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Yes!Travis walked into the kitchen to find Jennifer, cleaning up after dinner, alone. She was humming softly to herself, with her back turned to him, and hadn’t noticed his entrance. He stared at her for a moment, taking her in. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a tight fitting purple tank top which she had jogged in, as well as a pair of black running shorts. And shorts they were– they demonstrated her long, toned legs and showed off her shapely heart-shaped butt without leaving much left to imagination. He would occasionally get a glance at her profile as she cleaned the kitchen; her beautiful face, distracted, unaware of his presence. He was about to turn and leave but stopped as he saw her iPad on the kitchen table– on, and curiously on his Facebook page. Specifically, on a picture of him he took of himself– his reflection in a mirror at the school gym, showing his progress. “Hey, Travis!” He heard her say, a little nervously, behind him. He turned. “Hey, Ms. Benning!” “I didn’t notice you.” She was closer now, though still a few feet away. She stood with one leg crossed over the other, looking at him with her gorgeous, penetrating eyes. “You tryin’ to sneak up on me?” “No. I just– I didn’t want to startle you is all. And you seemed– in the moment.” He couldn’t tell if she knew he had noticed his picture up on her iPad. Was she checking out his profile? It must’ve been just to keep tabs on what he’d been up to. But still, she had at least seen his one picture where he looked… “You’re looking really good these days, Travis. Working out?”Now he noticed the bottle of white wine open on the counter, a little more than half left, beside her, and her almost empty glass. “Uh. Yeah. Y’know, the wrestling team.” She bit her lip. “The wrestling team,” she repeated. She was still staring at him. All of the sudden he felt incredibly warm and really nervous. “Are you blushing, Trav?” She mused, teasing. “Maybe. A little. Am I?”“I think you are. You’re too tense. You can relax. It’s just me you’re talking to…” but there was something in the tone of her voice. Something that was friendly, but not specifically for friends. She stepped toward him. “What’s Neal doing?”“I don’t know. All he wants to do is play chess. Also known as the game of beating Travis every time.”“You’re not going home, are you?”“I– I wasn’t sure. I just came out here to…”“To keep me company?”“Yeah.” “Good. I was just thinking about you, actually.”“Oh yeah?”“Oh yeah,” she breathed. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing herself say. She wasn’t honestly coming onto her son’s best friend, was she? “What about?”“Just earlier when you caught me sunbathing. I’m sorry if I sounded– abrupt with you.”“It’s fine. I understood.” “I wasn’t expecting anyone and so when I saw you, I kind of… overreacted.” “I apologize, too. I didn’t mean to stare–” “I didn’t mind you staring,” she blurted. “I just wasn’t expecting it.” She paused, then, “I did catch you staring, though.”“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry.”“It’s fine. It’s nice to be stared at every once in a while by a handsome young man.”Travis was speechless. “Did you like what you saw?”“Uh. Yes! I mean– yeah, you’re gorgeous. I mean. You’re a good looking woman.”She giggled. “Gorgeous.” He watched her bite her bottom lip and advance another step. “Sorry, I’ve had a glass of wine or two. I’d offer you some, but… that’d be irresponsible of me.” “I’m fine, thanks.” “Oh I know you’re fine,” she said in her breathy voice again– her eyes surveyed him once more and he felt the hot pang of butterflies erupt in his stomach, and his cock began to swell, ever so subtly at first, but that only meant it was a matter of time before…“You’re eighteen now, right?”“Yeah. A few months ago.”“Good.”Travis could barely believe what he thought was happening. His wildest, most brave imaginings would have forever fallen short of preparing him for this moment and how he would respond to every seeming indication that his best friend’s Mom– who, ever since Travis was a boy, thought was the most beautiful, amazing, sexy woman he’d ever laid eyes on– was flirting with him; more, flirting back at the clumsy flirts he attempted to give as a response to her flirtations; more still, hitting on him. And even more; that she was apparently eying him, checking him out. Travis had forever tried to hide his infatuation with her– while also hiding the fact that he likely only remained friends with Neal only so that he could remain somehow tortuously close to her. And yet now all of his most secret hopes and fantasies were terrifyingly, yet still somewhat distantly, taking shape between their decreasingly subtle flirts and innuendo, all while his friend, her son, slept nearby. Of course, Jennifer had always known. It was impossible for Travis to have concealed when he was a boy. He was bashful around her, shy, and hid from her, and peeked at her, but always endured their encounters despite his bashfulness, a shy smile glued to his face. When he was a boy, she had thought this was the most adorable thing ever– his little crush on her. Adorable is what it had always been. And though Travis’ methods of concealing his crush on Jennifer became more stealthy as he grew up– she already knew what he was trying to conceal, but humored him. And even while it was all still adorable to her, she still encouraged Travis, and sought to make him feel confident when talking to girls he liked. She’d ask him questions and take interest in him. She’d encourage his hobbies