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Voyage, Voyage Pt. 09

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Part 09 – A New Allure

Somehow, they just worked as a couple.

Claire had been staying for two days in Aline’s apartment and it was evident how much her friend’s relationship had changed her dynamic. Sure, Aline was older than him. She was older than Claire, for that matter, who was not quite yet in her thirties. But the age difference seemed to help Claire and Marcell’s rapport rather than hinder it.

Having gone through the experience of hanging out with friend’s boyfriends before, Claire had acquired an attentive eye when it came to what she called the “over-accepting”. The type of guy that enjoyed letting you know how much he was cool with you being different.

Marcell was… more nuanced.

He had treated her from the start with the niceties of someone who wanted his girlfriend’s friend to like him. Maybe he was a touch “bro” in how he talked with her. But then Claire saw him and Aline calling each other “shitheads” as an endearing term when a few dishes were left on the sink. In fact, there seemed to be no difference between how Marcell acted around men or women, as she found out when the three of them went out to dinner.

Perhaps that was why Aline and Marcell seemed so successful in finding men and women to play with them. Obviously, Marcell’s physique did nothing to discourage this. Claire usually preferred women, particularly if they were like Aline. Beautiful and willing to try anything. And when men popped in, they were usually the submissive sort.

Marcell put her at ease, though. He was simply easy to get to know and to hang around, and there was none of the third wheeling she had feared when the invite from Aline first came. In fact, she was so at ease that, one morning, when she woke up and realised that her two roommates were out, she decided to break out her “toolkit” from her bag.

She was in the perfect mood for what she had in mind, having woken up only a few minutes before from a dream she forgot already, but knowing something steamy had happened, as her cock was not entirely soft. The combination of sleepiness with horniness was one she enjoyed, and when someone was sharing the bed with her they usually got an interesting awakening.

Claire leaned forwards over the edge of the sofa bed, as she was using the apartment’s living room as her own bedroom, and grabbed the medium-sized leather container, opening it.

A myriad of sex toys was strewn about, ranging from small plastic pathetic looking butt plugs to sophisticated looking metal nipple clamps, as well as everything in between. With a practiced hand, Claire reached in for the precise item she wanted, which happened to be a silicone orange butt plug. It was a simple thing, but quite a bit on the wide side, and it was very effective in getting her ready for the toy that would follow.

Pulling down her pyjama pants, she fished around for some lubricant in the container and applied liberal amounts around her butthole, smiling as she realised it was not tight, already opening a little with how giddy she was.

Her experience with her butt was such that she could do this without any preamble. She felt the tip of the orange toy apply pressure and her hole open to accommodate the intruder, and just as always, she loved the feeling. Claire felt her penis gain its full rigidity and used her other hand to pump it, whilst the plug went in and out, further in each time compared to the previous.

It was easy to stay like this, not moving forward, not daring to remove the plug from her ass, but Claire could feel that the wider bits of the toy were passing her sphincter without any difficulty now. Claire knew that she must switch to what she had in mind, as new, even greater, pleasures awaited her.

Reluctantly, the orange butt plug was removed. Claire eyed it with interest. She spat on it and rubbed her hole with it. Somehow it was always kinkier to use spit rather than lube. One time she had a “doe-eyed rich girl” type in her bed, and remembered how hot it had gotten her to plunge her dick back and forth between her pussy, ass and mouth. Sitting on the sofa bed now, she could remember how the bitch had been unsure about sucking the shaft that had just left her bottom.

Almost as if her brain had dared her, Claire opened wide and sucked on the plug, feeling herself giggling against it. There was a definite taste of ass on it, but if there was one thing she had never been, that was squeamish.

Fuck, I wish Marcell was here! The black-haired ardently wished, taking a quick look at the front door. I need a dick now.

But the door did not move, and Claire decided she would have to go for the next best thing. She did not need to shift through her bag for too long, before a glorious girthy realistic looking dildo was staring her right in the face. Her tongue instinctively caressed the plastic testicles, once more frustratedly remembering how hard she had tried to see if it was physically possible during her teenage years to suck her own cock. It hadn’t and Claire otele gelen escort was still annoyed at the wasted years of not knowing how it felt both sucking and getting sucked.

