Mart 30, 2024

Hot ‘Lanta

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My business trips to Atlanta were always enjoyable. Having lived there previously, I knew the nice places in midtown and Buckhead to just sit back and relax. Sometimes, my schedule would work out where I would meet up with Henri and Joan or sometimes, just one of them. They were both hot in bed. This trip I was on my own as our calendars did not match up even though I was going to be there for a whole week. A long day at the office meant I needed time at the hotel bar for dinner and a few drinks. I walked through the lobby directly to the elevators and headed up to my room to drop off my briefcase. In no time I was back down the elevator heading to the bar.

The bar was already very crowded during the week with business travelers and weekends were extremely busy with tourists. The downtown five-star hotel’s elegance was an attraction to most who stay in Atlanta. I looked around for a place at the bar but found no empty seats but did find an empty booth in the alcove where there were booths and table. I made my way to the corner and slid in.

The cocktail waitress was there to take my order quicker than I thought would happen. I was in need of a Scotch, so, “Scotch over ice, please,” I chimed as she smiled back and quickly moved out into the sea of people.

The booths on both sides of me were occupied. There were two young couples, apparently there for Happy Hour after work to my left and a sharp couple speaking with and enjoying drinks and appetizers with a guy to my right. The acoustics were very different than I would have expected because although I couldn’t hear a word from the discussions with the couples to my left over the crowd noise, I could hear pretty much most of the conversation with three to my right.

There was plenty of laughter and small talk. I was interrupted listening to the conversation when the cocktail waitress brought my drink. I asked her to start my tab. She smiled and winked and sauntered off in her tight short-shorts with her very tight blouse opened half way down showing off her ample breasts, and nice legs starting from her black high heels and her hose-clad legs. She was cute.

I keyed back in on the conversation to learn that the couple was military, him being Navy, she was his wife, and the other guy was some sort of acquaintance, at least, that was what I thought at first. I really didn’t see them as I made my way to the booth but they had my attention.

A few sips into my Scotch and watching the crowd, the conversation got to be very interesting. The wife commented on how much they had enjoyed their three-way chats on an adult web site, especially seeing that the husband had been deployed for several months and they were now on their way to their new duty station at Great Lakes. Now I knew how they met.

Their conversations led to them talking about each other’s fantasies they had discussed on-line and whether or not that they would truly show up at their rendezvous in Atlanta. Again, I have no idea why the acoustics were so good, but the conversation was definitely starting down the lines of erotica. I knew they had no idea I could hear them or they wouldn’t have been talking so nonchalantly.

The wife made a comment; “We really want to bring someone else into our bed so that we can live out our fantasies, just like we chatted about.”

The male responded, “I am very comfortable with you both.”

The wife quickly responded, “We’ve really wanted to spice up our sex life. Sex has been so-so lately, even after him being gone for six months. Don’t get me wrong, his cock is awesome but we are in a rut. Oh, my baby, this is making me so wet.”

The husband chimed in, “That is the intent baby. We’ve both wanted to add some spice back into our sex life and the idea of the two of us sharing Eva here, especially a DP, is so hot.”

I now knew her name.

The waitress returned to check on their booth. They ordered another round. She then moved to me and I decided I needed another Scotch. When she strutted away, I again concentrated on the erotic conversation again going on next to me.

The wife, Eva, sighed as if the drinks and alcohol seemed to be taking affect and letting her do away with her inhibitions. “So Don, like we chatted, I really want to see you and Sean suck each other’s cocks. I can’t wait to see it live after your chat sessions. Watching the two of you will have me so wet, I will easily take both of our cocks at the same time. I can’t believe I’m this wet!”

Now I knew the husband’s name and the guy that they were with.

Sean added, “This will be a first for me. I have to tell you, I am glad to see we are interested in going forward. Eva and I have talked about it a lot during sex and when we do, she gets quite wild. Right now, I’m hard thinking about it.”

Don remained quiet. I was wondering what he was going to say. At that point, the waitress returned with their drinks and mine, interrupting the conversation.

“Guys, you are going to have to excuse me for a minute. I have to go to the Little Gaziantep Saatlik Escort Girl’s Room and I’ll be right back,” Eva noted.

