Nisan 25, 2023

Mom Catches Me Jacking Off!

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My Mom suggested I should be a porn actor not long before I turned twenty. She caught me jacking off one afternoon while I watched porn on the family TV in the living room. My computer screen upstairs is okay but I wanted to watch Immodesty Blaise in HD and super-size on the fifty inch screen. I waited until Mom went shopping one Saturday afternoon, gave it ten minutes to be sure she would be at the mall and took my thumb-drive downstairs. I plugged it in and dropped my pants. Skipping the intro and the first four minutes of awful dialogue, I began right where she got down on her knees in front of Jonah Johnson, six and half feet of ebony muscle, and took his long Johnson in her mouth.

Immodesty works him good, bringing him to full erection as she sucks, swirls, licks and kisses his impressive cock. Her left hand fondles his massive ball sack, hanging a full six inches below his cock. His balls look full, swollen and ready to blow a load to impregnate the whole of California if needs be. She can barely get the head in her mouth, but she makes a valiant effort and sucks as hard as she can.

I begin to stroke my cock, pulling and sliding the length with both hands. I squeeze my balls, spit on my hand and stroke some more. Immodesty lays on a couch while Jonah rears over her. He slides about six inches into her pussy and begins pumping. The six inches showing outside her pussy glistens with her juice as he slices into her, long, slow, deliberate. Immodesty looks up adoringly into his face as he towers over her white body. Her abs clench each time he pumps deep inside her. He concentrates on his task, watching his cock sliding in and out like a well oiled piston going into a receptive and hungry cylinder.

I now have a very decent erection in my hands, worthy of any porn star, rigid, long enough, not as long as Jonah’s monster, and thick enough to please any woman. Sadly, I am the wrong side of the camera but my fantasy is to make movies with a woman like Immodesty Blaise and show the world just what I have to offer. I stand six-two and one ninety pounds, lean and hard from swimming for the college team. I work out and pump weights, not too much, I need to be lean and strong.

I think my cock is my best feature. Rigid, it measures just over eight and a half inches from base to tip. I like it well enough and the few girls who’ve seen it and felt it say it’s more than adequate. I’m stroking hard now, watching Immodesty holding her calves as wide apart as she can stretch them, giving Jonah as much freedom and space as he needs to show off his massive member, the Black Mamba as he calls it.

The next scene is the one that does it for me. Jonah pulls out and sits back on the couch, leaning on his elbows, holding his erection vertically. He slathers some lube over the top half, his hands swirling around the head and shaft. Immodesty positions herself above him and slides about four inches of his oily erection straight into her wet ass. He holds her ass cheeks and raises and lowers her with his powerful arms. She holds her breasts as they bounce in time to her riding, a fast canter. She rides and takes another half inch on each down-stroke until the whole snake is engulfed in her ass, as deep as it is possible to go. It is a mighty impressive sight to watch her strong legs lift and lower her body, assisted by Jonah’s strength.

She sits for a moment, his cock engulfed, gone, deep inside her. Now comes the bit that gets me every time; she leans back a little, arching her back. She places her left hand on Jonah’s left shoulder. Her right presses a bulge just below her navel, lets go and watches as his cock presses back, bulging out and catching the light just right. Now when she rides, real slow, I can see his cock-head pushing against her belly, from the inside!

That’s what does it for me. My climax has been building slowly in anticipation of this very moment. I know Jonah will fuck Immodesty for another twenty minutes but for me, this is where I end it, for today, anyway. I have timed it to perfection, having watched the movie a dozen or more times. I want to cum just before she climbs off to get on her hands and knees for the doggy style portion.

I am mesmerised by the bulge in her belly, that’s where I want to cum, right inside her, and I do. The tension builds, the pressure mounts, the heat overwhelms me. I feel the jolt of electricity as my cock explodes in my hand. Molten lava rushes through my veins and I cum, fuck, how I cum! I roar, pump and blast my cum onto my shirt laying on the ground in front of me. The first jet overshoots my shirt and lands on the carpet in front of the TV. I press down a little, making sure the next few spurts land where intended. I step forward, holding my erection as the last drops dribble out. I stroke and squeeze, making sure I am empty. I grab the remote off the table and kill the TV.

“I hope you’re going to clean that up!” says Mom.

I have a fit. I scream, I jump and jerk as I turn to see Mom standing at the doorway, her purse in her hand. I grab at my trousers and haul them up, they snag around my knees in my haste Lefkoşa Escort to cover myself. She laughs and turns away.