and give friendly advise as necessary, but all while thinking that this would all help Travis when he was a man someday, talking to a girl his age. It simply never would have occurred to Jennifer at all that she had been coaching Travis all this time toward confidence in talking to her, a girl more than half his age. That sudden knowledge flashed in her mind like an alarm, but along with the alarm was also a deep, unleashed sexiness in the idea. It gave her an incredible feeling of power and pride all at once to feel as though she had this kind of appeal toward a man half her age. She was also aware of her beauty– it would’ve been stupid to ignore: she had supermodel looks– certainly a supermodel figure, and she was still relatively young, just over thirty. Her mother had looked good up until 60, she thought, and she had smoked. Despite her good looks, Jennifer was not a bimbo, a ditz, or superficial. Dark haired, light skinned, green-eyed, her beauty inspired passion. As stupid as her good looks would’ve been for her to ignore or to pretend to not notice, there was one element of them she did fail to overlook or foresee: that in encouraging Travis’ boyish crush on her, she had watched the boy turn into a stunningly handsome man– and one that bore a life-long adoration of her. And now, even as she maintained her arguably greatest physical attractiveness in addition to her most piqued sexual age aligned perfectly with Travis’ now fully realized physique and sexual potency. If the possibility of her bedding him was even the slightest bit less arousing, she might have resisted it. But the fact remained: not only did he clearly worship her– however ‘secretly’ he tried to keep it– but he was also the most incredibly built man she had laid eyes on. In fact, she had to concede that no matter what her relative age would’ve been, she would have always found Travis as he stood before her now penultimately attractive. Few women wouldn’t have– he was idyllic. Best of all, the physique he assumed seemed totally genetically natural to him: though he was obviously athletic, he seemed to be naturally shaped to be so. He had a Superman body– a v shaped torso, massive and hard, seemingly ‘ripped’ while at rest. Broad, mountainous shoulders. A strong jaw, and she held little doubt that he had a solid six-pack under his shirt. With a smirk her mind drifted to wonder if he was so equally proportioned and physically gifted all over, which was of course the most clear and definitive indication that any possibility with Travis wasn’t beyond her imagination, or intention.“Do I make you nervous, Travis?” “A little.” He tried not to sound nervous, even as he admitted it. “Why?” She leaned against the counter, her arm outstretched over it’s smooth surface, her other arm bent with her hand perched on her shoulder. She was aware that he was taking her in, looking at her body all at once, and wished to exploit his stare. She wanted him to admit something to her. It was Travis’ most guarded admission– and despite every sign and indication to it being accepted, it was nonetheless still difficult for him to articulate. So he compromised. “You’re very pretty Ms. Benning.”“Travis,” coaxing. “Yes?”“Call me Jenny.”He exhaled audibly. God she thought he looked so sexy when he was worked up like this. “I make you nervous because I’m pretty?”“Well. Yeah… Jenny.” He attempted to work her name in naturally, and it sounded off. She still liked the sound of it. “A woman always likes to hear that. What about me do you think is… ‘pretty’?”She inched toward him. Travis held his eye contact with her valiantly, even stoically, but now that she had asked, she saw his gaze rummage across her. She knew how she looked: ‘ready for bed’ with a tight purple tank top that made up for in alluding to her breasts dimensions what it lacked in demonstrative cleavage. They were round and succulent– and even braless, as she was now, they still retained a globular shape. Her nipples, which had been steadily hardening since their discussion began, poked out in perfect little knobs that drew his eyes directly to them. She encouraged his stare by continuing to lean in while pushing her shoulders back. He also took in her long silky white legs that tapered down to delicate ankles and dainty feet. Her sporty little black running shorts covered only her crotch and ass, but left little to the imagination– especially her ass, which was heart shaped and taut– hard enough to bounce a quarter off of. “Well?” She prompted.“Your… eyes.” He finally decided on eyes. She laughed lightly, “Okay,” she closed them. “What color are they?” It was the oldest trick in the book but she couldn’t help herself– half because she knew he had copped out. She knew she had pretty eyes– men always complimented them. They had an alluring angle to them, and combined with her thick dark eyelashes and luxurious black eyebrows– full but not thick– she had a perpetual ‘bedroom stare’ that drove men wild. But she also had to tease him because she knew that he knew their color, and that would help Travis get to where she was trying to get him to go.