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If Only Our Neighbors Knew

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If only our neighbors knew what my wife Paula and I do on our weekends when our kids are gone to the grandparents or wherever we send them to give us a little time to ourselves. It’s a welcome break and it gives us a chance to pursue a little diversion my wife and I have come to love over the past few years. It would come as a shock if our neighbors knew that we delved into the world of Bondage and Discipline, or BDSM as we have learned to call it.

This would send our upper-middle class neighborhood into a complete scandal. The very idea that the next door neighbors who car-pool their kids to soccer games and school and the nice couple they golf with and shop with on the weekends would be active in the practice of torturing and sexually abusing each other would be considered outlandish if not just plain absurd. But that is exactly what we do. If only our neighbors knew what we do with our private time together. Well maybe they will find out if they read this. Because in the next few minutes I am going to tell you about a weekend that Paula and I had early on when we had just started to play a little.

You see, we are both truly what is called in the BDSM community “switches”. That means we both like to dominate and to submit, and that makes our relationship very special. Paula and I both like to be in control and be controlled and nothing seems to be too much for either of us. We like to test each other’s limits and we always try to top each other, pun intended, when we are in control. So I guess you could say that we have a little competition going on. We always are trying to make the other say the safe-word, but neither of us has given up so far and believe me we have done some what others would call nasty things to each other. We have both built up real limits to physical pain and even more to mental torture. There isn’t much that neither one of us wouldn’t take for or from the other.

We do have our rules for our games though. We never participate in unsafe sex. This is a bit of an inconvenience, but it’s a needed inconvenience. We don’t play with anyone outside of ourselves unless they can present us with a current HIV and other communicable disease test. This is very important to us because we love each other and our two children too much to risk it all on something that’s just a lot of fun for us. We never play without each other unless we have consent from each other to do so. The main thing is we use common sense and we respect each other and that is what is important to us. Even when we put each other in degrading situations we do respect each other when the game ends. Whatever the case the neighbors would have a cow if they knew what we did in our basement.

If only our neighbors knew about the secret room in our basement. We have a large house with a large basement with a high ceiling. We have walled off a large part of our basement and put shelving on the wall so that you would never know that there was room behind it. Part of the shelving is a door that opens outward, but you would never find it unless you knew it was there. This is what we call our playroom or dungeon. It contains all of our toys we have collected for our fun. There is one light, but we mostly use candles to light the room. We have quite an elaborate collection of toys. In one corner of the room we have a queen-size bed that we use for all kinds of fun. In another corner we have a padded whipping horse with a hole for my cock to hang through when I am on it. In another corner we have a cross that we buckle each other onto and do wicked things to each other. We have eye hooks in the floor in the last corner with an elaborate pulley system to stretch a person to the ceiling. There is other equipment, but that gives you a feel for some of the things that we are into.

When my Wife and I started to play these games we decided on the word chrysanthemum as our safe-word. It is a word that neither one of us would use by accident. We also decided that if we were gagged that wildly shaking our head would be the safe-sign. There were no limits unless we were to utter the safe-word or give the safe-sign. In the beginning our play was very simple and we took it easy on each other. We would alternate weekends tying each other up and torturing each other either through whippings, nipple clamps, hot wax or whatever came to our minds. I have to admit we were having a lot of fun. We didn’t get to do it every weekend of the month, but we made sure the kids got to see the grandparents at least once a month. But let me tell you about the weekend when my Wife stepped it up a level and we have never looked back again.

It was long weekend, one of those weekends that had a Monday holiday added on. Paula had called me at work and told me to pull my car into our garage when I got home. This meant that the kids were at grandma’s and grandpa’s house and that we were going to play. Not remembering I asked her who’s weekend it was to be on top.

“It’s my weekend otele gelen escort honey and I promise you won’t forget this one,” she said in a sultry voice.

I immediately got a hard on and rushed home. When I got home I pulled my car in the garage and came in the house through the garage door. On the dining room table I found wrist and ankle cuffs laid out with a note.