Her hand found the lube bottle and she felt the cold liquid on her fingers. She instantly pumped the fake cock to coat it, and roughly stuck the suction cup on the wall next to her, so that it was pointing at her. She shifted to her knees and pointed her butthole at the bulbous head, pushing.

‘Oh, yeah…’ She hissed to the room, begging Aline and Marcell to take as long as possible on their stroll about.

No time to waste. Claire moved her waist fast, feeling stuffed as the enormous dildo went deep into her insides, the fake plastic balls coming into contact with her own real swinging ones. Her hands never missed a beat, either. Her left hand was moving the foreskin of her dick up and down, whilst the right one was pulling her right nipple and occasionally stopping to very roughly squeeze her whole breast.

There was a lot to like about having a cock up your rear, Claire thought. Whilst the soft sporadic touch of the head of the fake penis to her prostate was heaven, she had always been one of those girls that loved the feeling of her ring stretching and getting pulled as a shaft went in and out. Unlike other women, Claire did not want smooth surfaced dildos. She loved feeling the imitation of veins and irregular imperfections. How her bottom had to work extra hard to deal with the imperfect intruder.

Her hands on her tits weren’t doing it for her any longer. Feverishly, she rummaged around to get the metal nipple clamps. She attached them, feeling the sting of their bite, as well as the cold of the chain that connected them on her collar. And with that, one of her hands was free, which was just not right.

The free hand found her balls and tugged on them, pulling on the hairs. Feeling the little spheres inside her sack was also lovely to her.

And then her prostate let her know that it was time. Her orgasm was sneaking up on her, and she just about remembered about not wanting to soil the sheets she was sleeping on.

With an acrobatic flip, she twisted herself so that she was now lying on her back, the dildo never having left her butt in the process. Not even two seconds passed before she felt the warmth of her cum as it splashed onto her neck, though most of it landed on her belly.

And then there was sound from the building stairs. Claire jumped off the dildo, too fast for it to be comfortable, feeling her butthole close roughly on itself with a jolt of sweet pain. She covered her bag of toys with the sheets and pressed on the base of the dildo, taking it with her on her way to the bathroom. The sound of the bathroom door closing coincided with the apartment door opening.

‘Shhhh…’ Aline hissed at Marcell. ‘Elle est probablement endormie.’

Nope, I am definitely not asleep, girlfriend… Claire thought, lazily scooping up the cum from her neck and licking it.

She turned on the water and decided, since she was already there, to take a shower.


‘She seems to be showering.’ Marcell replied, dropping the grocery bags on the counter.

‘Uh-uh.’ Aline agreed, looking at the messed up bed sheets on the sofa bed.

‘What?’ He astutely asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I know that “uh-uh”…’

Aline licked her lips and made sure he was noticing her removing her pants.

‘Make me cum on her bed while she’s showering.’

Even after their years of dating, Aline loved it when she could make him speechless in moments such as these.

‘Are you nuts?’

‘Either do it, or I’ll do it myself.’

Her pants hit the floor along with her panties, and she threw both items into their open bedroom door, before lying down onto the sofa.

Marcell, to his credit, did not need to be told about it twice. With a wicked grin and the soundtrack of cascading water from Claire’s shower, Aline opened her legs wide for her boyfriend, and felt his tongue licking her from the opening to the clit, along both labia.

It did not take very long for her to start feeling the inside of her butt cheeks become slick with her own juices and Marcell’s saliva. Her back was beginning to not be able to sit still on the sheets, as she arched it with the tingles that she experienced. It was during one of these movements that she felt something hard against her elbow.

With some curiosity, she pulled the sheet over to her and found a leather bag. A quick look inside told her she had hit the jackpot.

Looking down past her breasts, she noticed Marcell was too preoccupied with her pussy to be able to notice anything else, so Aline gleefully rummaged inside the bag without looking and came out with a small glass butt plug.

She whistled down to Marcell, who stared open-mouthed at his girlfriend whilst she had the plug inside her mouth, only the base showing, as if it was türkmen escort the handle of a tasty lollipop.

‘Where the hell did you get that?’ He asked her, shaking his head in amusement.

‘Doe’n’t ma’er.’ She spluttered with her mouth full. Spitting it out, she grabbed it and bit down on her lip as she inserted the butt plug into her asshole. It swallowed up the glass toy after a little bit of a struggle. ‘Now, get your dick out and fuck me.’