“Green. You have the most beautiful deep green eyes I’ve ever seen.” He said, all in one breath, and with sincerity that actually did make her pause. She opened her eyes and locked against his own. She smiled, wide and sincerely, before calmly saying, “What else?”Again, he copped out– but in the complete other direction, this time. “Honestly, Jenny, everything. Everything about you.” She pulled the hair tie out of her long, thick black hair. It cascaded, catching rays of light and shining brilliantly, muğla rus escort around her bare shoulders and framed her beautiful face. “Tell me.” He could have said any body part of hers that he could actually touch– actually physically grab and have to do whatever he wanted with to his utmost content, and she would supply him with whatever part he desired. She thought he would finally say her breasts– which every man she had ever been with had loved. Or her ass, which had been equally adored. She doubted he would have actually said her pussy, but she would have dropped her shorts and lifted her long leg onto the counter to her right if he had, and given him unbridled province over if he had said it. She hadn’t had time to guess his answer by the time he said it, though. “Your lips.” She did blink– but without hesitation she eliminated the remaining space between them, crossing toward him and pressing her body flat against his, feeling her tits flatten and spread out warmly between them, and wrapped her arms around his thick and muscular neck to lift her face up toward his and kissed him– fully, openly, and all in one single movement that lasted a lifetime for them both. He wrapped his large arms around her narrow waist, pulling her upward, her toes still barely touching the ground– her weight effortlessly supported by him nearly entirely– into their kiss. Their tongues met, and the wild insanity became real to them both: this was happening. She opened her eyes to a slit for a moment, before resigning back into the fullness of the kiss. He was good. Wasn’t sloppy, over-eager despite his excitement, which was increasingly apparent between them as their kiss continued. Feeling his incredible body against hers was especially thrilling, and only made her continue to want further contact. Their kiss grew in ferociousness, became increasingly savage and thirsty. All while his ever-prominent cock was becoming both a literal obstacle to maneuver between them, as well as a figurative hurdle for her to overcome– as it began to eclipse beyond her hopes and was beginning to dawn into the realm of surreal proportions to her imagination. His dick was gouging into her waist clumsily and heavily, as though he had a tool belt on while they were kissing and she was beginning to straddle a huge hammer. Jenny was the first to withdraw from the kiss, but her body remained firmly pressed against his– half because she clung desperately to him, half because his muscles and grip were vice-like: her proportionally tiny body couldn’t have escaped from his embrace. “Have you ever been with a woman before, Travis?” “Yes.” She had thought so. He was confident, but she thought he would have been a little more awkward so far if he was still a virgin.“How many?” “Times or girls?” She was a little taken aback. She hadn’t considered the possibility that he wasn’t all that experienced yet, but suspected it was possible. “Both.” “Well, two girls, I guess. Maybe about ten times total, maybe?” She smirked at him. “You’re quite popular, I see.”He smiled back bashfully, as he always had with her. “Maybe.”However, now she felt a sting of jealousy– incredulously– but tried to disguise it. “So how many girlfriends am I keeping you from tonight?” Travis answered partially, but entirely truthfully as far as he was concerned; for he did have a girlfriend at this time. However, when Jennifer was concerned, there was no comparison in his mind. “None.”Now he leaned forward and resumed their kiss, and she happily accepted. The kiss was hard and with still accelerated ferocity. Again she felt the blind nudging of his cock against her stomach, and refused to believe how large it seemed in her imagination. She tore herself away from their kiss– which was now becoming noisy. Between heavy breaths, and with frustration, “Okay. Travis? You know where my room is, right?”A pause as he tried to comprehend her meaning. “Yeah.”“Good. Take me there. Now.”“Oh.” And at once he picked her up, cupping her beautiful ass in his hands. She wrapped her legs around his waist and again fell into another noisy, sucking kiss, and as she did, a million thoughts rushed through her mind all at once. Oh God I can’t believe this is actually happening! What if Neal hears us? I can’t believe I’m allowing this! This is wrong! I don’t have any condoms. No. There’s no way I’m passing this up. I’ll just swallow his cum. I’ll just suck his dick. A lot. God I’m a horrible mother! He’s so strong! Fuck I cannot fucking wait to see what this dick looks like. It feels like– oh fuck it feels like a fucking baseball bat. I don’t have any condoms. He just can’t cum inside me. Don’t let him cum inside me. Holy fuck this is going to be amazing. What if Neal hears us? I don’t care. I don’t care! I’m not going to let that stop me. And they were there, in her room, the lamp by the bed turned on. Travis kicked the door shut behind them– and she was relieved to hear that it shut gently. She withdrew her legs from his waist and landed to the floor gently as he placed her down. Her hands immediately fell to his pants and she began to unbutton him. Between their hard kisses, “Oh fuck Travis! I need you! I need you so fucking bad!”Their hands ran into each other, each interrupting the others furious rush to undress the other. He lifted her top and her breasts dropped out from it’s embrace with a wonderful to behold buoyant bounce and jiggle as they settled into place. She was not petite, you could not count her ribs or see her abs, but she was soft and small, a light layer of flesh to cushion their heaves– but she had no trace of excess fat. Her shorts