“Tonight starts a weekend you will never forget,” it read, “I will humiliate, debase and use you like you never have been used before. I have been reading a lot lately and have decided to try some things that I think you will like. Please trust me and let me have my fun. If at any time you want to stop you know what to do and we will stop. I say this because I plan to take you places where we have never been. I promise to bring your wildest fantasies to life this weekend and maybe some fantasies you never knew you had. I am going to involve someone else in our play this weekend. I am not going to tell you who it is, but I am going to find out something that I have been thinking a long time. If this is too much for you just call down to the play room and let me know, if not, strip, put on the wrist and ankle cuffs and come down to the playroom.” Signed “Paula.” I was a little hesitant, but I felt a twinge of excitement as well. I trusted my Wife so stripped and headed to the basement. When I arrived I could see the flicker of the candle coming from the playroom. I got on my hands and knees and crawled to the door. I peered in the door hesitantly. There stood Paula, her dark eyes glaring at me. Paula is a beautiful woman. She is 5’5″ with an incredible body, 34-24-34 and about 110 lbs. Her eyes are incredible, they can be soft and brown when she is under my control or dark and piercing as they were now. Her shoulder length hair was tied in a bun and she had on a leather bikini top and leather shorts with thigh high boots.

“Get over here slave and greet your Mistress properly!”

I scamper quickly over and begin to kiss and lick her boots.

“I see that you have agreed to my terms for the weekend,” she smiles down at me.

“Yes Mistress,” I respond as I continue to lick her boots.

“Good, I have a lot planned for you this weekend. I plan to use you in ways you have never been used slaveboy,” Mistress says as her breath quickens.

“As I said in my note I have been reading about some new things that I think you will…let’s say find interesting. Lick my crotch slaveboy. That’s it, right through my leather pants. Make me hot! That’s Enough!” and she pushes me away.

Mistress Paula points to the far wall, “Look what I bought for us slaveboy. It’s a throne for me,” she walks over to it.

It’s a very curious throne. It looks to be a wooden box with a hole in the side with a bench about 6 foot long jutting out from the hole. As I got closer I realize the top had a hole in it as well with a toilet seat over it.

“Lay on the bench face up,” Mistress orders as she pulls the side with the hole up. I quickly realize that my head goes into the hole and she slides the other half back down so that my head is centered right in the middle of the toilet seat. “It’s time for you to find out what a toilet slave is for, slaveboy,” she smiles down through the hole at me. She cuffs my hands together behind the bench and hooks my ankle cuffs to what must have been eye-bolts on the bench. I soon see her taking town her leather shorts. As Mistress sits down on the toilet seat my mouth is literally just inches from her pussy and I begin to smell her muskiness. “It smells so sweet,” I think to myself.

“Well slave I had someone very special build this for me and now I am going to have the pleasure to use it. What you need to know is that I have been saving this piss up all day.” I thought about using the safe-word, but I had a raging hard-on at the same time so I decided to let her go on.

“Slave you need to bring your mouth right up to my pussy and don’t let a single drop spill.” She begins to let her golden water flow and I begin to drink. “This is so unreal,” I think to myself, yet my hard-on is still there. It felt like I drank a gallon of her hot piss.

“Now I am going use your tongue as my toilet paper slaveboy,” And I began to lick off the golden droplets off her pussy. When she had an orgasm she got up and released me from her throne.

“All right piss breath, I enjoyed that. Didn’t you?” and I nodded yes.

She slaps me in the face, “Say thank you Mistress for using me as your toilet!” I glance up at her, “Thank you Mistress for using me as your toilet.” I knew I was in for one hell of a weekend.

Next Mistress has me crawl over to corner with the pulley system in the ceiling. She has me stand and she hooks my ankle cuffs to the eye-hooks and my wrist cuffs to the pulley system and stretched me to the ceiling. I am pulled tight and she begins to run her hands over my body. She soon mecidiyeköy escort picks up a cat ‘o nine tails and begins to whip me all over. When I am the what she considers the proper shade of red she puts the cat down.

“I think it’s about time you met the person who built my throne,” Mistress is now teasing my cock with her hand.

“Carl, come in and meet my slaveboy,” Mistress looked to the door.

