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Controlling Daughter

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I didn’t become attracted to my daughter until shortly after her eighteenth birthday. It wasn’t an attraction that I fought for years, either, telling myself that I had to wait until she was old enough before I began to lust for her. Becky was simply my daughter and, in spite of her stunning beauty, I had absolutely no desire for her as a lover. I don’t believe the idea of making love to her ever came to mind. In fact, the only thoughts I had were the normal concerns of every father for his little girl: the pack of young boys who would eventually show up on my doorstep one day.

Becky is short at five-feet, five inches, but her slender build makes her legs appear much longer than they really are. Her ass is petite and well rounded, her breasts small and firm. She has long, straight black hair that frames a delicate, narrow face, with deep, green eyes and a sexy, sensuous mouth. Her hands and feet are petite, smooth and very sexy. My daughter is quite a stunning package.

Last month I was watching television one Wednesday evening and, as usual, nothing good was on. After surfing through all of the cable channels twice, flipping through old magazines and rereading the day’s newspaper, I stood up and walked into the hall. My wife was out with some friends but Becky was in her room. I tapped lightly on the door and pushed it open a few inches.

“Hi, daddy!”

“Hi, baby. Can I come in?”


My daughter was sitting on her bed and holding one foot while she applied nail polish to her toenails. I saw that she had finished with one foot and had just begun the big toe of the other. The bright red polish contrasted well with the soft, pale skin of her perfect feet, and she worked slowly to make the end result spectacular. Judging from the one she had finished, she was doing a flawless job.

“This is such a pain,” she grumped. “Just be glad you don’t have to paint your nails, daddy.”

“Yes, what a joy,” I conceded easily.

“I mean, it makes my hands and feet look nice, but it’s just a pain in the butt.”

“Then why do it?” I asked.

“Oh that would be gross!” she said, scrunching her face into an expression of disgust. “Unpainted nails look awful!”


The issue of painted nails versus unpainted nails was a debate I did not want to get into. So I said nothing and watched Becky attend to her dainty toes. Yet, as I watched, I could easily see that painting one’s nails would certainly be a chore and I was suddenly glad that I didn’t have to do it on a regular basis.

“Will you do me a favor, daddy?” she asked in that little girl voice she sometimes used on me when she wanted something but was afraid the answer would be a quick no.

“Ah, well, if I can,” I said slowly, already suspicious.

“Finish this foot. Please?”

“Baby, I’m afraid I would really gum up the works,” I chuckled. “I doubt you would be pleased with my efforts.”

“Please, daddy?” she asked again, canting her pretty head to one side and giving me that lost little girl look she sometimes gave to get her way. And normally it worked.

“Oh, hell, why not?”

“Thank you, daddy! I’m so tired of this.”

Becky handed me the brush applicator and gave me instructions on how to paint her nails and get the most pleasing results. She assured me that she would watch and make sure I did it right. With a sigh, I took her left foot in one hand and began to carefully apply the polish.

It was then that I began to notice my daughter – really notice her. I have been an avid admirer of women’s feet, especially feet as dainty and flawless as Becky’s, for many years. The pink sole was soft in my hand and it was hard to concentrate as I held it gently. Her toes, I noticed for the first time, were absolutely breathtaking. It wasn’t long before my breathing became shallow and uneven as I stared at her petty toes.

Occasionally, I raked my eyes across her legs, noticing how smooth and soft they looked. Images of what she might look like naked came swiftly and unbidden to mind. I tried to will the thoughts away, knowing they were wrong, but it was useless. In spite of myself, I even stole a couple of glances up the long tee shirt she wore, to catch a glimpse of the pink panties she wore.

In the space of a few minutes I became obsessed with my daughter. It happened that quickly and easily. I was so lost in the images that flooded my head that I didn’t hear a word she said. It was all I could do to keep from lifting her left foot and taking her toes, including wet polish, into my mouth. I wanted to spend hours tasting her feet, savoring the sweet feel of her soft skin on my lips and tongue. I wanted to lock eyes with Becky as I slowly drew her incredibly beautiful toes deep into my mouth.