dropped, and he noticed the wet-part of her crotch stuck momentarily to her dewy pussy. She hadn’t been this wet in ages– and never with another man, she was only ever this aroused when she was by herself– with her own promiscuous thoughts and fantastic desires. His shirt came off and again, his chest was a wonder to behold. Sculpted like marble, hard as wood. She was almost nauseous by her excitement at colliding herself against that amazing chest over and over. Her eyes dragged down to his abdomen that disappeared under the waistband of his jeans. Huge groin muscles bulged there, and below, the sizable bulge of his cock hidden underneath. It looked surreal, and she resumed her desperate attempt to unleash it so she could finally know if the look of it matched the feel of it against her body. Finally his pants were down and she couldn’t believe it. His cock stretched out in front of him like a diagonal roman column, pointing towards her breasts—heaving up and down with her each deep, accelerated breath– bobbing lightly. It was massive. It was unlike anything she’d ever seen before. It was beautiful to behold– huge and thick, powerfully hard. Jennifer was taken aback, only now with the slightest tinge of hesitation, and only just at the prospect of how this could be done. Travis sensed her hesitation. Confident, bold and upright a moment ago, he noticeably began to withdraw from her. She reached out and grabbed it to keep him here, at least so she could think.“Wait,” she said. “It’s just…” Her eyes got big and she exhaled as her hand touched it. God it was rock hard and incredibly warm to the touch. The veins underneath bulged underneath her grip. She could feel the pump of blood being circulated in huge and heavy pulses that emitted all around it. She couldn’t wrap her whole hand around it’s circumference, but as she tried, it barely yielded on her pulling– it was solidly attached to him, as firm as a trees lowest, thickest limb. “This thing could really do some damage,” she said with a smirk and a look into his eyes. “Yeah. Most girls don’t want to–” “Baby, this is probably the first dick most of those girls have ever seen–” she shuddered at the thought. What would she have thought if she had unwrapped this monster her very first time. She thought of that movie Alien with Sigourney Weaver. She chuckled, shaking her head. “You’ve had sex with two girls?”“Well. We tried…” “Ten times?”“More or less. They got too scared.”She bit her lip and instinctively began to pump his huge shaft between them. God it was like running her hand up and down a steel pole exposed in direct sunlight. Only the tightly wrapped skin around it made it feel anything like a cock in her hand when she wasn’t looking at it. She had to use both her hands, and even then it was a stretch to grip the whole thing. “They’re just girls, Travis–” she said seductively. She had to stand so far away from him now that his cock extended between them, but she pushed her round chest out for his viewing pleasure. “This would destroy them.” She continued to pump him and watch his face. Fuck he’s hot, she thought, as his eyes closed while he savored her hand-serviced affection. So he was a virgin, more or less. She had thought that would’ve discouraged her when she began this escapade– and perhaps it would have if he’d been any less perfect. And now that she saw what he had to offer– all that he had to offer– she was enticed more than ever as well as simply curious. She was an adult now– no longer a girl by any stretch of imagination or calculation. Almost half Travis’ age. She lifted his cock straight up and down between them, vertically, and pumped it. His heels were flat on the ground, and considering their height difference the top of her head came to just the bottom of his jaw. She stroked his beautiful monster dick with her hands, right up to the peach sized head between her tits, all the way down to his dick’s base at around her belly button. She was still fathoming how this would be accomplished, but she didn’t want him to feel embarrassed or hesitant, so she distracted him. “If they would’ve let you fuck them, Travis, they probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy any other man ever again…” she was realizing this for herself, as well. She was no little girl, but Travis would be a game changer for a woman of any age. “And besides, they don’t have enough experience to really appreciate… everything you have, here.” He opened his eyes and looked down into her eyes, now close to his face again. Still she pumped, not especially fast, nor painfully slow. “Are you scared?” he asked. She licked her lips. Was she?“How big is it, Travis? You’ve measured it?”“Fifteen and a half inches.”She couldn’t help but giggle. And a half. “How thick?” “About 10 inches.” She looked down at it. She could believe it, though if she wasn’t holding it in her hands and stroking it, she wouldn’t have been able to. Precum began to drip down the length of his dick in thick, gooey rivers and collect against her clinched hands. She used it to lubricate her pumping, but hungered to taste it. “Well, Travis. I don’t have any condoms in the house, so I’ll have to swallow everything you make for me… Not that I think that would matter– do they make anything that would fit you?” He shrugged, and again looked bashful– though this time not accompanied by his usual bashful smile that she used to adore as cute but now adored as unbelievably sexy. “Probably horse condoms…” muğla sarışın escort she mused, but he flashed a look at her so intense that she guessed he was aware of this. She sensed his shyness and didn’t pursue it any further. But still she pumped him. Somehow, she thought, he was still growing, and couldn’t believe it. “Show me how far you got… with those other girls.” “Like. How far in?” She gripped the head of his cock. It was like grabbing a huge doorknob. It burned hotter than the rest of his dick, like a comically oversized match head at the end of a stick. The hot goo of his precum slickened her tiny palm and she used it to further lubricate her fingers on both hands as she spread down just over the mighty head of his massive cock.