Mart 30, 2024

Holiday Encounter Ch. 02

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‘She was definitely one dirty bitch!’ These were my thoughts as we practically fell through the open doorway and my hotel room. Already my pants were halfway to the floor and her hands were desperately groping for my cock and balls. Her warm fingers slid around my erect shaft and she started to pump away. She was if anything, too rough, my foreskin feeling like it was going to split at any time.

“Calm down!” I managed to usher between the assault her lips and tongue were making on mine. To be fair, I was doing my own share of groping. My hands were inside her panties, moving round her warm round buttocks and trying to slide my longest finger into her already very wet love hole. As the door slid shut behind us, I pinned her up against the wall and yanked her lower clothing down to the ground. She in turn ripped my shirt from my upper body sending buttons flying in all directions. My finger was in her pussy now, busily exploring the contours of her inner love walls and soaking up her reaction. She was flushed with both excitement and need. Her ministrations to my cock were still ongoing; her clammy hand rubbing up and down my lengthened erection. Our lips were upon each others with tongue’s flicking and teasing. .

We continued our affair by the door for several long and intensely fun moments before she squirmed away from me. She rapidly shed her blouse and bra allowing her fantastic tits to bounce free. My excitement was racing now and I followed her across the room to the waiting double bed. She collapsed backwards, spreading her legs and exposing her hairy brown muff to me. The sight of her waiting pussy just desperate for me to fill with my hard erect dick was almost too much. However, I was having a bad case of beer pee. This is when you have had a few drinks and finally get round to needing a piss only to find out five minutes later than you need to pee again. This was the state I was in now. It had not been long since I had showered the hotel corridor with my squirting golden shower and already I needed to go again!

There I was, stood naked, poised above a similarly naked female with her tits and pussy on display. My semi-hard on suddenly gave me a perfect idea. It took a couple of seconds to overcome the restraints my horniness had put in place on my bladder and then I was doing it! The little slit at the end of my dick parted open and a golden squirting stream of hot piss shot outwards. My yellow fountain of bodily warmed urine immediately formed a flowing arc, descending downwards to spray all over my new found lover’s naked body. She gave a little scream as the first of my pee landed on her flesh and then she was enjoying every second of my golden shower over her bare body.

I continued to stand at the end of the end of the bed with my hot piss squirting from the end of my dick. The girl’s body was already covered with a coating of my spent urine and the bed sheets were rapidly darkening around her body as they soaked up the rest. The experience was utterly intoxicating! The sheer sense of pleasure I was getting with having Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort free rein to squirt my piss where-ever I liked, was so incredibly intense. The simple raw thrill of pissing over a sexually gorgeous woman, who was literally gagging for a fuck, was almost indescribable. To make things even more intense, the dirty bitch had opened her mouth wide and she was making it clear that she expected me to raise my aim and squirt my piss directly into her mouth. More than happy to oblige I raised my dick and immediately sent my shooting pee stream directly over her waiting tongue. The expression on her face was a joy to behold. The fact that she really liked drinking pee was a certainty. For my own part, I knew that as soon as I had finished my slash, I would be instantly be rewarding her with an incredible fuck.

Just then, she gurgled something unintelligible, her mouth still full of my piss. Naughtily I raised my aim and started to squirt my pee into her hair which at least gave her the ability to speak. “Do it in my pussy!” she urged. Traces of my urine ran out of her mouth and ran in yellow streams down her creamy skin to cover the area above her boobs with more pee. “OK!” I said, desperately trying to hold back on the last of my piss. Already my dick was moving to full attention as my hormones drove it upwards. She spread her legs even wider presenting me with an incredible view of both her buttocks and the brown pubic hairs that hid her pussy lips.

As I slid into her love tunnel my senses screamed with pleasure at the feeling of her warm tight wetness moving around my hardened cock. It was a hard thing to do to fight back the intense need in me to start pumping away inside her pussy. I stared at her expectant face and the hungry look in her eyes. I had never done something so disgusting before but this girl was something else. How I never wanted this night to end!

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, desperately trying to find the need to pee once again. It took several seconds to calm my racing hormones and block out the fact that I was mated at the waist to a very horny and very desirable woman. The feelings coming from my dick were not helping, her warm wetness almost too much to resist. Finally I felt the trigger inside that I needed and with a wonderful sensation floating up my brain, I started to pee. She gasped as the first of my hot wet piss squirted directly inside her love tunnel. I opened my eyes and stared at her expression of joy. From the end of my dick which was well and truly shoved up inside her muff, a hot wetness continued to flow.

“More! Piss some more!” she begged in a hoarse whisper. Her voice was desperate, driven to point of no return by the raving sexual desires that were racking her body. More than happy to continue this blissful and truly sinful experience, I did my best to increase the force of my pee inside her. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do! Already I could feel my own hot piss circulating around the end of my dick. This, coupled the incredible sensation of being able to have a slash in a woman’s muff was almost too much!

