Eylül 30, 2021

Totally spent Part I

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Totally spent Part II laid there, breath more labored than if I had ran a 10K. My cock was raw and slowly shrinking back to normal. She laid there with my cum dripping off of her breast. Can I lick the last couple of drops off of you she asks? I do not think there is anything else coming out I laugh. She laughs, and curls up in my arms. That was insane she said. I nodded in total agreement. We both laid there exhausted, but almost silly in our post sex haze. This was how it started. 10hrs before it was a different story all together.We were both at a dorm party my floor was hosting. She was from the floor above me. We had a few classes together, but were both new to the college. Brand spanking new Freshmen at this NC University. She asked for a beer and I gladly gave her one. We cheers and went our separate ways. 15 mins later I go back for a refill and there she is. Back for another she asks? It is time to put work in tonight I tell her and laugh. It has been a crazy 1st couple of weeks. She agrees and asks if we have a Chemistry class together. I nod and smile. I think you were sitting behind me yesterday I tell her. You are right she says, you noticed me? I did I tell her. You had a very tight fitting top on that showcased your assets I say with a laugh. I totally mean that in a good way. She laughs and with a hand cups a breasts and says oh do you mean these. I am a bit nervous at this point still and laugh back. Yes I do mean those. You wear them ever so nicely. Do you mind şişli escort pouring me another beer she asks? I would love to I tell her and fill up both of our cups. Cheers she says lets chug! You have no clue what you are getting into I tell her. She says she has three brothers so she is more worried about me than her. Alright I say, lets do this! We chug our beers with me just barely finishing before her. We put our cups down and I tell her how impressed I am. I am not done yet she says. It is on now, I havent lost a chug in years. I have to redeem myself she says. We hang out by the kegs talking and chugging for a couple of hours. Finally there is only so much flirting and booze I can take. She is in mid sentence and I put my hand behind her neck and pull her into me. I tilt her head back and kiss her deeply. My tongue slowly sliding against hers as she starts to kiss me back. I run my lips down her chin and settle on her neck. She moans and holds my head against her. This is your floor isnt it she asks? It is I tell her. Lets go to your room… now she says! Who am I to argue! Away we go!I open the door and it is almost midnight. She closes the door behind me and pulls her top off. Her beautiful breasts bulging out of her bra. I cup them and lean into her pressing my body harder into hers. She gasps and moans. I kiss her neck again and slowly slide my tongue down her neck to the top of her breasts. She unclasps her bra and I place her nipple in my mouth as I gently squeeze şişli escort bayan the other one. Harder she moans, so I pinch her nipped harder. My whole tit, squeeze it harder. I do and she says fuck yes. She slides her hand down my pants and grasps my swelling cock. WOW she says, I did not expect that. I did not expect this I tell her, and we both laugh as we move to the bed. I slide my pants down as she yanks my shirt off. I slip her pants down to the floor and she pushes me down on the bed. She straddles me and I tell her to turn around. She turns into a 69 and places me cock in her mouth. I spread her panties back and slide my tongue between her soaked pink lips. She tastes so sweet I slide my tongue in as far as it will go. She gasps so hard she nicks my cock with her teeth. I am so sorry she says and slides her mouth down as far as she can to the spot and back up. There I tried to kiss it she giggles. Try more I tell her and spread her open. I slide two fingers in and flick her clit with my tongue. She has sweet juices flowing out of her and I lick up all that I can. She is taking me in her mouth like a champ. Perfectly pumping her hand to the bob of her head and gently rubbing my balls. OMG she says. I am going to cum. Cum for me baby I tell her. Fill my mouth with that sweet juice. She obliges and her box pours into my mouth. She is so wet I think my entire hand could have slipped in her at that point in time. I slide her off of my face and she smiles mecidiyeköy escort bayan at me. You are covered in my juices, and she starts to kiss my lips and beard to clean them off. Licking every spot her cum laid. On your back I tell her, and pull her up by her legs. She screams and giggles and says I wanted this since I saw you the 1st time in Chem class. Well now you have it I tell her. Lets enjoy this.I slide my cock into her and her eyes roll back into her head. Fuck you are bigger than I thought you would be. Are you ready for it all I tell her. Yes up to your balls baby fill me up. I slip into her and thrust into her until my balls are touching her soaked ass. I hold it into her and she presses into me as hard as I am into her. She grabs my shoulders and starts shaking. Shit I am going to cum again… my clit is so sensitive now. She rocks against me and screams as she cums. SHIT, SO DEEP, OMG DONT MOVE. She shudders on my cock for what has to be 10-15 minutes. I can feel the fluids running down my legs as I am pressed fully into her. The crazy thing is, it was so hot and sexy it was making me want to pop. Feeling her pussy convulse, and watching her shake, moan, and scream was to much. It needs to be my turn baby I tell her. She says she isnt stopping me, fill her up. She continues to flinch around my cock, and says she can feel me pulsing. Omg she says, that feels increadible. Please cum baby please cum. I squirt into her and can feel my cum and hers start to flow out onto my cock again. I am bottomed out in her box and my cum has no where to go other than back out. I grab her hair and tell her that was insane. I have never cum like that. Are you done she asks? Are you I ask her? No she says, then neither am I say…