Pushing his pants down but not removing them completely, Marcell took hold of his cock and found her wet opening. Aline loved how much she did not need to tell him whether she was in the mood for rough or for smooth. At that moment, Aline wanted it fast and with power behind it. And that was exactly what he gave to her.

His cum filled her pussy before she was ready for it, but he gritted his teeth and managed to keep bumping against her G-spot long enough that she came too, her butt clamping down on the glass butt plug.

‘That’s what I’m talking about…’

‘Yep, sure looked good from where I’m standing.’ Claire said.


The two love birds jumped in surprise, Marcell’s cock slipping out of Aline’s pussy. Claire was watching the both of them with interest, her still wet hair resting on the back of the sofa, gazing down.

‘I thought we didn’t have boundaries before…’ Marcell muttered, sitting against the arm rest, unconcerned with his nakedness. Claire liked that. People always covered up after doing it.

‘I know. And here I was hiding my stuff because you people showed up.’ Claire said, throwing the cleaned enormous dildo and the orange butt plug carelessly at Aline, who had a fit of laughter when she realised what was on her.

‘How could I forget “morning horny Claire”?’ Aline coughed to control herself. ‘And taking it up the butt too, how very sub of you.’

‘Sometimes I want to be shafted, darling. Not right now. Right now I want to bend him over, fill him up and grab his balls.’

Marcell did not even move an eyebrow.

‘Waiting on you.’ He replied back, shrugging. He was not easy to faze, that one.

‘Speaking of buts…’ Aline remembered, removing the butt plug she borrowed from her friend. ‘I’ll go give it a rinse, hold up.’

With that she left, leaving Claire alone with Marcell. She walked around the couch with the excuse of grabbing her clothes, taking the moment to have him react to her naked body. His eyes were travelling along her body, and there was a little hint of hunger to them. For her part, she was also taking in his cock, still big and still wet from Aline’s pussy.

The desire to make a lewd comment was overpowering her, but he anticipated himself to her.

‘Your body is so alluring.’ He said, huskily. ‘Is that something offensive to say?’ He added.

‘No.’ Claire said, for once in her life blushing a little. ‘Some people find it offensive. Some people… like me. I personally think that if someone enjoys how I look I’m not going to psychoanalyse why.’ She shrugged. ‘Most men look for someone like their mothers, anyway. Best not to dwell on it.’

‘And most women look for their fathers.’ Marcell replied back.

‘Does Aline look like your mother?’ Claire provoked him.

‘Not really.’

‘You’re pretty alluring too, by the way.’ Claire told him, not even bothering to look for clothes anymore, just standing there in front of him, hands on her hips in a stupid Superman pose. ‘And just so you can rest easy, you look nothing like my dad.’

He laughed softly and the black-haired girl felt a little accomplishment at finally breaking through.

‘I wasn’t just being polite, though.’ Marcell sighed, his eyes taking her in again. ‘We’re going to turn this house into a fuck fest before long, aren’t we?’

‘Honey, it’s taking a lot of will power to not get my mouth down there.’

Marcell got up. For a moment, Claire thought he was going for the power move of standing up to tell her to get on her knees and suck him off. She was half-tempted to comply as well. But he zipped himself up again and became presentable again.

‘Can I kiss you?’ He asked. His voice was mesmerizing.

‘There’s a naked girl in front of you that, a moment ago, you described as alluring. And you just want a kiss?’

‘The kiss is when you know.’

‘Know what?’

‘Everything you need.’ He simply said.

Without quite knowing when she had leaned in, Claire let her lips fall on his. Quite literally, since she was just a little taller than him. There was a little leftover taste of Aline on him. She knew that taste well.

I get you now, Al. Claire thought. If you’re going to go steady, you go steady with a kiss like this.

They parted, and by the corner of her eye she noticed Aline watching them with a smile. Marcell looked as though he was entertaining a thought.

‘Yes, I think we can go from here.’ He simply said, with a little glint in his eye. She saw evi olan escort him go to the bedroom, giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek on his way.

Aline looked happier than ever.

‘Mine.’ She giggled, before following him into the bedroom.