In walked a huge man. He must have been 6’0″. He had no shirt on and his muscles bulged from his chest and arms. His stomach was flat with a 6-pack that I envied. He was wearing jeans, but from the bulge in his jeans anyone could tell he was as big there as he was everywhere. He smiles at Paula.

“Meet Master Carl slaveboy. I met him on the Internet when I found his site with my new throne. We have been chatting for sometime on the Internet and I have learned quite a lot about the scene from him. Oh, and by the way, Master Carl is bi-sexual. You see slaveboy, I think you might at least be bi-curious and you know I think I would like to have another man fuck me while you are force to watch, not to mention I think I would truly enjoy a man fucking you while I watch.” Mistress smiles at me almost with questioning eyes. As if she was waiting for me to say the safe-word. But the word never came. I think the shock had something to do with it, but that damned hard-on was raging more than ever.

“Well Master Carl, I think I will let you take him from here.” I here Mistress say.

Master Carl walks menacingly toward me. When he gets to me he walks behind me and begins to caress my body from behind. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. He begins to pinch my nipples and kiss my neck as if making love to me. I thought I would be turned off by another man touching me like this, but my cock only got harder. Soon he is grabbing my cock and jacking it off slowly. I look up only to see Mistress smiling at us.

“Carl, I want you to tongue kiss him.” I about had a heart attack right there. Mistress smile only got broader and she knew I wouldn’t go for that, but before I could utter a word Carl’s tongue was down my throat as he was holding me in a gentle choke-hold. I couldn’t believe I was kissing a man and the worse part was I got harder. I don’t think I had ever been that hard. Carl continued jacking me off, but not enough to let me come.

“Come here Carl,” Mistress motioned with her finger. “I want him to see a real man have me.”

Carl leaves me and walks toward my Mistress. I can’t believe my Wife/Mistress is going to cheat on me for the first time right in front of me. When he reached her they embrace in a deep soulful kiss. My Wife then turned around and faced me. I just stared in shock, yet my cock’s hard-on rages on. She winks at me as Master Carl’s hands roamed over her body. He begins taking of her top and she just smiles at me and melts into his arms. Her bottoms were already off from using me as her toilet. Soon his finger is rubbing her clit and she has an orgasm from him just touching her nub lightly. She then turned back toward him and fell to her knees. She unbuckled and unzipped his pants. Just as I had thought, Master Carl had a huge cock, it was at least 9 inches long and as thick as my Wife’s forearm. My Wife just moaned and took the head in her mouth. That was about all she could fit in her mouth.

“She a wonderful cock sucker slave,” these were the first words spoken by Master Carl since he had arrived. “This is much better than she did on the Internet and much more than I had dreamed of when I was jacking off dreaming of this day and maybe if you are real lucky you can taste your Wife’s pussy when I am done with her.”

After awhile he pulled my Wife up and kissed her again. They moved toward the bed and laid together on it. They made love right there in front of me. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but my hard-on gave away my true feelings. My Wife was more intimate with Master Carl than I thought she ever could be with anyone other than me. Master Carl was a wonderful lover and he gave her several orgasms orally and then he began to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. A couple of times my Wife looked over at me and gave me a wink just to see the look on my face. Master Carl gave her several more orgasms before he dumped his load deep in her pussy. They laid in each others arms for a few moments.Then suddenly my Wife gets up and walks toward me. She caresses my chest. “Well did you enjoy the show honey?” she smiles, “I know I sure did.” I just stared at her in shock I think. She releases me and has me crawl over to the bed. Master Carl is now sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Well slaveboy, I said I would let you taste your Wife’s pussy after I was finished and I am always true to my word. But I think you should first taste it on my cock.”

“Go ahead honey, you know you want to,” I hear my Wife encourage.

I hesitantly stick my tongue out and lick the head of Master türkmen escort Carl’s cock. It doesn’t taste as bad as I thought, but the smell of sex is overpowering. I then take the head in my mouth. Even soft his cock is still a good 7 inches in length. I began licking and sucking on his cock in earnest.

