Mart 30, 2024

My Wife’s Awakening

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My wife and I were out at a bar for a night out. Away from the kids who were staying at my mothers for the night. We had been discussing various topics. Mostly how my wife, Shannon, wanted to remodel the kitchen, when there was one of those inordinately long pauses in the conversation. I looked across the table at my pretty wife and saw her take a deep breath and close her eyes for a moment. Then she said it.

“I think I have a crush on Cindy.”

The next sound was my jaw slamming against the table, followed by my stammering, “You what?”

Her eyes looked around the room for a moment and then she repeated herself, “I said, I think I have a crush on Cindy from work.” And another deep breath.

“What do you mean you think?”

“Well, okay, I have a crush on Cindy. When ever I am around her I feel like I did when I was in High School and I had a crush on a boy. My heart starts beating fast, my face gets flushed, hell my nipples get hard for Christ’s sake.”

I could see her heart beating through her sweater as I responded, “So what are you saying you are gay?”

“No,” she said firmly, “I am not gay, or lesbian.”

“But you just said you have a crush on another woman. If you are not gay what are you just curious.”

“No I can’t say I am curious, because I know I am attracted to another woman and I am not gay because I am still attracted to you and you are a man. I guess I would have to say I and an un-experienced bisexual, does that sound right?”

“I guess so. So does Cindy feel the same way as you do?”

“I don’t know, it’s not like I can come right out and ask her. I mean there is definitely chemistry between us. We have gotten to be very good friends. Sometimes she will say things, like I don’t know, like sexual innuendo, and double entendre. It’s almost like we flirt with each other and part of me thinks she is sending out signals, but another part of me says it is just my imagination, you know?”

“No, I really don’t know, but I’ll take your word for it. So nothing physical has happened though right?”

“Oh heavens no, first of all we work together, and secondly we are both married.”

“Oh,” I said, breathing a sigh of relief. “Well are you just attracted to Cindy or are there others?” I asked.

“Well if you mean do I find other woman attractive the answer is yes. I mean I always used to look at other woman and think they were pretty, or they had a great body, but this is different.” “How so?”

“Because before I didn’t think about kissing them, or touching them. Feeling their bodies pressed against mine.”

“And now you do?”

She paused for a moment and said softly, “Yes.”

“All right,” I said as I tried to collect my thoughts. “So you think about Cindy that way, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you think about women other than her that way?”

“Well,” she said, ” since I accepted my attraction to Cindy I have realized that I am attracted to other women too.”

“Like who?”

“Christ, that is like me asking you who you are attracted to. What do you mean like celebrities or what?”

“Yes Gaziantep Escort Reklamları celebrities or other people you know. Oh hell what about her,” I asked pointing to the waitress, a cute, petite girl with long brown hair and a boyish body.

“Well she is cute, but she is not really my type,” Shannon said matter-of-factly.

“Oh Jesus, you have a type,” I said my eyes rolling back in my head. “So what is your type?” I asked as my eyes scanned the bar before landing on a very pretty blonde woman in a tight sweater. “Is she your type?”

“Oh my god, yes, she’s my type. Look at her she is beautiful.”

Things were getting weird. I was sitting in a bar discussing other woman with my wife. “So where do we go from here?” I asked as a large pit formed in my stomach.

“I Don’t know. I mean it’s not like I am going to run off with another woman. I love you and I want our marriage to work.”

I swallowed to get the lump down out of my throat before I responded, “then why did you tell me this?”

“Because I wanted to be honest with you. Are you jealous, angry what?

“No strangely enough I am neither of those things. Mostly I am curious, and a little excited,” I said with a laugh. ” I mean what caused these feelings to come out?”

“I really don’t know, I really don’t”

We sat in silence for a few minutes as I digested all that I had just heard and suddenly an idea popped into my head. As the cute waitress, who was not my wife’s type, came by I asked her for the check. If my wife was attracted to other women, and she had no intention of leaving me for one why not take advantage of it. “Come on let’s go,” I said as I stood up and put my coat on.

The waitress came by with our check and I placed two twenties in her hand and told her to keep the change. She smiled a very pretty smile, still not my wife’s type, and thanked me.

Shannon and I walked out to the car still is relative silence before she asked where we were going. I replied that it was a surprise. She has surprised me and now I was going to return the favor.

Fifteen minutes later we pulled up in front of a valet parking attendant at The Executive Lounge, an upscale strip club in a neighboring city.

“What are we doing here?” Shannon asked hesitantly.

“I want to see just what your type is,” I said with a chuckle and we walked in holding hands.

“What if we see someone we know?”

“Don’t worry, we will sit in a back corner,” I replied, and that’s what we did.

As each dancer walked up on stage I would ask Shannon if she was her type. Some times she said yes, sometimes she said no, but never with as much emotion as she had when I pointed out the pretty blonde woman in the bar. I was beginning to think that I had made a mistake when the announcer said “next up on the main stage, Chandra.”

I heard my wife inhale deeply and I looked up to see the next dancer. She was tall, maybe 5’10” and her 5 inch heals made her my height. Her hair dark brown hair was straight and silky and hung down to the middle of her back. Her face was pretty, but stern, with sharp features and dark mysterious eyes. She had nicely rounded shoulders, large natural breasts, a narrowish (but not thin) waist and full rounded hips. She was a big girl, but she did not appear to have an ounce of fat almost like Xena the Warrior Princess and she was dressed all in black. A long black translucent robe was draped over her shoulders and covered a black leather bra and panties.

