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Weekend at Betty’s Ch. 2

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Betty seemed to be very relaxed sitting in my lap, with no desire for me to pull my dick from her pussy. I have to admit I was very pleased to still be hard, and buried deep within her. Eyeing an inner tube lying at poolside, I had an idea. With two hands full of Betty’s firm little ass, I lifted her as I stood up in the water. Betty’s clung to me, not wanting to lose her place, as I waded to the tube, and pulled it over us.

Now we had a little more support, with the float under our arms, and I was treated to the wonderful sight of Betty’s breasts floating between us. So round, even for her years, and with very erect nipples. Betty responded to my admiring her boobs by giving my shaft a squeeze with her pussy. It is fascinating to look down, and see Betty’s legs wrapped around my waist, her pussy pressed to me, my penis nowhere in sight, but knowing I was buried deep inside her.

We had not spoken for several minutes, I guess the realization of what had happened was just sinking in. This woman was nearly old enough to be my mother. And married on top of that. The consequences of our actions could be horrible, if we were to be found out. At least this is what was in my mind.

Betty’s head was back against the tube, peeking through her eyelids at me, giving me pause to wonder what she was thinking. She had not made a sound since crying out in pleasure.

Her pussy began to pulsate, giving away her thoughts, as she began to squeeze my prick into renewed hardness. Soon to follow, Betty began to work her waist up and down, pulling my shaft with her body.

Slowly, surely, Betty escort brought the passion back into the both of us. The desire to pound her pussy gave me the strength to carry her to the pool steps, and up and out of the pool. With Betty clinging to me, I carried her to a chaise lounge on the patio, and gently laid the two of us down on the soft pad. Now with my feet on solid ground, I began to thrust as hard as I could against Betty’s hungry pussy. Our pubic bones were colliding in the urgency of our sex. After our quick fuck in the pool, I now was in more control of myself, and I fucked Betty with determination.

My efforts were having the intended results, with Betty crying out from her repeated orgasms. Her love juices were flowing out in copious quantities, with each orgasm, often squirting against me when I pulled back for another thrust. Changing my pace from slow, deep, penetrations, to hard, fast, pounding thrusts, and back, seemed to be just the technique Betty’s body wanted. Holding my weight above her, I watched as my efforts brought a range of expressions to her face. Grimacing in pleasure, each orgasm clearly expressed upon her face.

Her breasts were moving upon her chest, as I rocked her body in my fucking her pussy. The vision of it all pushed me to the edge, as my efforts peaked, I exploded into her hot, wet, snatch.

After a few moments to regain our composure, Betty and I rose and with a bit of unsteadiness, went into the house. Betty excused herself to use the bathroom, as I paused to take a long drink of water. Hearing the shower start up, I wandered escort bayan into the bathroom just as Betty was standing outside the shower, testing the water.

In a flash, I was ten again, the sight was so vivid!

Betty’s naked body, as I saw it fifteen years ago, filled my mind with that moment so treasured in my memory.

My mouth must have been hanging open, as before, when Betty looked up and saw me. Smiling that same warm smile from years before, Betty realized what was happening. “Are we going to have another secret?” Betty asked. Crossing the short distance between us, I took Betty into my arms, and kissed her deeply. “Hummm” came from her throat, as I broke the kiss. “I always wanted to thank you for that day.” I whispered.

Betty looking me deep in the eye, replied, “You are welcome!”

“Now I would like to thank you for today!” as she pulled me into the shower with her. Taking a long, hot shower, with a loving woman washing you head to toe, and taking extra care with my dick and balls, is a truly satisfying experience. I of course returned the favor, soaping Betty’s body, washing her totally, caressing her breasts, and taking extra care with her wonderful pussy. With one more request, I exited the shower first, and Betty playfully reenacted that day so many years earlier. I sat on the floor, in the doorway, and watched Betty step out of the shower. As before, Betty calmly, quietly, reached for a towel, and began to pat herself dry. A childhood memory, so ingrained in my soul, repeated by the woman who created it. How few people are this fortunate?

We bayan escort spent the rest of the evening, lounging naked, idly caressing each others body, and talking about everything under the sun. We both knew this would be our greatest secret. Betty and I neither wanted to hurt her marriage, yet we did not have regrets. Soon our exhausted bodies demanded sleep, and we spent the night entangled in each others arms.

I awoke with my face resting against a warm breast, cradled in Betty’s arms. “Good morning sleepy head” was Betty’s greeting. “Would you like some breakfast?”

With a nipple just in reach, I sucked it gently into my mouth, swirling it around with my tongue till it was puckered and wrinkled from excitement. “Can I have you to eat?” was my reply.

Betty squeezed me close, smothering me in her cleavage, saying, “Ok with me, but I’m not too filling!” After taking care of the other breast and its nipple, I began to work my way down Betty’s body.

Sensing my target, I heard Betty mildly protest, that I didn’t need to go there. But I was not to be denied, as I crossed her navel, on my way down into the triangle between her legs. Kissing my way across her pubic bone, my nose filled with the aroma of her sex.

I could feel Betty’s reluctance for me to give her oral pleasure, so I paused and looked up at her asking for her permission, “Do you not like to be pleased like this?” Her answer surprised me!

“Oh I don’t know, it’s just something my husband would never do. He tried on occasion, but disliked the taste.” Hearing her confession, I wanted to please her even more. With some reluctance, Betty relaxed her legs, letting my insistent tongue continue its exploring. With my nose being tickled by the tuft of hair just above her clit, I thought her pussy smelled just fine!

To Be Continued…