“Look at me slaveboy,” Master Carl’s demands. I look up just in time to see my Wife kissing him. Here I am with a man’s cock in my mouth watching him make out with my Wife. I hear her moan as she caresses Master Carl’s muscular chest. “Keep watching as you clean me slave.” I continue watching them as I suck and lick his cock completely clean. Soon he has another hard-on and I can only fit the head of his massive cock in my mouth.

“It’s my turn honey,” I hear my Wife say. She spread her legs. I dove between her legs, but the smell is even more overpowering than it was on Master Carl. I gagged initially, but then I held my breath a little and get started. She was filled to the hilt with his cum and her pussy juices. I felt degraded as I continued to clean out my Wife as her new lover kissed and ran his hands over her body.

My Wife then directed me over to the whipping horse. She had me get on it face down and she cuffed me to the legs. She then tied my cock and balls with a string through the hole in the horse and tied the end of the string to an eyebolt in the floor. This made sure that I would not be moving or at least not if I wanted my cock to stay attached.

“Well slaveboy, your Wife said she wanted to see me fuck you, well looks like she is about to get her wish.” I can’t believe Master Carl is about to fuck my virgin ass with that huge cock of his. I broke out into a sweat. I felt my ass being spread apart and I realized that my Wife was greasing up my ass for Master Carl.

“Relax honey. Isn’t that what you told me the other week when you fucked my ass right on this same bench. I know you are bi-sexual or at least we are about to find out,” she continue to grease my ass up. Master Carl walked in front of me and my Wife came around with the tube of lube. She began spreading it on Master Carl’s cock.

“Doesn’t it look delicious,” my Wife exclaims. “I can’t wait to see it shoved up your ass. It makes me wet just thinking about it.”

Master Carl walked back around to my ass. I felt him spread my ass cheeks apart and began to feel pressure on my ass. As I felt his head enter my ass I felt like he was splitting me in two and I let out a scream. My Wife encouraged me to relax and I tried. Then in one push Master Carl buried his cock to the hilt in my ass. I really screamed then. He just held it there for a few minutes allowing me to get used to it. I felt so full and the pain subsided a little. He then sawed out of me slowly and then back in. As I got used to it, it stared to not feel bad at all. Just then I heard my Wife scream. She was having her first orgasm from her vibrator while watching this man deflower her husband. Soon he was pounding into my ass for all he was worth. I couldn’t move due to the string on my cock and balls. But I had to admit it felt pretty good. He then shot a huge load of cum right up my ass. He just slumped over my back and kissed it a couple of minutes. He then pulled his limp cock out of my ass. I felt so empty, greasy, yet empty. He came around and french kissed me for the second time that day. I was too weak to object and I heard my Wife go off again with another orgasm.

“Oh that was hot.” I heard her say. “That was better than any porno movie I have ever seen.”

“Sorry to fuck and run, but I have to go Paula,” I hear Master Carl say.

I suddenly felt very used. Soon Master Carl had his jeans back on with a tee-shirt. He kissed my Wife quickly on the lips and headed for the door exclaiming he could find his way out.

When he was gone my Wife bent down and kissed me. She looked deep into my eyes and kissed me again. Then she released me and help me to the bed.

“Let me help you with that,” as she bent down and sucked my cock into her mouth. I went off almost as soon as her mouth was on my cock. She then came up and kissed me with my own come still in her mouth and we shared it.

“I think we are done for the night. Sorry Carl had to run out, but he did tell me he was on a time limit tonight. I am sure we will get to play with him again thought, that is if you don’t mind honey.” she kisses me again and I get and instant hard-on again. I don’t mind I say. She slides up on me and she sits on my cock. This time she at least gets an orgasm in before I cum.

We lay in the bed talking over the evening. She told me that she really enjoyed Carl and that he wanted to make her his slave sometime, but that she had told him it would be up to me. I told her we could talk about that later, but I didn’t see anything wrong with that. We talked about him using me and I told her I felt very used, degraded and I loved every minute of it. I asked her how she knew I was bi-sexual and she said she had read some of the things I had been reading on the Internet.

“I think after tonight he will want you to be his little cocksucker again. What do you think about that?” my wife exclaims with a smile.

“I think I could maybe get used to that,” I smiled back.