“I guess she is your type,” I chuckled.

“Yes honey,” Shannon said, her voice dripping with desire, “she is my type.”

I could see the lust in her eyes. I picked up my drink and took my wife’s hand in the other. I slowly led her to the stage. Shannon’s eyes never left the dancer’s near naked body. I could feel my wife’s hands trembling as she sat down at a chair right in front of the sexy Chandra. I reached into my pocket, pulled out a five dollar bill and placed it in front of my wife.

Chandra whispered, “thank you” and dropped the robe to the floor. Her eyes locked onto my wife’s and they didn’t leave for the entire song. I could se my wife’s chest heave with each breath, and her nipples stood at full attention as the sexy dancer moved her body in an almost hypnotic rhythm to the music. When the song ended Chandra leaned down and kissed my wife softly on the lips and whispered something in her ear before she sauntered over to the next patron.

“So do you want to go back to our table?” I asked.

“Can we stay here, just for her set?”

“Okay, I’m going to go get another round. Do you want one”

“Yes, please,” she answered, her eyes still glued to Chandra the dancer.

When I returned with our drinks Chandra was back in front of my wife as a twenty dollar bill sat on the stage next to her. Chandra was even closer to my wife this time, and now her leather bra and panties were on the floor next to her pile of money. Their eyes were connected like magnets and my wife only looked away for a short moment as Chandra moved her shaved pussy to within 2 inches of my wife’s face. “Do you want to lick it,” she asked and Shannon nodded “yes.” When the song ended and Chandra picked up the money and her costume and bent down and kissed Shannon again, this time a little more deeply. I couldn’t see their tongues but I was sure they had touched. (My cock was as hard as steel by that point)

Shannon and I went back to our table in the back of the room and finished our drinks. Just as I was about to get another round Chandra walked up to us with two fresh drinks in her hand. She had changed into a new costume, this one was a leather bodice cut high up her thighs and low in the chest. “Hi,” she said to Shannon placing the drinks on the table in front of us.

“Hi,” my wife stammered as a huge smile spread across her face. “Mind if I sit down?” she asked.

“No please do,” my wife replied.

Chandra pulled the chair right next to Shannon so their legs were touching and asked my wife what her name was.

“Shannon,” she replied in a soft childlike voice.

“That’s a beautiful name, for a very beautiful woman. I haven’t seen you in here before, is this your first time here?”

“It’s actually my first time at a strip club,” Shannon admitted.

“Well great, then let me give you your first lap dance. There is a nice private room through that door and we can all go back there and I can dance for you. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I think I would. You don’t mind do you honey?” She asked me.

“No I don’t mind, this is your night of self discovery,” I said with a grin.

“Great, then let’s go.”

Chandra led us through the door and into a darkly lit room with a couch on one wall and a jukebox on the other. She closed the door and picked out a few songs as Shannon and I sat on the couch. As the song began to play Chandra turned around an asked my wife to unzip her leather bodice and then let it fall to the floor. Chandra moved between my wife’s thighs and spread them wide, causing Shannon’s skirt to ride all the way up her hips. The women were looking into each others eyes like lust starved lovers as the pretty dancer began to mover her body against my wife.

Their lips met in a soft gentle kiss and I heard my wife moan into the other woman’s mouth. I could see their tongues dancing in the dimly lit room as my wife moved her hands to the dancers curved hips. I saw Shannon’s muscles flex as she pulled the dancer tighter against her and their hips began to gyrate. They continued to move their bodies together getting harder and harder until my lovely wife shuddered with her first orgasm at the hands of another woman. The action didn’t end there however. Chandra stood up in front of my wife and said in a somewhat forceful voice “Now make me cum, you know you want to.”

Without hesitation my wife sunk her tongue into the pussy of a woman she had only met and hour before and she attacked it with more enthusiasm that I could believe. Chandra grabbed my wife’s hair and fucked her mouth until her body shook in a body quivering orgasm. Then she pulled my wife to her feet and kissed her deeply as their hands clutched and groped at one another. “Take off your panties Shannon,” she ordered and my wife quickly obeyed.

“My you are a good little dyke slut.” Chandra said to my wife and as she did my wife shuddered. “Now give them to me.” The woman ordered and my wife did. Chandra cleaned off her pussy with my wife’s panties and then held them in front of Shannon’s face.

“Open your mouth slut,” she commanded, and Shannon did. Chandra pushed my wife’s panties into her mouth kissed her on the forehead and said “you are a good little dyke slut, now your fun is over for the night. Walk out to your car with your panties in your mouth. If you do, you can call me at this number,” and she reached down and picked up a business card off the floor and handed it to me. It was the first time she had even looked at me since she first danced for my wife. My wife nodded and said “I will mistress,” in a muffled voice through her soaking wet panties.

We walked out to the car, my wife’s black lace panties stuffed in her mouth. When we got into the car my wife looked at me with love in her eyes and said, “thank you honey, I love you, but you may have created a monster.”