Claire felt rather silly, her cock pointing up again whilst she stood naked in the living room.


Not one to be much of a stranger to fucking a girl in front of her boyfriend (or husband, on one occasion), Claire had to concede that, as she felt the sweat drip from her forehead with the exertions of screwing Aline from the back, this time was the weirdest of all, with Marcell casually in conversation with them from behind the camera setup.

The two girls were performing their long-anticipated joint show. They had done a few of these throughout the years they had known each other, the last one taking place during a trip to the US by Aline. However, it was the first instance where one of them was in a relationship of their own during the visit.

‘Time’s up!’ Aline said, noticing the clock on the computer screen, and punctuating the last word by letting Claire bottom out and then abruptly popping her out.

‘Wow…’ Claire hissed, having stood dangerously on the edge of cumming. ‘Careful with that, you’re gonna finish the show before it’s time.’

‘What do I care?’ The older woman laughed, flashing the cam show audience with her just fucked rear. ‘If you can’t handle the heat, I got another dick right over here.’

Marcell smacked her rear, causing his girlfriend to giggle.

‘Damn straight.’ He said, shaking his head as he sat back down on his chair, where he was reading.

‘You fuckers don’t play fair.’ Claire complained, falling back down on her back.

‘Yeah, yeah, don’t move because the last tip is for toe sucking.’

And the next thing the American felt was her small toe being licked into an awaiting little mouth.

‘Never got into it, to be honest.’


‘Toe sucking.’ Claire explained.

‘You should be more flexible.’ Aline explained, her voice becoming closer since she was travelling up her friend’s body.

‘I’m too tall to be flexible.’ She dryly replied.

‘Shut your mouth.’

Before any additional response could be found, Claire herself getting a very wet kiss from Aline. She was about to surrender to the feeling when a new, even more attention-grabbing one caught her by surprise. Warmth and wetness enveloped her balls, as an experienced tongue swished them around its mouth.

She tried to react, to see it happening, but Aline did not stop the kiss and she was trapped without the opportunity to see Marcell sucking on her scrotum. All Claire could do was feel her stiff cock uselessly twitching with excitement.

Her hand tried to grab his hair, to keep him there long enough for the kiss to end and her to see. But he had good reflexes and grabbed her hand, pinning it to the bed.

And then it was over. Marcell held her cock for a moment and gave the head a kiss before going back to his corner. Only then did Aline let her go from the kiss with a wink.

For his part, Marcell just looked at Claire calmly as if to say nothing out of ordinary had come to pass just then. With a soft smile on his face, he returned his attention to his book.

Claire understood, with not an insignificant amount of surprise, that if her friend was not his girlfriend, she would have thrown herself at him right then and begged him to take her ass. Because even her normally domineering personality was giving way to a desire of lying there with her legs open to be ravaged.

‘Alright, guys, we’re still on more tips to keep going!’ Aline told the camera, bringing Claire back to reality and into control of her thoughts.

She did her best neutral face and had no trouble in evaluating her mood a little more coldly now. Aline had found herself one goddamn fuckable boy, but Claire knew something about herself that was very important. She was one extremely fuckable girl. And before succumbing to him, which she now knew would happen in a matter of time, she was going to make sure he fell under her spell.

Their virtual tip jar was beginning to fill up quite steadily, though Marcell was keeping himself away from the action for the moment.

‘I’m on vacation.’ He shrugged when Claire asked him about it.

‘Vacation? Because I’m here to fill in for you?’

‘No, I’m on a real vacation. My club activity is stopped for a couple of months. And I am taking the time to do jack shit in the meantime.’

‘And what the hell are you reading that’s more interesting than us, anyway?’ Aline asked.

‘It’s Alex Ferguson’s autobiography.’ Marcell said, not looking up. ‘Football manager.’ He added before both women could ask.

‘Neeeeeeerd.’ Aline bellowed, letting herself fall down on the mattress. People in chat seemed to agree.

‘Aline told me you’re being promoted to the first team next season.’ Claire said. ‘Do you reckon you’ll get consistent games or do you think it will be a “loaned out in January” kind of deal?’

‘Tough to say. Depends on if the manager wants to take a chance or if he feels the rope tight against his neck when it comes to potentially getting sacked.’ He replied, looking up from his book.