“Forgot my purse. Later!” she says.

The back door bangs shut and she is gone. I am shaking, shuddering with the aftermath of the orgasm and the shock of my mother catching me masturbating!. My mother! Oh holy fucking hell! Oh no, no, no, not Mom saw me ejaculate onto the carpet. Fuck. Fuck. How stupid can I be?

I adjust my dress and zip up. I collect my shirt, ball it up and attack the long glob of cum on the carpet. I soak it in then rub at the damp stain. I decide it needs some water. I grab a sponge at the sink and spread a little on the stain. I rub some more with the shirt. It looks okay now. Nothing more than a damp patch from the water. It will dry soon enough. I take my shirt to the laundry room and tip it into the open basket. I trudge back upstairs to my room and collapse on the bed.

My mind races. Mom has seen me masturbating, cumming and watching porn. There can be no going back, no way for her to unsee what she has seen. My big sister, Francie, had been away from the house since she went to the other coast to attend University several weeks ago. Dad is on deployment somewhere at sea, probably under the ice, what remains of it. He will be another seven weeks on board the nuclear submarine, SSN-764. He is second in command.

Mom and I have the house to ourselves and have gotten into a routine. She makes breakfast, I go to college, play sports, come home, eat dinner, then we either watch a movie or a Netflix series or I crash in my bedroom upstairs. I had no real idea what Mom did all day but she mentioned the gym, pilates, yoga some evenings and shopping as keeping her busy. Plus she meets with her two best buddies every day for coffee in town. I cannot get the image of what she has just seen out of my head. I had been standing with my trousers and pants round my ankles, feet spread slightly apart with my dick in my hand, grunting as I came all over the freaking carpet! What must she think? Oh my God! What will she say to Dad?


“Bowen, do you want any dinner?” Mom shouts through the door.

I had fallen asleep for a couple of hours. I jerk awake as the realization hits me that Mom is standing only a few feet away from me and she has seen me beating off! How can I sit with her for dinner knowing she knows that about me? I am about to say something about not being hungry when she says,

“I have three cheese pizza and Caesar’s salad. Come and get it!”

My stomach lurches with hunger pains at the thought of my favorite dinner menu.

“Give me a minute.”

I have a pee and dig out a clean T from the rack in the closet. I check my hair and skip downstairs, the smell of the slightly browned cheese wafts up to me. Mom stands at the table, rolling the cutter through the pizza, eight slices. The salad bowl sits in the center of the table, brimming with goodness and flavor. I take my regular seat, left of Mom’s at the head of the table while Dad sails the oceans.

I avoid eye contact and accept the three slices of pizza on my plate. I serve the salad to myself, taking about a quarter of the bowlful. Mom takes two slices and about a tenth of the remaining salad. We eat in silence which suits me. I can’t think of anything to say so I shut up. Mom eats and smiles to herself a few times. I want to know what she finds so amusing but dare not ask. I think I already know. We finish the pizza, six slices for me and two for Mom. I demolish the rest of the salad after Mom takes another small portion. When we have finished, we sit quietly, empty plates in front of us. Mom normally loads the dishwasher about now but today she sits quietly, doing nothing but still with that hint of a smile on her lips.

“Let me tell you what I’ve been doing since the last time I saw you. I met Sally and Jillian at Morton’s and we had coffee. Do you know what Jillian’s husband, Graham, does? No, of course you don’t. You’ve never met either of them. I’ll tell you. Graham has a film studio out on the Heights Road. He makes what he calls, ‘Adult Entertainment’ movies. Jillian has several on her phone. She showed us once many months ago. They’re pretty good, to be honest. Jillian uses them to masturbate. Actually, so do I since I copied them onto my phone. Jillian told me a long time ago that they are always looking for new talent. Graham has girls queuing for starring roles but male stars are like rocking horse shit, so she described them. Very rare, in spite of what many men think to the contrary. So today, I told her about you and your equipment and how you can shoot a spectacular cum shot about eight feet or more. She called Graham and he wants to see you on Monday evening at the studio. You now have a weekend job for as long as he wants you. I told him it would have to be weekends since you are a college jock with commitments!”

I sit and absorb what Mom tells me. I can’t believe she has told her BFFs about me. She must have told them she saw me beating off if she told them how far I shot my cum. What Kıbrıs Escort had she done? When I speak it sounds as if my voice has gone back to pre-puberty levels of pitch.

