Mayıs 13, 2024

Working the Field

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Small quiet farm.

Lonny: a Southern dark earth-skinned stocky Native guy.

Owen: A Western young average-sized Black trans guy.


Lonny and I have been working out at the far together for the past few months. It’s harvest time but the farm is pretty dang small so we’re able to get most of the work done ourselves in a two full days. The farm manager checks in every few days with us in the field but she usually stays in the office making sure we get funding and all the shit we don’t want to deal with.

This early morning, I’m organizing the tools in the shed and looking over the days tasks.It’s kinda hard to focus because I’m trying not to fart so audibly Lonny can hear me.

“Hey Owen, how’s it going?” he chimes.

“Pretty good. Just looking over the list. Looks like it’s mostly just hanging garlic and watering. Maybe we can do some weedwhackjng too.”

“Cool,” replies Lonny.

“Do you know if there’s any ginger ale?” I question. “My stomach feels weird and I’m kind of gassy.”

“There might be some left out from the event. I can check. Did you go to the bathroom?” he asks, concerned.

“I tried but it didn’t really help. I couldn’t go.”

“I’m sorry, dude. Let me go look in the fridge.” Lonny turns to walk down the hall to the kitchen. I feel a big movement of air flow through me and run out the door in case I can’t control how much air and sound come out. I squat behind the corn so someone couldn’t see me through the windows inside the barn over looking the fields. I let it out. It sounds wet so I pull my shorts over my butt to check my boxers. Nothing. Just in case, I move further in and try to take a shit. I push and push. I fall on my hands and knees to give my calves and thighs a break and try again.

“Uhn. Fuck. Come on. Come out.” I spread my cheeks and push. More air. More farts. I slide my index finger along my pussy lips to get it nice and wet. Then, I slip it into my asshole to hopefully pull some shit out and loosen me up.

“Owen, where you at!” I hear behind me. It sounds like Lonny’s feet are moving toward me.

“Wait! Stop!” I shout. He can’t find me like this. I quickly pull my shorts back over my butt.

“Sorry. I’m so embarrassed. I had to fart so I came outside. Then I thought şişli travesti I had to shit. I know I shouldn’t in the field. It’s so gross but was an emergency.” I stand up from behind the dense stalks.

“No, don’t worry. I get it. Are you ok? Couldn’t find any ginger ale.”

“Oh, that’s fine. I’m fine. I couldn’t go,” I stammer.

“I know this is awkward but did you try using your hands or fingers to make it come out?” he questioned.

“Yeah, I mean, a little. I couldn’t get very far though.” I say as I look away from him at some object I can’t focus on.

“Damn…well… uhh…I could help? I know it’s fucking weird but I can get better leverage and we never have to talk about it. Ever. But I really don’t mind.” Who the fuck would suggest that! I know he’s trying to help but it’s so weird. Especially since we don’t know each other that well. Definitely not like that. But, also, I really think I need to get this shit out of me.

“Ok but we never speak of it. Let’s go further in so people can’t see us or sneak up on us.”

“Of course. Whatever you’re comfortable with.” Lonny confirms. Further down the field, I get back on my knees and pull my shorts down just enough so my asshole is accessible, just under the curve of my cheeks.

“Is it ok if I like my finger so it’s a little wet?”

“Sure it should be fine.” I affirm. Lonny puts hit finger in his mouth then spits a big thick glob on top of it.

“Ok. Are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be I guess.” I answer and spread my cheeks. He rubs his warm spit on the button of my ass. It’s soothing.

“Ok. Going in.” He states as he slowly slide his finger in. I stifle a moan and push, my asshole squeezing his finger.

“Sorry, I’m trying.”

“It’s ok. I know.” I push again. “Do you feel anything?” I ask as he twists and bends his finger inside me.

“No. I don’t think so.” He pulls his finger out and looks. I turn my head and flush in anticipation. But, it’s clean.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. It’s ok. We all get a little constipated.” I pull up my shorts and sit on the soil. “Why don’t you keep trying. I think if you push against my finger, we can bakırköy travesti get something out.”