“Did you go… this deep?”She felt his whole body shudder through the head of his cock. Fuck he was so fucking sexy, she thought. She couldn’t wait to watch his face as he actually came for her. But she’d have to swallow it. He can’t cum inside you. He can’t cum inside your pussy, Jennifer…she was convincing herself.He nodded. He had at least gotten the tip in. The tip. It was like seeing the top of a glacier peeking above the surface of cold ocean waters– there was proportionally a whole ‘nuther mountain below what you saw above the water. She slid her hands further down. Not even a quarter down the whole length. Less than four inches further. She didn’t even have to ask, he shook his head. Those two brave girls, whoever they were– dared to just get the tip in. They must’ve taken it slow. Must’ve worked hard to get just that far. And when they realized how much was left? When they compared that to how much it hurt just to get that far? Maybe it was their first times… but it wouldn’t have to have been for them to have been scared off. She looked down at the less than four inches of Travis’ cock that was squeezed out from the clutches of her grip, with the single wet slit glistening up at her, ready to fill her pussy with it’s hot creamy cum. No, she remembered. He can’t cum inside me! She looked back up at Travis. “I’m not like those girls you were with, Travis…” she cooed gently against him. “You’re a woman,” he answered, deep and baritone. His cock shook with his voice it was so deep. She squirmed lightly. “Uh-huh. And you know what? I don’t care if you ruin me for any other man. Because I know that fucking you would be something… really special.” And she did. She believed it was true. And at this, there it was; Travis’ bashful smile. She was briefly reminded of the boy he used to be– playing with her son in their back yard, looking away quickly when she caught him staring. And now– she couldn’t believe it– she was going to have either the quickest and most painful fuck of her life with him, or if she could endure it– possibly the most incredible, rewarding sex of her life. Her hands were still gripped around where those other girls had taken him. “Want to know how deep we’re going to go together, baby?” she cooed again gently against him. He looked at her. She slid her hands decisively downward, painfully slow but final. An inch further. An inch further. Down. Down. God she couldn’t believe how much of him there was. “I don’t care how long it takes…” Her hands pushed down. He was getting thicker, and the tips of her fingers began to spread slowly apart from one another. “Or how hard you have to fuck me…”Aided by his plentifully thick and creamy precum, her hands slid effortlessly down his rippled, vein-riddled muscle cock. “We are going to go… all,” she drew out the ‘l’ by pressing her tongue against the back of her teeth. They were each staring directly into each others eyes, full of intent. “…the way…” her hands continued on it’s quest. She imagined it was her pussy making the journey– and it would be. “Down.” And there they stood. Her two small dainty hands desperately trying to contain the full thickness of his mighty dick as she held him firmly at the very base of his cock. Staring into his eyes, she felt her pussy physically writhe as her two arms cradled each side of his huge dick that jutted up between them, the inside curves of her tits gently caressing his pungent, gooey cock head between them. It would be a massive undertaking. “Does that sound good to you?” “Oh fuck, Jenny…” “It’s not going to happen all at once, baby, but before we’re done you will be this far inside me. Okay?” “Oh God I’ve always wanted this.” “Then take me, Travis. Fuck me.” He lifted her up. Again, she lost her breath at how effortlessly he was able to manipulate her body. They only had a short distance left to go before the bed– a long distance left before her promise was fulfilled to him. But she intended to make good on it. She wanted it to happen. Perhaps, even now, she was still encouraging her son’s adorable friend Travis– first she encouraged his crushing looks, then little by little, encouraging his flirts and attempts to converse with the opposite sex. Now, she was encouraging him sexually. Had he been ashamed of his dick? His miraculously gigantic cock? She could see how it was possible. How many girls had rejected him once they saw it? She pitied the two girls who tried, but in a way, they may have been girls like she herself was. Jenny would have been shocked to know that each of those two were dark haired, light skinned girls– one with green eyes, one with hazel. Each had sizable breasts and a nice, small body– not super thin, and not petite– but compact and tight. They had tried, and might have endured– but their youth prevailed. They might have been able to do what Jenny was going to do now– though not as easily. And certainly one thing would’ve been true: no other man would ever be the same as Travis. They were naked on her bed. What would become their bed. He