Finally, mercifully, I was finished. I slipped the applicator back into the bottle she held and mumbled a few words that I don’t even recall. I stood quickly to leave and the horror of all horrors hit me hard. My cock, all hard throbbing seven-inches, Gaziantep Escort İlanları had made a big tent in the front of my trousers. Becky’s face, as she sat on the edge of her bed, was no more than two inches from the bulge in my pants. Her green eyes widened and a loud gasp issued from her mouth. My little girl stared incredulously at the huge bulge, and then raised her eyes slowly to look at me. I did the only thing I could do: I fled her room.

I stumbled down the hall to the master bedroom and into the master bath. Gasping for breath, I dropped my pants and began jacking off, pounding my cock hard as I recalled the feel of her foot in my hand, the exquisite beauty and softness of her skin and the succulent shape of her toes. In my mind’s eye I saw Becky’s sleek legs and the pink panty crotch that covered her little pussy. I came hard, groaning with each jet of hot, sticky cum that exploded from my cock. Several minutes passed before my legs stopped trembling and I was able to leave the bathroom.

* * * * * * * * *

The next couple of days were hard on me. The sudden sexual attraction for my daughter came as a complete surprise, and the guilt and shame were relentless. I felt horrible, yet I was unable to dismiss the thoughts that kept coming into my head. I masturbated numerous times with Becky’s pretty feet and legs in my mind’s eye. On Friday night, as Susan and I made love, it was Becky that I pretended to fuck. I felt horrible.

I was afraid, at least in the beginning, that my daughter would mention what happened to her mother or her friends. Apparently she didn’t say anything because it was business as usual at home. Even Becky showed no sign that anything had happened that night, which was curious because I know she saw the bulge my hard cock made in my pants. The widening of her eyes and the loud gasp, alone, were evidence.

The following Saturday Susan went to the mall with some friends. Normally a mall outing for my wife is an all day event, which left me alone with Becky. After I showered and pulled on a robe, I walked to the den where I saw my daughter sunbathing on the patio. She wore a skimpy, two-piece bathing suit that left little to the imagination. The thong she wore revealed a delicious expanse of her soft ass cheeks that instantly brought on an erection.

I stood to one side of the patio door and stared through the glass at her. I slowly pulled on my cock while I admired my daughter’s sexy body. She was lying on her tummy and my eyes feasted on her ass and the pink soles of her feet that I wanted badly to touch and lick. After five minutes, she got up suddenly from the lounge chair and grabbed the towel. I hurried to the recliner and grabbed the paper before she could catch me.

“Hi, daddy!” she called out brightly.

“Hi, baby,” I said, pretending to be absorbed with the town news.

“You sleep well last night?”

“Ah, yes, I did, thanks.”

“Cool. Well, I’m going to listen to some music. Call me if you need anything.”

If I need anything, I parroted to myself. Sure, baby, daddy needs your sexy pussy pumping his hard cock. As soon as the words came silently to mind, I shrugged them off, feeling terrible for entertaining them in the first place. But, as usual, I was unable to resist and the image of her sweet body dressed in the skimpy bathing suit came to mind. I saw her delicious ass in my mind’s eye and the puffy outline of her pussy under the tiny fragment of material.

I was hard again. And the more I sat there pulling my cock, the more I wanted her. I became so aroused that reason finally took back seat and caution flew out the window. Before I could think of what I was doing, I left the recliner and walked down the hall to Becky’s bedroom. The door was closed and I stood with my hand on the knob, mind reeling and buzzing with the dangerous intentions I suddenly contemplated. I could hardly breath and my legs trembled so bad that I briefly wondered if I might actually fall.

Then, with a huge gulp of air, I shrugged out of the robe and opened my daughter’s bedroom door. She looked immediately to the door and I saw the way her eyes widened when she saw me walk into her room, completely naked. Her sexy lips made a large O as she looked at my hard cock that bobbed while I walked. I stopped just in front of where she sat on the edge of the bed and started masturbating.

“Look at daddy’s cock, baby,” I said in a low, husky voice. “Look at how hard your beautiful, sexy body makes it.”

She was still dressed in the bathing suit and I could see the soft, swell of her small tits. The massive bulbous head of my cock was no more than a few inches from her face as I slowly pumped it. She stared at it for a long while, her lips slightly parted. My breathing had become shallow, my pulse raced as I masturbated for my sexy little girl.

“I want to suck your beautiful toes, Becky,” I husked softly. “I want to lick your feet, baby.”

