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Hannah Cross: First Seduction

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Home. Home is where my parents live. And I’m there, visiting for the week. I live in California, 2,000 miles away from home. Just far enough away for this twenty five year old to feel independent. My first morning back I got on my bike to go for a ride. Heading up the street I saw the little kids climbing on the bus which would take them off to day camp. It made me remember my days of youthful fun and freedom.

As I approached the bus, I saw Mrs. Cross. Dad told me she recently got divorced- a bitter feud he told me. She got the house, the money and the kid. Good for her. I never liked her husband. When I was in high school, she had me baby sit for her son on Saturdays in the summers while they went off to do things. It was an easy gig- let him play ball in yard and swim in the pool. I caught rays, ate pizza and got paid to do it. Nothing bad about it. She was always nice and appreciative. Mr. Cross was cold. I never understood him or why they were ever together. His loss…

She was and is a sight for sore eyes- a short perky dirty blond with a fabulous body and big tits, the kind of woman that makes men smile and lust in their hearts, even obsess. Her soft doe shaped brown eyes always caught my attention. I was a sucker for them. She was a bit innocent. I was never sure if she understood how compelling she was.

Mrs. Cross waived to me as the other moms left the bus stop. I knew none of them because most had moved into the neighborhood after I moved out.

“Ben,” she said as I pulled up, “so good to see you… It has been a long time. Tyler still asks for you. How have you been?”

“Been great,” I said, “I’m just working hard and playing hard. So Cal is awesome. I have no complaints. I’m back to visit my folks for the week. And you?”

“Good, real good… I guess you heard I got divorced… but that is behind me now…. Tyler is ok with it. He misses his dad, which is natural… but, otherwise, all is well. You look really buff. Been working out?”

“Just the bike and a healthy diet,” I replied.

“Well, since you are here, I need a ‘buff’ man to help me move a couch. Would you, please?” she asked, her irresistible smile asking for help. I was a sucker for her and could never turn her down.

“Sure,” I replied as we walked through the gate and up the driveway to her house. Well, it was more than a house, actually, it was borderline mansion. All the houses in the neighborhood were of that ilk. She led me to the family room and pointed to the couch in front of the window, “That one over there,” she said motioning to the leather one. I need to move it to the library. She struggled to hold up her end and somehow we managed to carry it across the house without denting a wall.

“Sit down, I’ll get you something to drink,” she said. I waited surveying the mahogany built in book cases, wood paneled walls, the large desk and club decor of the room. I noticed she still had ‘that book’ high up on the corner of the bookcase. I had found it late one night when I was sitting for Tyler and he was asleep. I was surprised she owned it. Never did I imagine a savvy woman like her would have one. Pleasant reading I thought to myself, the salacious instructions of the manual, which gave me the vivid thoughts I had of her performing the acts as I read about them. It all fondly came back to me.

She came back a few minutes later, drink in hand, “You changed clothes?” I asked.

“You noticed. How sweet of you.. do you like it? Its new,” she said as she spun around showing me the dress.

“Very nice…,” I told her.

“Not overtly sexy?” she Gaziantep Grup Escort asked a bit concerned.

“Oh no, its sexy alright, but subtly.”

“Your cellphone, does it have a camera? Take some pictures. I want to see how I look.” I obliged her request as she posed in a variety of positions. We reviewed the pictures together, laughing at the ones in which she over exaggerated her poses.

“I bought another one… I’ll be right back,” she said as she eagerly trotted off.

She returned moments later, this dress better than the other- a black ballgown with a plunging neckline and back, a slit up the left leg and matching spike heels.

“Wow, Mrs. Cross, very nice…” I told her as I nodded my head in affirmation.

“Oh, stop that ‘Mrs. Cross’ stuff… you should call me Hannah.”

“Well, ok… Hannah…. Its just that I always called you, well, you know…”

“Its different now… we are both adults and only twelve years apart… and by the way, you turned out to be quite a handsome one…. Come on now, use that camera again.” She posed for more pictures, each one hotter than the other.