was on top of her. His power was astounding– all she had to do was be open to however he wished to pin her down. She was. He climbed up between her legs. Again, she was amazed at how far away he seemed from her. She looked down. The cock looked like a huge fleshy tower that again maintained the distance between them. She felt his clumsy pushes and false-starts, jabbing her ass cheeks, the mattress below her, or the backs of her legs, slipping away before resettling and failing again. He would need her help.Gently, she said, “Let me, baby.” She took her hands from around his neck and crept them down between their distant bodies. She took hold of him again. It was so hot to touch! So hard. Not for the first time, and not for the last, she was aghast that this was actually happening. She wondered briefly if she even could’ve stopped it now. Travis was so mighty– so strong. So resolute was her promise and he had taken it so earnestly that, even before it began it was a foregone conclusion in both their minds. If she had changed her mind now, would he have been able to withdraw? What had happened with those two girls? Had they but said a word and he retreated at their command? What then? This poor tortured boy left to retreat into the nearest restroom to relieve himself, or go home with his cock in his hand, all while the girl breathed a sigh of relief, content that she had taken some of it– but relieved that she had kept the rest of her viable for another day? It didn’t matter. She imagined her and Travis a week from now, banging and grinding into each other like old pros. Her pussy swelled and gushed at the thought. Yes, she thought. This wasn’t some one night fling. Her and Travis were going to be lovers. She didn’t know how they’d hide it– how Neal would take to it. Neal, she thought. She hadn’t thought about Neal in what felt like hours– but was actually only minutes. She had no way of comprehending how he would play into this whole mess, but for the moment, she had to let it go. This was happening. She was taking Travis into bed. Into herself. Neal would have to deal. Her hands slid to Travis’ head. She pressed it to her pussy lips. They yearned at the touch of it. Her whole stomach seemed to cascade at the sudden pressure his head inspired. She was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating. She was scared. Scared but excited. Somehow, she managed to say, “Push, baby…” And he did. And her world flashed white in her mind as he did. With her bold promise to him, he was no longer shy about how the girl baring the brunt of his fuck would take it. He not only pushed, he shoved with all his might; and the way Travis was built– his back, his chest, his abs, his legs, his ass, his shoulders– meant that he could shove as hard as his dick was long. Despite the strength of his thrust, the size of his cock in proportion to the size of the hole it was entering was disproportionate– but how deep he got was a testament to his strength. He had gotten about as far as he had with those other girls in one single thrust. Jennifer, meanwhile, was silent except her deep, sharp inhalations. Her pussy gushed, as though it was aware of an attack at it’s gate and was rushing her pussy juice to help lubricate the advance. She felt herself pour out, and wondered if it was an orgasm. If it was, it was like no orgasm she’d ever had– it was an orgasm without climax. The climax was still to come. Almost instantaneously, he pushed again. This time, a light, audible ‘yelp’ escaped her parted lips. She clung to him, her arms escaping from between their compressing bodies and wrapped around his massive back, under his arms. It was happening. It felt iron hard and burning hot inside her. Already it was as deep as she had ever occupied a man– but unrecognizably thicker. It bore into her, stretching her, occupying her. There was pain, and it did hurt– but to her incredulous satisfaction, it didn’t hurt anywhere near as bad as she feared it would. They stared unblinking into each others eyes, fucking one another with their deep stares. He breathed against her open lips, not kissing, but still touching, their tongues lolling out in the air between their mouths, barely caressing. Her slight ‘yelp’ repeated, almost questioningly– the only way she could ask for ‘more?’He accommodated her, and shoved again. Now the going would get tough. The progress from here on out would be less each time, but the pain and pleasure would be exponential. She couldn’t look– wouldn’t even dare to look– but Travis knew that he was still far from even halfway into her. He readjusted his grip on her body; his arms re-enfolded her more closely now that they were now closer together, and she adjusted as well– further wrapping him in the d****s of her legs and arms. She was amazed at how strong he was– how firmly his body held her in place. With thrusts the magnitude he was capable of producing, she would’ve slid up the bedroom wall on his first advance, but his arms held her firmly still so his battering ram could penetrate her. As hard as he was fucking into her, he was equally forcing her body down the length of his thick, gorging cock. “Travis…” she managed to shiver.Another thrust, his third, and she more than ‘yelped’. It wasn’t a scream, and it wasn’t a moan; it was both. Her muğla seksi escort heels dug into the small of his back as though she was spurring a horse to go faster. She couldn’t believe herself! He still wasn’t halfway buried into her. Inside her, she felt her entire womanhood in chaos. Her womb was spreading, her pussy was widening disproportionate