She raised her face and locked eyes with me. I didn’t see a look of anger or reproach as she looked at me; her deep green eyes simply stared into mine while her pretty lips spread into a small smile. Then, without a word, she dropped her gaze back to my cock. I was going nuts. This was taboo and probably the reason I was so aroused; masturbating for my daughter was the ultimate in sexual excitement.

I picked up the tempo and began stroking my cock harder and faster. My balls bounced against my thighs and the rush of a mind-blowing orgasm wasn’t far away. I stared at Becky’s pretty face, her sexy, inviting lips and sucked in a deep breath. I needed more. Jacking off while my little girl watched should have been enough, yet I soon found that I needed more excitement. I was becoming like a junkie on drugs – I craved more of this wonderful, sexual fix. Without really thinking about it, I grabbed Becky’s head with one hand and pressed the head of my cock to her lips. And, just like that, she opened her mouth and my hard cock slipped inside.

“Yesssss!” I hissed. “Suck daddy’s cock! Suck it, baby!”

To my surprise, she began to suck my dick as I rocked my hips slowly. I didn’t know if she sucked me because she was aroused or because she was simply complying with my wish. At that moment, though, it didn’t matter. Just seeing her lips wrapped around the fat shaft that drove in and out of her warm, wet mouth, was the most powerful image I’d ever seen. It only took maybe a half dozen strokes into her silky mouth before my balls tightened and I shoved my cock into her one last time.


My cock exploded into Becky’s mouth, filling her with my hot, thick seed. Loud, gut-wrenching groans of absolute, unbridled pleasure came from my mouth as I held her pretty head in my hands. On and on my orgasm stretched until I thought I would lose my mind with the pure exotic sensations that flooded my belly.

Then it was over. Suddenly, the enormity of what I had just done slammed into the pit of my stomach and I quickly pulled my cock, still wet with her saliva and a thin sheen of cum, from her mouth. I felt embarrassment and I backed toward the door babbling some nonsense that I can’t remember. And, like a few nights before, I fled my daughter’s room.

* * * * * * * * * *

I managed to stay out of sight for the rest of the day, puttering around in my basement workshop. I spent the time rehearsing what I would say, what excuses I would use, when Susan confronted me with what I had done to our daughter. In the end, I realized I was just kidding myself because there was no way I would try to make my daughter look like a liar and, not owning up to my indiscretions, would have accomplished just that.

The door at the top of the stairs that leads into the kitchen opened around six o’clock and Susan stuck her head in. I looked up from the workbench where I had been working on an old lawnmower engine. I was a little apprehensive but the look on her face was encouraging.

“Dinner’s ready, sweetheart,” she called down.

“I’ll be right up.”

I washed my hands in a small bathroom, and then trudged up the stairs with a racing pulse and a head that seemed as though it would explode with anxiety. Susan and Becky were already at the table and I took my usual place, with Susan to my left and Becky directly across from me. I averted my eyes waiting for the shoe to drop.

“Becky said you’ve been in your workshop all day,” my wife commented as she passed a bowl of mashed potatoes.

“Well, yes, I guess so,” I mumbled.

“Dear, you need to get out more,” she remarked. “Being cooped up in that dark old workshop isn’t good for you.”

“Yeah, daddy, you need to spend more time with us.”

I raised my eyes and looked at my daughter. There was nothing on her face to suggest that there was a problem. I glanced quickly at my wife, who was busy buttering a roll and saw nothing unpleasant in her expression. In fact, everything was normal – all systems go. I can’t explain the overwhelming sense of relief that flooded through me at that moment. For hours, as I tinkered around downstairs in the workshop, I had just known that I was spending the remaining hours of my freedom. Then, without a beat, Susan started in on the mall and the tremendous buys she’d seen. I knew all was well – I just couldn’t figure out why.

Suddenly, I felt something soft on the inner side of my right thigh. I sat still with my attention fixed on the plate of food before me as I realized that Becky was rubbing my thighs with one of her sexy feet. I almost choked on a mouthful of beans. I looked up at her and saw a small smile on her lips and a sparkle in her green eyes. In no time my cock was rock hard and throbbing in my pants, aching to be released and loved.

“Take your cock out,” Becky mouthed silently when Susan wasn’t watching.