“Mom. Seriously? You told your friends about me jacking off? I can’t believe you did that, seriously? Are you kidding? Whatever makes you think I would want to make porn?”

The fact that I often had daydreams about just that had no bearing on this conversation.

“Well, you watch enough on your computer. You have about ten times as much as I do.”

“What? You watch porn?”

Mom laughed, a throaty chuckle.

“What makes you think watching porn is only for your generation? Or is it because I’m your mother, you think I have no interest in sex any more? You have a lot to learn, Buddy. I beat off as much as you do, almost every day when your father’s not home, I still do it sometimes when he is home. Surprised that your sweet little Momma paddles her pink canoe every day? Well, get over it. You’ll still be jacking off when you’re fifty, believe me.”

“Mom, can I have a beer?” I need one.

“Yes, Honey, just the one. You know what your father says. Get me one while you’re there, a Coors for me.”

I go to the fridge and get the beers. Miller Light for me. I pop the cans and pour them carefully into the chilled glasses. We clink glasses and say,


Mom adds, “Here’s to your new job!”

We sip at the beer. I place my glass carefully in front of me, turning the handle a little to better fit my hand. Next thing I know, Mom has covered my right hand with her left hand.

“Honey, don’t worry about it. You can go and see Graham or not, as you like but I think you’d do well with your, er equipment. We’ve both watched enough porn to know that’s what the industry wants, men with big, well, with big dicks, and yours is big, believe me. Plus the fact he will be paying you a few hundred dollars each time.”

We sip some more beer. Her hand stays where it is, just resting on the back of my hand. Mom is evidently thinking about my dick and what should be done with it. If I’d known exactly what crossed her mind right then, I would have caught a plane to Canada!

“Whatever happened to that nice Sharon? She was sweet. She didn’t stick around long, did she? What happened. Was it too big for her?” she laughs.

I look at her eyes. They dazzle with mischief. She has perfected the art of winding me and Dad up tight. We both fall for it every time and she loves her ability to put us exactly where she wants us. Around her little finger.

“As a matter of fact, yes, she did. Did you talk to her?”

“Well, she might have hinted at it.the last time she was here.”

“Mom, what business is it of yours why she left me? We were incompatible, that’s all.”

“You mean she couldn’t handle all that meat?”

“Mom! For fuck’s sake, stop it. Are you going to yoga later?”

“No, yoga is cancelled until further notice. The master is off sick.”

“Do we have a movie to watch?”

We generally watch a movie beginning around eight. I check the time, ten minutes to. Time for a two hour movie if we have one. Mom says nothing, sipping at her beer and looking at my face. She still smiles. Now I become worried. She places her glass in front of her and slides her hand further over mine, grasping the back more firmly. She squeezes and says,

“I thought maybe this evening we could find out if Momma can handle all that meat of yours. A sort of audition for Graham on Monday. I can tell him how well you handle direction! And I get to see how well I can handle your erection!” she laughs at her own joke.

I choke on my beer, coughing and spluttering as Mom smiles at me with her bright eyes glinting with amusement. I draw a few breaths and say,

“What! What are you saying, Mom? What are you thinking? It’s me, Bowen, your son. I’m your son for fuck’s sake!”

“So what? It happens all the time in naughty USA, much more often than you might think. All we need to do is watch that porn film together, the one you were watching and see what happens. I watched it this afternoon while you were having your nap. You left the thumb drive in the TV. It’s amazing how she takes that huge thing up her backside like that, isn’t it? I had to do what you did when I saw that bit where his dick makes her belly bulge. It is some kind of weird turn-on, for sure. I came in about a minute! So what do you say? A quick shower and join me in the living room for a porn show for two, eh? Now I’ve seen your cock, all I’ve been thinking about since then is sitting on it and feeling it inside me. I won’t tell anyone, I promise, not even Jillian.”

I drain my beer glass and push it away from me. I could do with several more but we have rules; one beer each evening and only when either Mom or Dad is home. I leave the room and go upstairs, two at a time. I slam the door and fall onto the bed.

What is she thinking, I ask myself.

I have no ready response. I roll over and stare at the ceiling. Mom is just over forty-two. She had me when she had just Girne Escort turned twenty two and I’m twenty in a couple of months. She keeps in shape with all her fitness sessions in the gym, her yoga, her jogging and pilates, whatever that is. I guess she weighs about a hundred and fifteen pounds and sits in a neat frame around five-five tall. I tower over her by almost nine inches or more. In the summer she sits out back in her two piece swimsuit and gets some early and late sun each day. She has great legs and her boobs are nice, not big but round and not too saggy.