to anything she had ever attempted before. It was a throbbing, hammering pain, but an electric, rhythmic excitement. Again, with each thrust, another liquid burst erupted from her. This was entirely outside her realm of comfort– and she quickly realized that something totally new was happening to her. If sex, or even fucking, was what she had been doing up until this point– up until her encounter with Travis, then what they were doing now couldn’t be classified as either of those things. It was incomparable to any physical interaction she had ever had with any other human being, or by herself. She finally inhaled. She wondered how long it had been, and would’ve been amazed at how little time had actually passed. She inhaled, thirsty for air, and then suddenly all her breaths came at once. They were throaty and passionate. Travis, further encouraged by the sounds she was emitting, thrust forward a fourth time. They were now becoming one, the more deeply he was embedding himself within her. He was nearly halfway inside her, about eight inches, the thickest part of him firmly between the lips of her pussy. Her gushing became not just something that happened with his each advance, now, but was an ongoing thing. The more it occurred, the more she was becoming convinced that these were her usual, normal orgasms. Her back was pushing forward, her hips were gently gyrating in rhythm with the gushes. Her whole stomach seemed to ripple with each spurt, but still she had not achieved climax. There was a noticeable spreading wetness accumulating– both between their bodies– pooling against her stomach and becoming sticky between their abdomens, but also beneath her, saturating the blanket under her, splashing out from her firm buttocks whenever he pushed inside her. Travis was shoving with such intense force that she felt like she was sinking into the mattress below her, and Travis’ hard body was collapsing on top. She felt sandwiched, warm, and impaled. Her knuckles dug deep into his back. Her heels pressed firmly into the top of his ass, her instinctual signal for him to keep going. Boom! Boom! Boom! Three thrusts in quick succession, each with as much power as all of the last ones. Now she finally screamed, their mouths still open and breathing life into one another. Oh he was inside her now, deep within her. She could’ve taken his pulse by feeling the beat of blood through the veins in his cock through the walls of her pussy if she cared to. She smiled, her scream was becoming a light, sexy laugh at the end– because of her disbelief at how good it felt, as well as how little it hurt compared to her expectations. She found that, once she finished her scream, she could even talk– though her voice was loud and commanding– throaty and raspy. “Fuck me, Travis! Oh please fuck me!”This was, of course, his deepest, wildest, most distant fantasy he had ever crafted: not only that he would be fucking the forbidden woman of his dreams, but that she would want all of him– could actually take all of him. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! He began to pound into her with repetition, with mounting speed and power, now that their bodies were becoming one. The pleasure he felt at her warm, spreading pussy surrounding his cock, her clutching arms and legs surrounding him, her hot breathy screams demanding deeper fucking into his mouth, was making his balls draw up close to his body, hard and with increasing anticipation. “Yes!” She screamed. Yes!, he thought! Yes! “More! More, please baby, more! It feels fucking incredible!” He was fucking her into the mattress, in fact– the springs or layers that comprised the bed couldn’t withstand his fucking prowess, even if her body– her pussy– could. He held her by her shoulders and jammed her downward hard even as he pushed his hips up into her. Another two inches. God this was getting really close! God we’re getting really close! She somehow had the capacity to think. The space between their bodies was narrowing to something approaching normal. He was so deeply rooted inside her stomach now that he was fucking her guts– it seemed. She felt as if he were to suddenly stand up, without holding her in his arms, she would’ve been lifted up with him by virtue of his cock impaling her alone. That was how deep they were together, now. They were becoming a single fucking squishing cumming body. The end so near in sight now, she began to kiss him furiously, sucking on his tongue. Sucking on his tongue made her want to suck his dick. But sucking his dick meant she couldn’t be fucking his dick. Third world problems, she said to herself, and now began to jut her body in futility back against him. He felt her fucking him back, and it nearly sent him over the edge. They were really close now, and to feel her shove her hips against him– despite as little as it actually achieved in advancing his cock within her– was still a testament to how badly she wanted him. At this point, the two of them had been patiently grinding and shoving into one another for half an hour– Jenny had orgasmed nearly continuously, while Travis’ upcoming climax was approaching critical mass. His body began to numb, head to toe. His brain began to ‘fuzz’. He was going to cum deeply, directly inside her. Swallow his cum! Her brain echoed to her somewhere far, far back in her consciousness. Even as her brain said this, she pushed against him again, drawing him nearer, drawing him within her further.Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!