I furtively released my dick and almost groaned when I felt my daughter’s soft toes caress the underside of my fat shaft. She rested her other foot on my left leg and I casually slid a hand under the table and began fondling her toes and the pink, soft sole. I felt so strange; one moment I was worried about what would happen to me because of my earlier indiscretions in Becky’s bedroom and now my sexy little girl was teasing my cock with one of her pretty feet while I played with the other. It was intoxicating!

I have no idea what Susan was talking about at that moment and didn’t really care. The biggest turn on for me was that I knew my daughter was foot-fucking my cock at the dinner table while her mother sat not more than a few feet away! The feeling was overwhelmingly delicious. Even though the tablecloth draped over the edges of the table by more than a foot, it was still a very erotic experience.

“I hate to be a party poop,” my wife announced as she got up from the table, “but I have to get to bed early. Carla James and I are going to visit her mother tomorrow and it’s a two-hour drive. Carla will be by early in the morning.”

“Ok, mom,” Becky said.

“Drive safely,” I said, suppressing a groan.

“Take care of your dad, Becky,” Susan said as she walked to the sink with her plate and glass.

“I’ll take good care of daddy,” Becky grinned and winked at me. Then, silently she mouthed, “I want to fuck your cock, daddy.”

Once Susan was out of the room, Becky stood and walked around to my side of the table. She reached under the table and grabbed my cock with one hand and leaned her face in close to me. Without warning, my little girl’s lips were on mine as she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth. We kissed hard and wild while her hand furiously rubbed the hard shaft of my cock.

“Go take a shower, daddy,” she said, “while I clean up the kitchen. I’ll meet you downstairs.”

“Ok, baby,” I husked.

I actually pinched myself when I stepped under the warm water. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was about to fuck my sexy little girl. A week ago I would have freaked if someone had told me that I would sink my dick into Becky’s little pussy. It didn’t take long and I was out of the shower, pulling on a robe over my naked body.

The kitchen was empty when I pushed open the door from the den. When I opened the door to the basement, I smiled. Soft, easy listening music filtered up the stairs and I descended slowly into the basement. It was dark in the immediate area that I used as a workshop but there was a light on around the corner where I kept an old living room suit and a television.

Becky was sitting on the middle cushion of the sofa, dressed in a robe. I wondered as I walked into the room if she, too, was naked under her robe. I already had a hard-on and the silent musing just caused it to twitch.

“You’ve been a naughty boy, daddy,” Becky said in a sultry voice I hadn’t heard before. “I’m sorry, baby,” I smiled.

“Are you naked under your robe?” When I nodded, she said, “Take it off.”

I slipped off the robe and saw her eyes go immediately to my hard dick. She licked her lips as she stared at it, and then raised her eyes to my face. I started to walk to where she sat and scoop her small, sexy body into my arms, but the look on her face kept me still.

“Do you like sticking your big cock in a little girl’s mouth?”

I nodded.

“Do you like shooting your thick man-seed in my little girl mouth?”

“Yes,” I said weakly. I didn’t know what she was up to but I liked it.

“You’ve been so naughty. A big handsome daddy like you sticking his big penis in his little daughter’s mouth and cumming in her, then running off before she can even swallow his love juice. You need to be punished.”


“Don’t speak, daddy, unless you have my permission,” she said holding up a warning hand. Her voice had changed, become firm and hard. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” I replied. I didn’t know what else to say. My head was abuzz with this sudden development. After all, after what I had done earlier, she was the one in charge now. There was little I could say or do.

“You got a big hard-on when you painted my toes the other night. Do my toes turn you on?”


“Do you really want to suck my toes and lick my feet?” She raised her dainty feet up.

I swallowed hard and nodded. I was standing naked in front of my eighteen-year-old daughter with a raging hard cock while she talked to me like a child. In a weird, perverse way, I was becoming very aroused.

“You’re a nasty daddy,” she said with a grin. “You want to lick your little girl’s feet.”

I sucked in a deep, tremulous breath and nodded. Becky slowly stood, shrugged out of the robe and sat back down. I gasped loudly. She was naked and more beautiful than I had imagined. Her small tits were cone shaped with puffy pink nipples. When she spread her legs wide my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. I stared for a long moment at her puffy, shaved mound as my pulse raced.

“Do you like your little girl’s naked body?”

“Oh, yes!” I exclaimed breathlessly.