She slid out of the booth, her red high heels and black seamed hose-clad legs appeared first as she swung them out. As she slid to the end of the booth, her black skirt slid up her thighs exposing the tops of her hose and the light brown of her exposed tanned thighs. Sliding out further, I got a better view as she swung her legs to move herself out of the booth. Standing up, her back to me, her ass was encased erotically in the skirt. She had on a red blouse and her brown hair with blonde highlights fell down past her shoulders. She reached in for her red purse before telling both Don and Sean to continue to converse while she went to the Little Girl’s Room.

I watched her strut through the crowd towards the Ladies Room, watching her the whole way until she disappeared in the sea of bodies.

“Oh wow Sean, she’s one hot lady,” Don commented. He must have been watching her walk toward the Ladies Room as well.

“Yes, she is,” Responded Sean. “Meeting here was a good thing. We had a chance to have a bite to eat, a few drinks to loosen up, and I know Eva and I are both looking forward to sharing you tonight. I really did enjoy our chats on line. I came a load every time.”

Several people moved around our area and it became a little difficult to hear the conversation at their table. I sipped my drink watching for Eva’s return. After nearly completing my second drink, I caught a glimpse of Eva making her way back to the table. She was very cute, now that I could see the rest of her. She was about five foot four inches tall and the heels made her much taller. Her breasts were coming out of the top of a black lace bra that was barely concealed by her red blouse seeing that the buttons were opened nearly half way down. Now I could tell her skin was a dark tan, that of a Latina. Her lips were ruby red from the lipstick and her eyes were something to behold. As she approached their booth, she happened to glance over at my booth before sliding in. We made momentary eye contact and I noticed a wonderful smile as she began to slide into the booth.

“Sorry boys,” She quipped. The Little Girl’s Room was a little crowded and it took longer than I’d liked. So, how are you two getting along?”

Sean responded, “Baby, we’ve been having a great chat. Now it’s my turn to use the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

Eva slid back out, nearly the same way she had earlier. I got another look at those legs and that great body. As she slipped out, Sean followed. Eva looked around the room and turned back at me again and smiled as we again made eye contact. I had a great view of her breasts and could see that her nipples were hard, projecting through the material of the blouse and her black lace bra.

When Sean slid out, he was dressed in tan slacks, loafers, a black polo shirt and looked like he was about six foot tall, broad shouldered, nice waist, and short brown hair. He had a fair complexion and smooth look. As he stood up, he glanced over at me. I was glad I wasn’t looking at his wife’s legs, ass, or breasts at that moment. Our eye contact generated a smile from both of us as well. Looking at me, he told them he’d be right back. He adjusted himself, inadvertently letting me see that he had a possible nice package before he turned and walked toward the Men’s Room.

Eva began to slide back into the booth and said, “I can’t wait to watch the two of you and those magnificent cocks. I had to make myself cum in the stall. My clit was throbbing.”

Eva and Don continued the conversation, more about what he wanted to do to her than what he was going to do with Sean to make her hotter. The waitress came back by again and I held up my glass indicating I was ready for another. When she turned to ask Eva and Don if they were ready for another, Eva commented yes and Don waived off.

Again, I watched those around us and nobody paid any attention to them in the booth. It was my show and I was enjoying it. My cock was throbbing. The waitress came back quicker than the last trips and arrived just as Sean returned. As Sean sat down, Don noted that it was his turn to go to the bathroom and he’d be right back.

Don slid out of the booth, black slacks, black shirt, about my height of five-foot nine inches tall with black hair. The waitress blocked my view of his face but his body looked fairly well from what I could see. The waitress asked Sean if he’d like another round and he replied yes. As the cocktail waitress moved, I was taking a sip of my drink and noticed that Don didn’t head toward the Men’s Room but toward the exit.

I listened to the two of them talking. “Oh God Sean, are your ready for this? I can’t wait to watch you suck his cock.”

Sean responded, “Baby, I’ll let him fuck me in the ass too I’m so hot! Feel my cock.”

Eva must have reached over and placed her hand on her husband’s cock because her response was an indicator that he was rock hard. “Oh baby, you are so hard. Just thinking of having cock has you that hard?”

“No sweetheart, it is just one part. Sharing you and doing things that make you cum is what makes me so hot. I love you dear. I’m glad we are doing this together.”