Barely a second later and I finished my slash. The most disgusting of urges suddenly came over me. Incredibly, even to myself, I withdrew my hard shaft from her pussy and dropped to my knees. My mouth was at the entrance to her love hole barely seconds later and I was licking and drinking my own piss as it left her pussy. The taste was not wholly unpleasant and reminiscent of all the beers I had drunk that night. The thrill of having her squirt it into my mouth was another thing entirely. I was tugging my own cock, masturbating to the raw thrill the whole affair was giving me. Suddenly the force and taste of her escaping pussy stream changed. The squirt of piss leaving her pussy hole increased in strength and shot all the way to the back of my mouth. I knew almost straight away that she had started to take a piss of her own as a perverted form of revenge.

Her piss was gorgeous, incredibly wet and hot as it flowed over my tongue which was still flicking away through her squirting shower. Her spent golden relief ran down my body, over my chest and over my groin. My dick and balls were already covered with a stream of hot pee and as I continued to pleasure myself at her pussy, more piss followed. I could her pants of sexual need as she pissed into my mouth. She was rocking back and forwards in mimicry of being fucked in the missionary position. The heat of her thighs and muff was all around me as I continued my ministrations of pleasure to her waiting pussy hole. Nothing was nothing compared however to the mind blowing temperature of her squirting pee as she used my mouth as a urinal for her toilet. My conscious mind had long since shut down, my actions now driven by purely primal urges. Her wet stream of urine leaving her pussy hole was already beginning to wane. Between my legs my one hand was still pumping away on my cock, the rhythm of my actions mirroring her writhing on the bed. My other hand was rubbing up and down her leg and then up onto her belly, feeling the dampness where my piss had stained her warm flesh.

By now I could sense her raw need to be filled with my cock almost as if her desire was a tangible force beating down upon me. I immediately finished sampling the last of her golden pussy nectar as it escaped her delicious piss flaps. I was then on my feet and plunging the length of my manhood into her waiting muff. She groaned with ecstasy as I slid home into the wetness between her legs. Her arms were outstretched wide, hands grasping the bed sheets. I gave my first thrust inside her love palace, long and hard. She groaned again, her eyes tightly shut and her face awash with sexual desire. I gave her another long plunge of my dick, far inside her love temple, before retreating backwards, almost to the point of exit. She groaned again, a begging plea escaping her lips as I teased her with a fake promise of retreat. It was then simply too much to hold back any longer and I started to pump her hard, staring down between her widely spread legs at the sight of our union. Her piss stained pubic hairs were the horniest thing I swear I have ever seen. This image coupled with that of my dick hidden inside her wet muff stimulated even more.

My actions were becoming faster as I rode the wave of desire driving me onwards. I was thrusting now with a desperate need, her growing moans of pleasure filling the room. We were already both nearing our end, our hormones overloaded with each others raw sex. She was still writhing on the bed whilst I pumped away in her lower region. The piss stained bed sheets were all around her, now a sprawled mess. Her curly brown mane of hair fell from around her pretty face and onto the sweat stained pillows. Her large breasts were riding the rhythm of her writhing motion upon the bed, bouncing backwards and forwards on her chest. My own breathing was ragged, desperate for oxygen as I thrust away inside her wet pussy! The tightness of her pussy embrace on my cock was incredible!

Beads of sweat ran over my skin as I pumped with desperate need inside her moist warm muff. I could already feel myself nearing the end, the need to explode my hot spunk inside her body so incredibly desperate. Her own passion was likewise nearing the point of no return. Her groans of animalistic pleasure were so loud now that the room seemed to echo with the call of her desire. At the very moment it finally became too much to bear any longer. In answer to my actions, my mind exploded into a blinding whiteness as I shot my load into her waiting pussy.

Time and space fizzled out of my reality and I floated for what seemed a momentary grasp at eternity. I rode waves of utter bliss as every cell in my being celebrated in a drowning euphoria of sense shattering pleasure. Slowly, sanity returned; a recall to reality. I became aware of my own panting breaths and her gasps of air as she rode her own orgasm into spiralling bliss. My vision swam back, bringing the room and bed back into focus. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my cock as she came. Now past the point of my own eruption, the effect was nowhere near as pleasant as if I had finished last. For a moment I cursed my timing and inability to last longer. However, as the blood slowly returned to my brain, I realised as to what an incredible fuck I had just participated in.

Slowly I withdrew my cock from her pussy and collapsed alongside her on the stained bed sheets. I was acutely conscious of her naked body lying next to mine as she slowly returned to the twilight world around us. Soft moonbeams were stealing through the curtained windows; their beams of pallid light washing over our shared resting place. I watched her form, enamoured by spent lust. Her breathing was becoming more controlled as her body regained composure. Even now, the rise and fall of her wonderful breasts was a hypnotic wonder. With my animal pleasures satisfied for the time being and my body somewhat starved of energy I regrettable have to say that I then passed out. My last waking thought before sleep claimed me was the undeniable calling of temptation and the absolute knowledge that I would defiantly need to fuck this unmistakable beauty at least one more time.