanting to be anywhere else but inside his twin. She was made for him, made with him. JJ brought their lips together, their teeth and tongues clashing. They bit and sucked on each other’s lips and tongues, their hands grasping at what skin they could find. Mike grasped at the sides of JJ’s dress and pulled it down, the fabric falling past her breasts and freeing them to bounce as he slammed inside her. Mike groaned at the sight and reached out to catch a nipple in his mouth. He latched on and sucked, the nub becoming solid against the flat of his tongue. JJ’s insides fluttered as Mike devoured her breast.

The windows in the car had fogged as they fucked; their pace never slowed, even as JJ’s first orgasm rocked through her. It only drove Mike more. They only paused to change positions. Mike laid his seat back and had JJ turn to face the front. JJ gripped the steering wheel as Mike thrust up into her, his cock hitting a new angle.

“Mike, please,” cried JJ.

“Tell me what you need,” asked Mike.

His thrust knocked JJ up, her head nudging the roof.

“Mike,” she whined.

Mike grabbed her hips and pushed himself deeper. “Tell me, baby.”

“Your cum.”

“Where do you want it?”

“In my pussy. Cum in my pussy.”

The words drove Mike to his end, the swell of his cock stretching JJ’s insides and making her squeal as her orgasm broke through her. Mike’s cum shot into her, the warmth spreading over every inch.

Mike dropped back, his body feeling tired and satisfied. JJ was leaning forward, her forehead on the steering wheel. Mike looked at his twin’s bareback and frowned. He wanted to see her. Taking her arm, he pulled her to lay back. His cock slipped from inside JJ as he pulled her up and over his chest. JJ twisted and rolled, so she was lying chest down, and kissed him.

“That felt so fucking good,” said JJ.

Mike ran his fingers along her bare skin. “I love you.”

JJ smiled. “I love you too.”

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St Agatha’s school was buzzing with gossip. A new student had arrived mid-year, and with the number of students not being overly large, it was all anyone had been talking about all day. And it was starting to get on JJ’s nerves. There were better things to worry about than some chick who no one would care about by the end of the week; she would be another face in the crowd unless she was lucky.

JJ was standing at her gym locker in a set of black lacey underwear, having showered after her morning PE class, and was debating how long it would be until Lianne would stop talking. From the moment she had climbed out of Mike’s car that morning, Lianne had been going on about the new girl.

Olivia Sanderson was a senior, eighteen years old, from New York, and her father was some big real estate developer. The rumour of her sudden transfer was an issue at another school; words like fighting, bullying and restraining order had been used to describe it. Of course, no one had any proof. One student had heard half a sentence in the office, and Chinese whispers had evolved it into some ridiculous.

Lianne was groaning about Olivia’s breasts, claiming they had to be fake, when JJ snapped. She turned to Lianne and said, “Shut up about the new girl.”

Lianne frowned. “What’s up your ass?”

JJ wanted to slap her. Her mood had been fantastic before she had gotten to school. Mike had woken her up by sticking his tongue in her cunt, before fucking her. JJ had been in a great mood for school.

Matilda said, “Your incessant talking, and frankly, I’ve had enough too.”

Lianne huffed. “Well, sorry. Nothing interesting ever happens around here.”

“She’s just another student,” said JJ.

JJ grabbed her uniform from her locker and got dressed. Having a uniform had never appealed to JJ, but she had to admit it was nice not to always think about what to wear. JJ loved to shop, and having an unlimited platinum card meant she could do it for hours, but somedays she just didn’t want to bother. That wasn’t to say that she didn’t style her uniform her own way. The skirt was shorter than regulation, stopping around her mid-thigh; she wore the white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up slightly and the top few buttons undone, and she also left it untucked; and there was also a choice of a tye or a ribbon bow tie, and depending on her mood, she could go with either. Today she felt like her tie, leaving it hanging low, and she left her hair down to dry in its natural loose curls.

As JJ left the locker room, Lianne and Matilda with her, they made their way down the hall towards their lockers. They had English Lit next, which improved JJ’s mood because Mike was in that class. She opened her locker and smiled when she found a rose inside; JJ brought it to her nose and smelled it, letting a wide smile grace her lips.

Matilda noticed and smirked. “Secret admirer strikes again?”

JJ had used a little lie about having a secret admirer, so the surprises that Mike liked to leave for her weren’t so strange. After all, not every brother left his sister flowers, chocolates, and poetry in their lockers.