“My pussy is so wet and I keep rubbing my clit and I’ve came twice more while you were away thinking of you going down on him.”

They drank their drinks and must have motioned for the cocktail waitress again as she sauntered up, heels clicking on the tiles. “Another round?” She asked.

“Please.” Eva responded. The cocktail waitress turned to me and I shook my head no and mouth the words, “not yet” and smiled as she walked away.

“Its been a while baby. Do you think he’s okay? Do you think you should check on him?”

Sean began to slide out of the booth and told Eva, “I’ll be right back.”

I watched as Sean walked slowly toward the bar, making his way through the sea of people before stopping to look around the room. I decided I needed to go to the Men’s Room myself and moved to slide out of the booth. As I passed Eva, I looked back as she was taking another sip of her drink. She was a looker. We smiled again at each other. I made my way toward the Men’s Room door.

When I opened the door, Sean followed me in. I made my way to the urinal and unzipped my slacks and slid my cock out to relieve myself. Sean walked up to the urinal next to me and did the same. I took the opportunity to comment, “So you know, the guy you were with left when he got up.”

“Damn,” Responded Sean.

“Hey, no big deal.”

I finished as Sean was still in midstream and I slowly zipped my fly and moved toward the sink to wash my hands. We were the only two in the Men’s Room for the moment. I took the opportunity to let him know I had heard most of their conversation from my seat in the booth next to them. As I washed my hands, Sean flushed the urinal and moved around to the sink as he was zipping up his pants.

“So you heard our conversation?”

Yep, pretty much,” I responded.

He pondered a response as he washed his hands. He turned to me and smiled, “We were both really looking forward to this evening. We three-way chatted nearly every night for a month leading up to tonight. I just got back three days ago and…” He let the sentence trail off.

He reached for the paper towels and began to dry off his hands. I smiled back, “Sean, if I can call you Sean, I’m Tony. I reached out to shake his hand. Don’t worry about me hearing the conversation. I enjoyed it and was quite envious. You and Eva are a very attractive couple. It’s Don’s loss. To tell you the truth, I definitely wouldn’t have walked out. Seems Don may not have been bi because you and Eva are two I’d like to play with.”

Sean caught my insinuation. “What do you mean Don may not have been bi?”

We were still alone and we may only have a couple of more minutes before someone else walked in, so I responded. “If he was bi, who in their own right mind wouldn’t have you both? From the conversations I overheard, I thought my own cock would explode.”

I reached over and placed my hand on his cock through his pants. He wasn’t hard. But as I rubbed him, he began to thicken quite nicely. “There, see? Who would give up that cock and the opportunity to share your hot wife if he really was bi?”

I moved my hand from his cock to his hand, guiding him to my now throbbing member. “I am interested in you both.”

I released his hand but he didn’t release my cock but after a few seconds. I opened the door and held it open for him just as three guys walked up from two different directions. “I leaned over and said, “Why don’t you and Eva move to my booth when we get back. That way, we know others wouldn’t hear our conversation. Of course, I sat there and it was pretty hot. So if you’d like to share with others, that could be erotic too.”

I smiled and began making my way back to the booth. I caught the cocktail waitress’s eye and motioned for another drink. As I approached Sean and Eva’s booth, I smiled at Eva and was rewarded with yet another smile before I slid back into my booth.

Sean approached the booths. He looked me straight in the eye and smiled. He placed his hand on the front of his cock letting me see that he was hard. He turned and slid into the booth with Eva.

“Baby. Hate to say it but I think Don only wanted to fuck you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it appears he left,” Sean responded.

“Oh Baby, I’m so sorry! I was really really hot thinking of the two of you giving me a show. My pussy is so hot.”

“That’s ok. Rather find out about it now than get to the room and find out that he wasn’t really interested in both of us, just you.”

“So Baby, if you are still up for it, I’ll suck your cock and slide my dildo in your ass and fuck you till your cock can’t get hard. We can try this again sometime if you really want to go through with it. I want to try.”

Sean knew I could hear the whole conversation from where I sat. “Well, I do still want to go through with it and I still want to go through with it tonight, if you would still like, that is.”

“Baby,” She responded. “My pussy is so hot, I’m a little tipsy, and I would but what do we do?”