“I’ll be right back, one more outfit to show you, but I don’t want to hold you up all day…” ‘Oh, no problem’, I thought to myself marveling at her sweet round booty ass thinking how I would like to caress it…. She was such an innocent person. I wondered if she even suspected my lust.

I heard her footsteps in the hallway as she approached. I knew she was wearing the same sexy heels and looked forward to what she was going to show me next.

“Ready?” she asked before she entered the room.

“Sure,” I replied. She stepped into the doorway, “Like?” she asked revealing herself adorned in a cream colored panty and bra, her golden hair up and off her shoulders, wisps trailing down. She had taken the time to apply mascara, light gray eyeshadow, light pink lipstick and a long double strand of pearls, which dangled down and across her chest.

“Well????” I was speechless. She strutted into the room, her soft innocent eyes now intense and serious, “Cute or sexy?” she asked, her hands held up and out at shoulder height, gesturing the question as she stood before me.

“Definitely sex kitten,” I muttered as she stood in the doorway. She stepped into the room, stood about seven feet from me, reached behind and unclasped her bra. Seductively she slowly slid one strap over her shoulder. I sat in revered silence. She looked down at her shoulder and then at me to ensure I was fixated on her, showing those beautiful come hither eyes in the process. When each strap was off her shoulders, she wrapped her arms under her breasts and pushed them up, the cups still hiding her flesh. A hand took the top of the cups and slowly pulled them away, revealing her heavy breasts and large round nipples. The bra dropped to the floor. Tenderly she cupped the bottom of her breasts in the palms of her hands and held them up for me to see.

“Mommies have needs too,” she said as she approached, gently moving her breasts in an up and down fashion. “Want to lick them?” she asked as she leaned forward. I sat up to meet her half way and my tongue gently graced the very tip of her nipple. Her skin was lightly perfumed. She was irresistible. I raised my hand to grasp her breast and caress it.

“No hands,” she softly told me.

I gently suckled her nubs and licked and kissed her aureole.

“Oh yes, it feels so good when you suck just the tips, do it some more,” she cooed. I obliged her desire.

A few moments later she stepped back and suggested, “Why don’t you get on your knees and kiss my belly?” I knelt and slowly worked down across her flat midsection, drizzling kisses on her flesh. As I reached the waist line of her panty, she put the palm of her hand under my chin to stop me from going down further. I kissed her along the waist, knowing that just a bit farther down was a place I’d much rather be.

“You better go, my parents will be home soon,” she said to my confused disappointment, “come back tomorrow after they go to work, around 9:00… know what I mean?” she asked with a wink. Despite my bewilderment, I told her I did. She escorted me out the door and gave me a sultry pat on the ass as I left, “…and Ben, don’t go home and look at those pictures of me on your cellphone tonight… I need you fresh for tomorrow.”

It was hard, supremely hard to not look. Tease a twenty five year old man like she did and then ask him to exercise internal discipline…. Not happening. What was she thinking? After our little encounter, I walked around hard as a rock thinking of our next rendezvous and the possibilities of what she had in mind. My obsession grew by the minute, my mind blown away by her seduction.

The next day, I could not get to her sooner. I watched out my window as she put Tyler on the bus for camp. She stood at the bus stop and spoke with the neighbors for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, they all left and I casually walked across the street and rang the intercom at the front gate.

“Yes?” she answered, “who is there?”

“Me, Ben,” I replied.

“The front door is unlocked. Let yourself in,” she instructed as the electronic lock released and I pushed the gate open.

Briskly I walked up the long driveway, secreted away under the cover of tall trees and the high hedges surrounding the well kept yard. I opened the front door and entered as directed. She must have heard me, “Come on up Ben. I’m in the bedroom.”

The words stabbed me right in the heart. I ascended the curved staircase. From my days watching her son, I knew exactly where to find her. I opened the double doors to the boudoir. My heart raced like a lion on the prowl for the kill. She was nowhere to be found. I stood before the foot board of the king size canopy bed and turned around searching to find her.

Quietly, she walked into the room, looking as she did yesterday except completely naked, the pearls swaying and brushing against her firm breasts as she walked. A hand coquettishly covered her sex. She paused and let me gaze upon her.