What are you doing thinking about Mom’s boobs?

I sit up. The realization hits me that I have the beginnings of an erection.

What the fuck is going on, Bowen? She’s your mother. Just get a grip and behave, will you?

Mom’s words about the porn film she had watched, the one we had both jacked off to, sprang to mind. I have an image of Mom masturbating in front of the TV in the living room. I realize then that I have no idea how Mom would do such a thing. Does she get naked? Does she sit on something? Does she hold her boob with her spare hand? How close to the screen would she be? Would she lie on the floor? Does she use a vibrator, or a dildo, maybe?

Why are you imagining Mom masturbating, Bowen? What are you thinking of? She is your mother, your flesh and blood and anyway, it’s illegal. Just forget it. I wonder what she looks like naked?

I put my hand on my cock, yup, I have an erection. I need a cold shower. I strip off and get in the cubicle. I power up the shower and stand still in the center, the powerful jets of water pummelling my body from four different directions. I turn the temperature down, then down some more and try to think of anything but my mother paddling her pink canoe in the living room.

I’d love to watch her paddling her pink canoe, as she calls it. That would be something. Maybe I could jack off while she does it and we could just come together. That would be okay, wouldn’t it?

I stand and turn slowly, wishing my erection would go away. It doesn’t. It stand as firm as ever, hard and proud, jutting up into the hard water, loving every minute of it. I soap and scrub and still it persists, hard and eager to perform. I give in. I want a fuck. I desperately want to fuck someone. Right now, that someone is waiting for me downstairs and she wants to fuck just as much as I do. I can hear Mom talking to me.

A quick shower and join me in the living room for a porn show for two, eh? Now I’ve seen your cock, all I’ve been thinking about since then is sitting on it and feeling it inside me.

I rinse and turn off the shower. I have accomplished the first part of her instruction. Now I am meant to go downstairs and join her to watch porn. I dry, hard, rubbing and scrubbing, wishing my erection will disappear. It doesn’t. It stands as firm as ever, still eager for pussy.

What am I supposed to do now? Mom wants to sit on this. I want a pussy to sit on it. It’s Mom, for fuck’s sake, not Sharon. Mind you, Sharon couldn’t handle it but Mom is eager to handle it and seems pretty sure she could make good use of it.

I stand in front of the mirror. There would be no denying this erection, not for some time. It would not be going away on its own. I half think about jacking it off there and then but then the vision of Mom’s hands around the shaft and her mouth opening wide to engulf the head, her tongue out, licking the crown…

what am I doing? What am I thinking? I’m doomed! These thoughts are not going away any time soon and Mom is waiting downstairs for me. There is only one way to resolve this dilemma. Oh, someone, whoever, forgive me!

I grab a new towel, a beach towel, and wrap it around my middle. I make sure the weight of the double layer of cloth in front of me depresses my cock a little, just enough to stop it from being too obvious. I trot downstairs. Mom sits on the couch, the TV shows a quiz show that neither of us watch. She has the remote next to her hand. She wears a robe, a sheer, silky material, creamy white with small pink flowers. It covers her breasts but her cleavage shows all the way down to her navel. Her bare legs rest on the coffee table in front of her, the robe open to about an inch below her pussy. Her hair is damp. She has showered too.

She clicks the remote and the porn movie springs to life on the screen. Mom has rewound it to the earlier portion where Immodesty kneels in front of Jonah Johnson, greedily sucking on his Black Mamba.

“Come here, Honey. I want to do what she’s doing. Take off that towel. It’s not hiding anything. Come and stand here.” she points to the floor beside her.

Still, I hesitate. This would be a Rubicon moment and it fast approaches. One step forward and I am doomed for all eternity. One step and there would be no going back. I want to fuck my own Mother and there seems to be very little standing in the way of me doing just that. I look at her. She looks at me. She knows exactly what to do. She spreads her knees about two inches apart, just enough for me to see the fair hair on her pussy. She slides both hands down her body, moving the silk a little to each side, exposing her dark brown nipples, erect, firm, jutting from her round breasts. I step forward, one pace, two, three, four. I stand beside her, inches from her knee and thigh. The Rubicon flows quietly behind me.