Sean went on to explain, “Well dear, you see, our conversation hasn’t been quite private. As a matter of fact, you know that guy in the booth next to us in the corner here? He has a seat that has let him hear our whole conversation with Don, you, and I since he walked in. I ran into him in the Men’s Room and he told me Don had walked out.”

“What do you mean he could hear our conversation? You mean, everything?”

Sean again responded, “Yes, pretty much. He was in the Men’s Room when I walked in. I took the urinal next to him and he just nonchalantly told me that Don had walked out and about how he more than likely wasn’t bi. He said anyone that wouldn’t take us both to bed when given the opportunity wasn’t only not bi, but crazy not to do so.”

Eva paused a moment before responding, “You mean he has heard this conversation too, right now?”

“I’d say yes. As a matter of fact, when he and I were chatting at the sink, he placed his hand on my cock and felt it grow just to show me he liked what he saw. He then took my hand and placed it on his cock. I didn’t want to let it go.”

“In the Men’s Room? Oh baby, that is so hot.”

“Baby, he’s nice looking, a little older than us but I would really like to have him with us if you’d still consider it.”

“No wonder he smiled when we made eye contact each time I got up,” Eva noted. “I have to say, he was good looking, I mean, is good looking.”

Sean slid out of the booth and leaned in to speak to me. “Care to join us Tony? Would love to have your company.”

“As a matter of fact Sean, why don’t you and Eva join me at this booth unless you want to take a chance of someone else sitting here listening in on our conversation.”

“Baby, how about we move over here to Tony’s table and get to know each other.”

He reached over to help Eva slide out of the booth and she turned toward me as I slid out to introduce myself. We locked eyes with a smile and I reached out to shake her hand, “It’s a pleasure to finally get to meet you Eva.”

“Oh Sean, he even has manners as well as being cute.”

She slid back into the opposite side with Sean sliding back in next to her. When the cocktail waitress arrived with my drink, I asked for her to add their tab to mine. She smiled and two more drinks were ordered for them.

Smiling with her head cocked to the side, “So, Tony, my husband says you checked out his package in the Men’s Room. Did you like what you felt?”

I smiled back and responded, “Yes, as a matter of fact I did. He “grew” on me, so to speak.”

We all three chuckled at the response.

“So, could you really hear our discussions? You must think I’m a slut and we are hard up for sex.”

I smiled looking at them both, “No, I don’t think you’re a slut. As a matter of fact, I think the two of you are a very hot couple. Don was an idiot. But, he’s gone and I get to chat with you both. So, do you have more climaxes left in you this evening or have you cum enough?”

She giggled, “I like him Sean. I do.”

The cocktail waitress arrived with their drinks and we chatted, putting each other further at ease. As we were talking about their fantasies for the evening, another group arrived to sit down at the booth they had vacated. “Let’s see if we can hear them talk,” I noted.

Sure enough, over the dull roar of a full bar, we could hear the two couples order their drinks. “I state my point,” I responded. The three of us laughed.

“So Tony,” Eva started. “Seeing that I haven’t had the chance to check out your equipment, how are you in the cock department? I got to see pictures of Don’s, well, I think I got to see pictures of Don’s.”

“Well, seven inches, cut, I’m shaved, and I love sex with both men and women. How is that?”

Sean responded, “Baby, I felt his cock in the Men’s Room. It is a package that has my attention.”

“Well Tony, my husband is a virgin in the oral and anal exploits of sex with men. At least I think that is the case,” She chided Sean. “But, he has a nice cock, all eight inches of it and its cut and shaved smooth too. You really do enjoy cock?”

“I do, just as much as I love pussy.”

“Oh dear. My pussy is soaked again.”

At that point, she patted Sean on the arm and told him she needed to go to the Lady’s Room again. He stood up and let her slide out. She grabbed her purse and took one step toward the direction of the Lady’s Room before turning back and leaning in on the booth’s table looking right into my eyes. “I’ll be right back mister. I am going to see you and my husband fuck and suck tonight.”

She watched for my reaction. I smiled back at her and said, “I’m looking forward to it. Every bit. I hope you enjoy the show.”

She stood straight up, smiled, flipped her hair back and responded over the shoulder at both of us, “Be ready to go when I get back boys.”