“Well? Ready?” she asked a coy look on her face, “we need to be kind of quick. My Mom might be back in an hour….. Promise you will not hurt me? I mean, this is my first time….”

Then it all dawned on me, “Promise,” I told her as I approached and put my arms around her waist and held her close.

“You are so kind Ben. I couldn’t think of a better guy to trust with this… it is such a big thing for me… I’ve waited this long and….” I leaned down and brought my lips to hers, interrupting her thought and softly kissing her in assurance. Her hand came up and grasped my biceps and she looked up at me, “You are so strong and sexy,” she told me as she squeezed my arms, “…your long brown hair, I love the way you part it in the middle and how it hangs and sways as you move.. that sexy short cropped goatee, and, your muscular body… you pull off the surfer-professional look very well, and it all turns me on very much…”

Hannah slowly undressed me. We stood naked and our warm bodies pressed together. She lay her head against my chest. I reached down and strummed my fingers through her thick blond hairs, savoring the shape of her sex as my touch studied its curves and massaged her. I slid a finger into her furrow and found her bud wet and swollen. She sighed as I entered and teased her flesh.

Her excitement built, I guided her to the bed and she lay on her back, thighs spread, waiting for me. I climbed up and lay atop of her, rocking my hips, my hard cock pressing against her luscious bush.

“Did you bring protection?” she asked.


“Then you need to promise that you will not cum in me… I can’t risk getting pregnant…”

“I promise,” I told her.

“Are you sure you can control yourself?” she asked seeking reassurance.

“Positive,” I said as I raised my hips, grasping my shaft and teasing her lips with my swollen knob, rubbing it up and down through her outer petals, “Want me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied as she spread her thighs and pulled her knees back, submissively offering herself to me, “but please be gentle with me…”

I slowly penetrated her flower. She bit her lower lip and winced, feigning tightness and pain. I pulled back and entered her again, this time deeper. Another wince. I held my place and then slowly pushed forward into her. She gasped as I gave her the length of my cock. I held myself still, “you alright?”

“Yes, just go slow, real slow.” Her tight pussy caressed me. I looked down and found her looking up at me, watching me intently with her beautiful eyes as I had her.

“It feels so good Ben…,” she whispered, her small body pinned beneath me. I could feel her excitement growing as her walls warmed and juices coated my shaft.

“Quicker,” she told me as she reached down and laid her hands on my ass. I picked up the pace.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, “I’m getting close. How about you?”

“Me too… Hannah, I want you so badly….” I quipped my voice trailing off as I concentrated on maintaining my composure.

“Remember what you promised?” she asked.

“Yes,” I assured her. My thrusts intensified. I was close. I wanted her. Her body quivered and she moaned as she dug her long fingernails into my ass, almost piercing my skin.

“Oh Hannah.. you feel so good wrapped around me,” I moaned.

“Ben, you feel so good inside me too…. I can’t get enough of you… this feels so good, so forbidden… I can’t believe I waited this long.”

“I want you Hannah, I have wanted so much for so long..,” I professed, “… your pussy feels so good, so tight.” I thrust harder, beginning to loose control as the pleasure seduced away all reason. She dug her fingers nails into me deeper, pushing me into her, “Oh G-d, I want to cum,” I gasped.

“No Ben, pull out,” she cried in protest. I gave her a good hard thrust, “Oh Ben, stop…” she begged. I thrust again, “I’m not there just yet,” I assured her.

“Don’t fuck me Ben… you can’t… there is no protection…” she begged as her hands pulled me closer and I ground myself against her faux virgin pussy, “Oh yes, yes Hannah, yes….” I cried as the sudden wave washed over me and I impaled her hard and deep, spilling myself into her.

“Oh yes, fuck me Ben, fuck me…” she quipped in a wavering voice, her legs flailing and quivering as she released.

We lay together gasping, bathed in the awkward moment of a first time after sex haze. I slowly gyrated and toyed with her pussy as we rested.

“You need to go, no more playing today… My Mom will be here soon,” she said.

“Really?” I asked, “you weren’t making that up?”

“Yes, really. Tomorrow after Tyler gets on the bus, come over. Wear a dark suit and tie. We have a funeral to attend and I need a date….”