“Are you sure?” I ask him.

“Yes, of course Owen. I’m sure. I think it will help to have your pushing against a foreign object. I don’t want you to be in pain.” I turn back around and pull my shorts to my knees.

“Um, if you need more lube or whatever, you can just rub your finger against my other hold. I think it would be difficult to just keep spitting.” I say shyly but get no response. Lonny just takes his index and middle fingers along my pussy lips, slightly slipping inside me before moving to my ass. One at a time he puts his finger in my butt. Every few seconds a fart squeaks out.

“Sorry,” I say.

“No need to apologize. I don’t care about that.” He keeps swishing around my asshole until pulls out and says “Keep pushing. Maybe we loosened something up.” I push. I can sort of feel something move around the exit. A wet fart escapes and then I feel a hard thick push against around my opening.

“What’re you doing,” I turn my neck as ask him.

“I think this will help more. My fingers can only go so far,” he says with his solid dick ready to go. It’s length make me believe it can do a better job of reaching inside me and cleaning me out.

“Sure, but be careful.”

“Always.” He uses his two fingers again to take some of my pussy juice and run it along his cock. I spread my cheeks and he pushes his full head against my butthole. My ass resist, kissing the head of his cock. Slowly, it makes its way inside and I feel it pushing against the shit. My stomach feels full all the way to my belly button. My ass grabbing his cock so tightly.

“I think it’s working L. Keep going.” His dick is so think my hold keeps trying to force him out. He pushes further and I hear the air coming out against his cock. He starts moving in and out, digging out my asshole.

We can feel the shit moving against his cock and seeping slowly out as it escapes in the space it can as he pushes into me.

“I can see it on my dick…shit…this feels so good,” he moves harder with my butt, pulling me onto him. Faster. My ass is s tight but he’s really fucking the shit out of me and I already feel better with istanbul travestileri each squishy fart. Though, I don’t know how much more I can take of him inside me.

“Can you slow down? I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“Here.” He holds onto my waits while getting into a seated position. “If you’re on top you can be in control and go as slow as you need.”

I sit on him, my back still facing him. I move up and down on his cock. I feel the shit sliding out as I move.

“Shit. I have to pee now.”

“Don’t move, just don’t.”


“Yeah, it’ll go back to the earth. I don’t want you to stop.” I keep going and feel the urge to pee building up. I lift my legs to my pussy is facing out and pee in front of us. As the stream gets less strong it flows back, down my pussy, onto my asshole and Lonny’s shit covered cock. Lonny picks up speed and starts ramming my asshole while I piss all over this pants.

“Fuck, shit, I’m sorry.” I apologize and moan at the same time.

“I don’t care. This feels so fucking good,” he’s right. To have all these sensations of release are a whirlwind. His cock in my ass, my shitting, my pussy. It feels really fucking good and I start jacking my little dick. A relief. He pumps into my faster and faster, pushing shit in and out of my asshole, smushing it against my cheeks. He cums and I can see all his white shit mix with mine. His last thrust is so hard his dick audibly pops out of my butt with the rest of my gushy shit following, sliding down his head making a pile at the base and slipping between his balls before finally reaching the ground.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” I saw again as I fall forward on my knees. Without saying a world, he swiftly moves on his back, shit on him and all, and grabbing my hips pulling me over his face, my throbbing cock right above him. He takes it in his mouth and sucks eagerly with his tongue. I can see my disgusting shit right beneath me. I didn’t expect this. I’m so hard and close to cumming. When I do, I squirt all over his mouth, piss and shit following as my cum releases. “Damn.”

“Sorry, I should’ve asked. But your ass was so fucking hot. And I just saw your cock and wanted a little taste.”

“Yeah, that felt really good.” We hold position for a few minutes, catching out breath. My cock still throbbing he gives me a little lick every few seconds making me fart in surprise. Eventually, I get up and grab the nearest hose in the field. I spray off his cock, pants, and face. Then his face. He sprays my ass and knees next. The lower half of our bodies still wet, we take off our pants and weed while we air dry.