… The fucking was truly beginning now. Enough of his cock was inside her now that a rhythm could begin. He was still only advancing– there was no slight withdrawal then pounding in, it was all just in!, in!, in!, in! But a fucking rhythm was beginning. Her pussy was exploding with each push. She was screaming herself hoarse now. Her fists were clenched against his back, her legs, now no longer needed to spurn him forward into her, were outstretching, toes curled, feet gyrating around the ball joints of her ankles. “Oh! Oh! Fuck! OH FUCK YES! YES! YES!” BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Closer… Closer… CLOSER…. CLOSER!Her tits were bouncing furiously with each of his juts. They were kissing hard now, sloppily, uncaring anymore– spit was emitting down the corner of her lip even as her pussy erupted in another tempestuous spray of cum against his bouncing, advancing testicles. She moaned into his mouth, sucking his tongue, drinking his saliva like it was his cum. Then… finally… sooner than either of them had dared to hope, he was fully sheathed within her. She felt his hard chest and abs make contact with her large breasts and tight stomach, bulging slightly from within with his cock. She felt him so far inside her that it seemed as if he was fucking the back of her throat. In actuality, he occupied a space just shy of the center of her ribcage. His balls, large and hot, were pressed firmly against the wet, throbbing lips of her pussy. Their mouths sucked on one anothers. She remembered what she had told herself; Swallow his cum!“Cum inside me, baby. Cum inside me!” She may as well have said, Open Sesame!He erupted like a volcano within her. So tight was the space that occupied his dick within her that as soon as he began to cum, her pussy blew up– the pressure of his own fluid, as deep as he was inside her, set off a chain reaction of dynamite within her that increased her own explosive output and set her over the top. This was like no other climax she had ever had. Maybe any woman in the world had ever experienced. Her whole body writhed the little it was able to underneath him as her pussy convulsed, spasmed, all while his cum overflowed within her and began to jettison and foam out from the narrow, microscopic openings between her pussy and his towering cock. He came and he came in furious hard jets of cum that shot within her so fully that her innards became saturated with it. All the while she climaxed herself, fully, wholly, feeling like a hot ball of cumming light. Without withdrawing, they fucked without barely moving like that for hours. All he would need to do is jab inward gently– so deeply within her as he was, only the slightest friction would provoke another cavalcade of cum from each of them. She orgasmed continuously, it seemed, but her truest and most powerful climaxes stemmed from his overflowing semen within her. Don’t let him cum inside you! Her mind finally stopped insisting, once the fourth or fifth time rolled around. Swallow his cum! Jennifer did deeply hunger for the taste of his seed– but getting him this far inside her took too much work to accomplish to give up now. His cum mixed with hers and overflowed every last millimeter of her insides before pouring out of her pussy like an infinite-pleasure waterfall of cum onto the mattress below. So deeply fucked-into the bed she was now that their cum began to fill up the recess she’d been fucked into. And still, inexplicably, she breathed More, more, more! Into his open mouth whenever their lips parted long enough for her to speak. Her voice was harsh and ragged from screams and deep throaty kissing. Her pussy, meanwhile, burned and ached. The muscles in her leg had been spasming and she was losing sensation in them as well as the muscles in her lower back. Her shoulders and arms began to weaken and tremble as well, from holding on so tight. Yet, the more she relented to these sensations and cries of distress from her body, the harder her climaxes became, the deeper he seemed to throb within her, the louder she cried for More! More! MORE! They fucked, exactly like this, until the sun emerged and was high in the sky. She wasn’t sure how it was possible for him to repeatedly fuck her after cumming so much– but she didn’t have the patience to break away from their fuck-fest to bother to ask. It would have to wait. There was more at play here than just his youthful longevity. He seemed incapable of losing his erection now that it had been thusly forged. But eventually, exhausted, one of them collapsed– she forgot who first. Still, this gave permission for the other to rest, and they slept together– slept as deep as their fuck was thorough– with his dick still inside her. Even at it’s softest– it was still hard and thick enough to occupy her. And she didn’t mind. Her pussy was his now– and would be good for no one else, ever again, as far as she was concerned. She was glad to see the sun come. She was glad to see one day turn into the next. Now would begin her life with Travis– she thanked God she was still young enough to be his lover, but old enough to be able to do it right, and that all of this had happened when it did. They slept with his cock nestled deep inside her, drying in a pool of their mutual juices, without covering of blanket or sheet on what had become their bed, clinging to one another, lips touching. Their sleep was so dark and complete that neither moved until the other awoke, hours later. Neal, her son, Travis’ best friend, who had been awake, heard the silence– and also went to sleep– hate growing still larger inside him. He had no idea what was going to happen, but he’d figure something out.